I have reverse, first and second in my 02 chevy avalanche 5.3 2wd automatic but that's it when it go to shift into third It acts like neutral. Could it be a speed sensor?

Check engine light is off now

at the end of April my radio stopped working then on May 1 the truck would not start. We replaced the battery and everything started working again. Well this morning, June 2, the truck wouldn't start again.

The security system is mounted under the steering wheel and looks like a small padlock when removed all light and everything works but no juice to ignition switch the other day its went up in smoke and now when in place it still won't turn over can I remove the system?

I was going reverse then I put it on drive and it made a noice after that the truck wouldn't move on regular 2 well drive but when I push the gas the peedometor look did work ..I parked it then I tried the 4 well drive an it does run..

My a/c system switches to full heat while driving. It occurs on the drivers side only. Shutting of the engine and restarting will temporarily correct it. System is dual control. It happens frequently and without changing the temp settings.

Recently indicator panel read battery nt charging, mechanic put diagnostics on said oh its not your alternator its your battery, they couldnt keep truck running put diagnostics on again and said oh now its your alternator, leaving the second shop $1000 latter truck is running choppy, one mechanic say oh its your fuel pump min $800 to start the job maybe more, today another mechanic says he thinks it could be a blockage in the cadialliac converter, omg don't know what to do about it can someone give me an answer Thank-you I live in Fort Mcmurray labour rates 170 /hr - $200 /hr plus parts

Any ideas on prices?

Chevrolet half shaft replacement

The light flashes and then stays on but doesn't work

low oil pressure warning with rattle in lifters

want to take off belt driving fan and put a electric one there is alot of them to chose from want to get the right fan for my truck

culd it be a sensor if so where is it located on a 1500 avalanche

Runs fine while in 2 wheel dr.

the last couple of months I have herd a whistling noise every now and then when taking off ...now it has been sitting for a week or so and I started it up to let it warm up and its like a winding noise just sitting in my drive way ..I let it run for 5 min or so and it did not stop so I turn it off waited for 30min or so and started again and still making a winding noise just sitting in my drive way ..checked the power steering fluid and it was verily low but I added some but it wasn't that low at all and still just sitting in the drive way running still making a winding noise and I have had the belt replace a year ago but still winding ..HELP any info

fuse in side panel is ok

Im having trouble passin inspection on my 2002 avalanche. My brake and abs lights are on. They arent always on sometimesthey go off and the come back. I replaced the brake light control switch attached to the pedal to get rid of one of the problems but it didnt work. I can't pass inspection cause of this and dont wanna spend over 1000 on the abs module. Does any know what else it might be

Gas will not enter tank without the pump shutting off every two tenths of a gallon

My heated seat on my Avalanche comes on all by itself. It also turns itself up and down, as though possesed. The switch is on the driver door. My ass gets pretty hot in the summer months. I've had to unplug the connection under the seat. Any ideas what could be wrong?

goes out sometimes but comes back on after a few miles in 2WD

when in running the idle is rough and when engaged its shimmy.

and then go into neutral, how do i correct this.

I took truck in for squishy brakes and the abs coming on when I try to stop at stop signs. was told the hub was bad causing the abs to activate and I heard from a friend that there had been a recall on it but haven't found any information saying there was a recall

only 13,000 miles on new rotor and brakes all around...why did it only wear on the inside rear both rear brakes

had full tank of gas, seat belt light went on, change oil, etc. put decoder on and sail vehicle wont respond.

How can I stop the heat in the Driver seat from coming on every time I start the truck,

Engine light stays on

When I turn my truck on and start driving

i am having problems find it

i have abs lite and brake lite on dash, code reader says 0141 but mechanic says its my electronic brake control module which is up to $1000. to fix. and when i search i get o2 sensor for code 0141. i look under my truck for module and my gas tanks are there, i know there are several questions 1. what is wrong with my truck? 2. is this even possible for me to fix? and can i repair it myself as i see on you tube ? or do i have to soend the grand to have it fixed?