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It has 250,000 miles on the engine. About how much should it cost me to replace the timing chain/belt ?
First thought it was a bad pump out of the box so I took it back and got another one - same problem. Seals on the old pump were dry rotted causing the leak.
The door locks unlock, the check engine light blinks on all electric instruments shut off. It is as if the ignition key was turned off and back on. The gas gauge acts erratic dropping below empty and triggering the lo...
I changed spark plugs my engine sounds horrible and engine light was on. I had a mechanic buddy hook up his diagnostic and my engine is misfiring in cyl 5 and 6. After driving it a little we hooked it back up and then...
it started about 3 months ago and about a month ago it stopped working all together.
I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, and throttle positioning sensor. It will set and run fine but the min you drop it in reverse it dies instintly. Even you try to give it gas. And only in reverse?
It has a front seal leak
Why is the Corvette less reliable than a Kia Rio? Even the lowest quality cars don't need these basic fuel components replaced after only 50K miles. GM is the new Lada. Given my experience with GM products, I'm not s...
my truck needs 4 to 5 turns to start and when it does it ticks when i accelerate and while idle
when ever i accelerate or break, I hear what i think is trapped water moving with the momentum of the car. It sounds like it is coming from the front of the car. It is like a trickling sound. I can't find where it is ...
Took the car in they ran diagnostic test everything checked out. I turn everything off when I turn the motor off. Something is pulling the battery down.
How do I troubleshoot my blinkers? I have checked the fuses and bulbs, but they are fine. My flashers are working, but I am confused why my blinkers aren't working?
I checked the bulbs and fuses and they are fine. Tried tracing the wiring system and just got confused.
I bought impala 3 years ago. About 6 months after having it when I cut the car off it will not restart. I purchased a fuel pump as recommended by a mechanic at a auto shop and 3 days later the car did not start and I ...
Left lights on car dead so jumped started . Car started but power steering light and check engine light came on , speedometer not working and car wont shift out of 2nd gear ! Parked it and left it for bout 2 hrs and c...
Computer says number 6 cylinder needs replacement. Not sure where it is located. Please help.
I already replaced the calipers and the brake pads but when driving the truck still feels like its struggling
My 4 wheel drive starts grinding like it's trying to engage, when I engage the 4 wheel drive it stops grinding. I've replaced the vacum switch, and the vacum lines.
i checked the bulb good and i checked the fuse good also
After one second, it shutoff for 10 seconds only to repeat the cycle again. the a/c switch is turned. Is this normal or do I have a problem developing? Should I pull the 10 amp fuse to the a/c to stop the cycling pro...
i replaced the sensor and it still does the same thing