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changed starter touched positive cable to frame now it'll turn over but won't crank
tires inflated properly. no service lights on.
my 2002 avalanche had smoke coming out of the steering section yesterday and i have it in the shop today getting repaired they say it is the 3 way light switch in the section
the battery is new and the connection are tight. When i turn the key it makes no sound at all. the lights are bright and the accessories work fine.
It just started yesterday, the gauge reads 60 when turned off, needle goes all the way to the right when the engine is on. No oil leak noted, engine runs normally (temp ok, no noise).
My truck was making a noise and it sounded like metal on metal so we went and bought new brakes. We took them to someone to put them on and they said the brake pads were fine but the rotors had indents in them and he...
My rear right taillight is not working and I have already changed the bulb everything else is working.
Somehow it came loose and dropped down into the dash and I cannot get to it to "pop" it back into place.
the noise sounds like a dog yelping
I have a 02 avalance z71...has anyone changed their own? Can you help walk me through mine. Thanks.
I was told by a mechanic that my 2nd gearbox in the back drivers side is the cause of my car making a loud hammering sound. But this was after he told me it was a differential? He also mentioned something about pins g...
I'm trying to take the plastic skin off back bumper. I,m done except for where you unlock the spare tire, thats the only thing still holding the skin on. Does anyone know how that disassembles?
My '03 avalanche has been indicating "service 4 wheel drive" and Im not sure what causes it or what is the fix for it what should I do
where is it an how can i change it plus code P1441 popped up too can u help me
After replacing everything except the calipers and having to pull rear axles to get shields on the rear brakes lock up without putting brakes on going very slowly. ???
How do o remove the tail lights to change the bulbs. I don't see screws to remove them.
Two of my accessary plugs don't work. The third works fine. Are there fuses for each plug and if so where?
Driver passenger window is not fuctioning at all and is not making any noise(s). Is this simply the regulator? Is this something an at home mechanic can do? Thanks.
I've looked on line and called the dealer. The part is a lot cheaper on ebay. I can open the tailgate with pliers but I can't get the entire part off because the screws in the back. Some of the screws wont turn withou...
Whining when accelerating and goes away when let off accelerator.
It was shifting fine the other day i came home and it wouldn't shift into park so I left it on Reverse nd turned it off and now it still doesn't want to shift into park
slid on ice stabilty check light came on felt dragging in rear went back off and dragging stopped
I do my emission and safety inspection every year with my 2003 Avalanche and never had a fail for 5 years...until now! The problem was that the check engine light is supposed to illuminate when the key is turned on an...
It needs to be changed but can't find its location
where is the drl resistor
don't have diagnostic code/problem was when i was driving the vehicle it felt like need an alignment i heard a loud noise and the vehicle stop try put it drive to go nothing.