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What does TSB's stand for.Thank you.
1999 Blazer. Transmission has a code P175,or85. It will shift like it is trying to tear out the tranny. Not all the time tho. What kind of gas mileage should this car get. People call the Blazer a truck, my registrati...
need new exhaust sytem including hangers
When applying the brakes when going down a hill the front end shakes and you can feel the front tires jerking rapidley. If you apply the brakes softley some pulling but not as severe.
lights do not come for 2 hweel and 4 wheel drive so I don't know what the truck is in. Could something be worng?
please help cant find the low pressure port for my ac and we are burning up hear in amarillo
What does "Service Traction" mean and why is it being displayed when there is nothing wrong with my traction as far as I can tell?
is there an overflow for the radiator. do you just fill it up with water or should I use antifreeze?
how exactly does a hydrologic clutch cable system work
driver side power window won't go up - other side works fine. no sounds, just won't work.
my check engine light turned on and the diagnostic test brought up the code (0420). I took it to the muffler shop to check the catalytic converter and they said it was ok. What else can i check
How long should it take to replace the clutch master cylinder
Car doesn't always start up.
got starter out ok, but cant get it buck in.
I was charged for repair of power steering cooling line. what is a cooling line?
Can not get door unlocked.It seems tobe loose and key won't open it
what is the cost for both front axle replacement
I've misplaced my manual. How do I replace my tail light on my 2006 Maxx? I've taken the two screws off, and now what?
when should i be driving in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gears in my automatic transmission it dos'nt like to go over 7000 feet elevation
I can hear the air conditioner blowing air but it is not coming out of the vents. This is intermittent and when it does blow out the vents, the air is cool. This happens every day or two.
Has power to the distributor, replaced coil, had module checked, it was good, checked rotor, distributor cap, and wiring still no spark from the spark plug terminals on the distributor cap.
Replaced coil and had module tested, both are good, still no spark, no sign of distributor cap problems?
I've just lost the low heating-a/c fan speed in my old truck with only 62k miles. From what I've seen the problem most likely is a resistor plugged into the fan motor within a plastic enclosure beneath the dashboard....
Is the refrigerant in this car, freon or the ne w234?
I have been told I need bushings. I don't know what those are, and no one seems to be able to tell me except that in order to get them repaired it will cost me over $1,000. The car runs fine.
Torque converter needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Bearing making a loud noise in higher gears. Problem is about two weeks old.
1986 chevy 3/4 t. 4 x4 keeps burning out distributor module, replaced again, now runs fine then starts sputtering and cleans out for a minute then does it again. idles high then drops down and up again. Going to put ...
The ac is functioning on the dash, however, it is not working in the rear of the van.
Machanic just installed new fuel pump on my camaro. I have intermittment gas smell inside the car. Car also stalls sometimes when I start it. I have to try starting the car two or three times before starting. Any...