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Did cargo vans come in Vortec engines in 1991
Was the 1991 cargo van made with a Vortec engine?
I already replaced the vehicle speed sensor, not sure if the could be the fuse, but I don't know where the fuse is located. if not that then what else isnt it?
how much play should the front wheel bearinfgs have
Ideal speed HC greater than 220 parts per million reading was 595 parts per million note the Van ia a 1988
My mechanic said that I need to replace the rear seal and that the oil pan needs replacing. I have notice large spots on my driveway where I park. He said it would cost around $1,000.00 to repair both.
where can i find a schematic for replacing a heater core in a 1991 Chev Astro van?
brakes and steering went out same time no visible problems whats this hydro boost im hearing about wheres this located is there a diagram i could follow heard about some belt that is for brakes and steering is this tr...
went to a shop today for my suspension they wanted to charge me $1050 for rear leaf springs parts alone. I look them up online and can get them for $110 a piece my question is about the part itself the one's that i am...
van wont start unless you keep turning key. just clicks then will finially start. replaced battery. could it be the relay
my wifes astro van has problems stopping at times when you push on the brake pedal it feels firm but will not stop or slow down when you let up on it and press it again the breaks work if you press to hard the second ...
94 astro no power to head lights interiour or fuel pump checked grounds changed relays
how to test for problems/ And the repair cost of this?
If I was told by mechanic that I need complete front end, but I couldn't get him to be very much more specific, what all will I be replacing and shouldn't I be able to expect a labor discount by doing all these jobs ...
I'm about to get deeper into replacing the seals at the lower pitmanshaft of the gearbox in my van.As soon as I can locate a 1-5/16inch wrench(33MM). It looks to be quite a job. The space is so tight. One site mention...
My '94 Chevy Astro Cargo Van is leaking transmission fluid, I've been told by multiple people that it is the rear transmission seal. How many hours labor should this take, and how much should I expect to pay for going...
how do you get the fan off for water pump replace
it seems as though my power steering fluid is leaking out at the gearbox. Anybody familiar with this??
How can I get the anti lock light to come off. I checked my brakes and my brakes are still in good condition. What can I do?
The van, after fuel fill up, has to be started twice. Service engine light is on and two diagnostic tests at auto zone gave 2 codes BB1 and BB2. The common diagnosis of the 2 tests was failed or defective ftp (fuel t...
the left side of upper rear door will not let go to open rear door only the right side will unlock
How do you open the rear electric window and doors when there is no battery supply to selenoid
Dash lights work intermittently, some times they work and other times not for no apparent reason.
Dash lights work intermittently, some times they work and other time not for apparent reason.
Please my power door lock keep opening by it self
The AC went out and I filled it up with too much 134 A refridgerant. Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks!
Where is the fuel pump relay switch and how can i tell if it's working properlly?
1. Battery drains if parked longer than 2 days. Found if I pull fuse 19 (Radio) problem stops. If I disconnect radio problem continues. Fuse 19 also controls instrument cluster gauges. Still an issue. 2. Now, I turn ...
i have changed the power steering pomp as the shaft was broken and i still don't have steering or breaks iv bleed the system and even gone as far as to directly hooking the high pressure line to the steering box with...
How much will it cost me to get my front windsheld replaced.