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AC compressor won't work. Charge is OK. Front and rear AC fans work OK. Does not cool.
recently changed the thermostat and the car is still overheating. It seems to stay stable then spikes all of a sudden.
check engine lite on,code reader said #2missfire changed wires but came on again
the rear end gears are shot. Should I rebuild, or replace with used rear end. Has 116,ooo miles on vehicle. Rest of truck is in good shape.
Is it unusual for a front wheel bearing to be replaced at 23000 miles?
My 2000 (3.8L V6) Chevrolet Camaro runs fine, unless im on a long drive (one hour or more at highway speeds). Once i have been riding at highway speeds for an hour or so, and come to a stop light, when the tranny cha...
Occurs at randomly. Usually at road speed 60 to 63 for me. Has been going on for about 6 weeks. Has occurred about 9 times. Last time was working I stopped at a store came out to go and it was dead.
AC has level 1 for the fan and 2-5 for AC. Cooling system does not turn on until I turn the knob to Level 4. Problem just started.
AC has 5 power levels - 1-is fan and 2-5 is speed for AC. Problem is Fan nor AC does not turn on unless I turn the know to Level 4.
I just replaced my front calipers and both wheel cylinders in the rear drum brakes, bled all four brakes and the drivers side drum brake is not grabbing when brake pedal is depressed. Brake pedal is almost going to t...
Engine cranks, has spark and fuel pump is running. Will not start. Started and backed out of garage, turned engine off, will not start after running fine briefly.
Wehn at an idle, the a/c blows warm kinda cool air but when driving down the road , it's fine. I bought one of those a/c recharge kits and when I hooked up the gage, it showed in the red and said mechanical failure?
I have a white vapor from a/c vents when sitting at red lighs,cools fine riding down road what could this be?
I just changed spark plugs in a o8 hhr and the engine light came on it starts no problem and runs great I don't understand what could be the problem
on a 1995 chevrolet corisa 4 cylinder where is my heater core located?
how do u remove steering wheel from 97 chevy lumina after you use steering wheel puller and it still didnt come off
weither the car is on or off the coolant goes into the expansion tank and back out the a/c drain hose
blower inside car does blow,but not cold air.a/c compresser clutch will not engage.had a/c serviced last week and it worked very well for a few days.
Any ideas on what would cause our abs light and traction stabIlitrack control to come on after replacing the rear breaks?
What is the normal running temperature for this engine?
I had my car towed a few weeks ago and then had the fuel pump replaced. Ever since, there's been a rumbling or grinding noise while moving and veering right. There's no such noise while turning left. There's no n...
when comming to a stop the engine will stall. I've changed spark plugs and wires, mass air flow valve "coded problem". This problem does it every so often then won't for awhile then it will do it 5 or 6 times.
and my engine cooling fans are not coming on
I have replaced the coil and it still won't fire. Also checked the fuses.what else could it be?
i need to find the cheapest way to get a key made.i lost mine and have no spare
why is my truck bogging out? now it wont even start. it wants to start but turns right off like its not getting any fuel. it started bogging out and would only let go 30 mph even if i would press the pedal all the way...
aircondition on but won't blow air out of vents
for about a year now my car has been having issues starting - usually when it's hot. When I try the key nothing happens. I will try it a few more times and about 10 mintues later it will start (always takes around 10 ...