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The Hazard Flasher button on the steering column is broken off. How do I find new one & how much is it to replace?
Had throttle body cleaned, changed 2 coils, spk plugs, air filters still same in winter ran good now getting warmer now doing the same, engine light comes on for a while then goes off idk help
My 1987 chevy celebrity will start. But i will put my foot on the break so i can put it in gear. And everytime we touch the break my car dies? I have changed the fuel pump already. Why is it doing this?
I have a 2014 ltz suburban dealer wont replace front shocks says nothing wrong they wont test retraction on shock At 50 mph hitting a bump on highway car bottom out
Instructions for replacing front struts on 2003 trailblazer
the check engine light comes on and then it also has a service ESC service traction and power speed reduction what could be the cause of this
Occurs only when engine warm/hot ,at idle in drive launching from a stop,this occurs consistently 0-4%tps p0300 was stored history, no other codes,no reduced eng.power.( this feels to me like a carburated engine with ...
My steering wheel is not causing my wheels to turn and is turning 369 degrees.
Slips real bad,turn off wait five min,starts and runs good again?
Changed both the high and low Bram lights go after market Hids and they were working just fine than out of know where the high beams would stay on all the time even when the car was off. Any ideas what could be wrong?
To get idle down. No check engine light. No codes showing up.