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The air conditioning was workly extremely well, then went out in a second as the clutch broke. I have a 1991 Chevy Astro Van that a dealership just retrofitted for the new refrigerant a couple of years ago. Can you ...
There appears to be a problem with the alternator, however the engine cranks fine and does not appear to run down the battery. While driving the van, if I turn off all electrical devices including lights, volt gauge '...
installing rear door actuator on 1999 astro
what causes a vehicle not to start when it is raining out?
hello i have a chevy astro and 3 days ago i turned it on in the mornig and all of a sudden it turn of and then when i went to start it all it does is crank over like it wants to start but it doesn't and also the ligh...
where is the starter located?
Engine Control computer definitely the problem. Does a new ecm have to be 'programmed' to this vehicle? If so, estimated cost?
ac stuck on defrost mode it has manual controls, is that a costly repair?
ABS light comes on intermittently was told that it needs replacing at a cost of $1300.00 is there an alternative fix for this.
Could this be just a bad wire
the van was running great. it died and never startd again, took the distributer off, checked the pickup coil had it tested it failed. their is a magnet that sits on top of the ignition moduler it was broke in about 9 ...
The heat and air Will only work if you turn the heater switch on high.
I have a 1995 chevy astro with 105,000mi. It runs good, but rough and has a miss. it runs better with the a/c on. It has just had a tune up. stalls sometimes too. had fuel pressure regulator and fuel spider replaced w...
What would be the cost of replacing the idler arms on my 1996 chevy astro cargo van
my van sounds like maraca from the muffler .
Is there a fuse for the OBD II port and if so where is it located. Had van scanned and told the scanner would power up.
how much would it coast to fix a cracked block
My tranny is totally blown it needs a full rebuild inclundig "hard parts" or a replacement
the problem occurs everyday . I drive it back and forth nto work . a ten mile drive.
How often do you change the timing belt? or the water pump?
After how much time or milage I should change the gear oil?
I replaced the steering column last week. After I was done I saw the wheel was about 90 degrees off.(1/4 turn). I could understand half turn off but this one puzzles me. What is the best way to adjust this to get it s...
For any estimate can you provide the number of manhours used to provide the labor estimate?
how do you remove original ignition coil
smells like oil is burning. oil did not register on the dip stick the last two times I had the oil changed
i recently replaced my safety neutral switch i worked for a couple of days and i ncould only start the van in neutral i bought it back to the shop but the mechanic does not seem to know what to do i bough it to anothe...
I just finished replacing the whole steering column in my van. When I try to start it, it cranks like it wants to start but then it won't. The digital odometer turns to all zeros when this happens.Also the airbag flas...
I am trying to replace the windshield on my 04 astro van. I have been slicing the adhesive around the windowshield and got to the center of the top of it. It seems to have a metalic piece in the center about 12" long ...
Engine makes a grinding noise when you start it and still there when you put it in reverse but goes away after awhile