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I have a fast blinking left turn signal that I have replaced the bulb twice and occasionally it will work correctly and other times (lately always) it will blink fast. What else can I do to make it stop? The contacts ...
"A" frame bushing how to remove
Is it the switch, the blower or fuse? Something else?
I need to replace the brakes on my 2004 tahoe, how would i go about doing that step by step
how much would it cost to buy and install a catalytic converter
The serptine belt came off the pulleys causing the car to overheat stop completely and would not start up again. What created this problem?
I get code PO137
Both front doors don't work or unlock with the key button or door switch. I think my knee might have burnt out something because it is located in a bad place.
Today I was driving and all of a sudden my speedometer jumped to 70 mph ( i was doing about 50-55) It studdered up and down from 0 to 70. I pulled up to a stop sign and it indicated i was doing 30 mph--I WAS SETTING...
How can I tell when the converte is going bad, any tips?
how do you drop the driveshaft to get to the crossover tube.
howdopull the drive shaft and crossover fuel tsnk tube.
need to replace crossover pipe for fuel tanks.
i am working on a chevy 6.5 turbo diesel. the pump is now removed, and being tested for repairs by a reputable shop. my question is: is it possible for the gear that attaches to the front of the pump w/3 bolts, able...
they also "vibrate" when braking hard. The right rear drum brake is the worse one. When on gravel it locks up. When sitting at a hill with a slight incline the car doesn't roll back with the clutch engaged.
After the van sits it takes a few times of turning the key on and off and pumping the pedal to get it started. I do hear the pump working and there is some p codes thay are P0446(Evap Emissions system vent control cir...
is it smog legal to swap a 454 tbi engine into my 1988 chevy blazer which as a 350 tbi?
My Chevy 2005 Silverado 1500 has 171,000 miles on it. About 7 months ago I noticed it starting to use oil. There is no noticeable smoke out of the tailpipe and no oil spots on the driveway. Any suggestions would be ...
Should I remove drum,hub and axle as one piece; or can I use a puller to pull drum off of the Hub ?
where is the location of the oil pressure sending unit on a 2006 impala LS with a 3.5L engine?
my right reat door wont open, the outside handle has no resistance & the inside handle dose
I just had my brake booster changed (not the master cylinder) and the brake is still hard i wanted to know if it is the brake booster that is the problem now.
when accelerating over 40 mph or 2000 rpm engine bogs and bucks and chokes but idles pefectly
the pump and hose is okay, only leaks like a sieve whwn turning left
My car starts fine, and runs fine other than when going up then appears to lose power. You can have the gas pedal to the floor and it will not excelerate. We ahve replaced spark plugs, fuel pump & filter,...
a tapping sound is coming from the top of the motor when i drive it.
Usually after I have been driving 10 or 15 minutes the doors will unlock (power locks), the battery light will display on the dash, the radio and lights stay on, and the engine will shift into idle but keep running. ...