Must turn key to on position until fuel pump stops running, then truck will start normally. If you don't wait, engine will crank until fuel pressure is enough to start, about 6 or 7 seconds. Thinking fuel pump check valve or fuel pressure regulator. Changed fuel filter,no help. Thanx. Russ.

where is turn signal flasher relay located

I replaced the engine sensor that the computer said was bad but I want to shut of the check engine light how do I do this

Where do i find the hydroboost brake booster code for the 2001 chevy silverado 2500hd, Im looking for a code to find out which type of brake booster i need to order. Some say it may be located in the glovebox but im unable to find it there. Please help ASAP

3 times I went out to start my tahoe and twice the battery was way dead 3% battery life on Schumacher battery tester. The third time about 6 mos latter when i opened the door all I heard was a lot off clicking in the door like the locks and windows and computer couldn't figure out what was wrong. this happened in Dec. 2010 in Juneof 10 and March 0f 11(after a new battery in Dec.10, I am still having these problems-local garage had it for 3 days and couldn't find a thing wrong.--help please e-mail me if you have an answer.pstupar@tds.net


I have a 92 s10 that cranks and runs great until it get warmed up at which time if you cut it off it doesnt want to crank back till it cools i have had the electrical side checked all is good.After you cut it off the injector dont want to allow gas to squirt can you help

My blower motor quit working and I have pulled the motor and checked it (its good). i have change the resistor and the relay switch. Oh yeah the fuses are fine as well

Dealer replaced tie rod ends, idler arm, shocks, brakes, rotors, tires and had it aligned and it still shimmies when decelerating starting at about 50 mph.

When i accelerate it dosent do it fully it

do anyone know where the map sensor is located at in a 1999 chevy tahoe. Benn trying ot find it because have been having problems out of mine and they said it might be this.

How much does it cost to fix the security system

The A/C doesn't come out on the front vents. It comes out through the bottom.

i need to no how to change door pins

coolant has been running out the overflow tank. changed thermostat,lower intake gastket, coolant sensor, radiator, radiator cap.... and i've ran out of ideas can anyone help me..

the engine want accelerate lack power

code for engine low power all the time

I do have co call a locksmith to program my key, it drives ok for a while then the antithef light keep blinking and the car will not star, the locksmith already chage the ignition switch, the cylinder part with the key, but the car still keeps gettin a not star problem

I have a 1985 corvette, and the battery is dead. When I pulled the hood release, it only "popped" on the drivers side. This hasn't happened before. It doesn't seem as tho the cable is bad. Any suggestions?

tranny shifts hard into reverse and drive. What is the most likely problem and solution.

i have a noise that sounds like it coming from tension pulley area. guy at advance said that my tension pulley did have some play in it but others tell me different! i had each pulley checked an guy said pulleys were fine..at times it sounds like i ran over a puppy cause it makes like a yelping noise.i know u probably hear noises due to the higher mileage but i would really like to get a straight answer. had alternator tested an its fine but once again i was told it bould be the bearings in alternator! suggestions please!!! thanks

When my truck is in idle and I turn on the heater, there's a constant clicking noise coming from the engine. If I turn the heater off, it stops, but it's a constant clicking that turns off and on about every 10 seconds

I have a 2000 malibu,3.1 v6 automatic. Lower manifold was leaking coolant,so i took it apart and put new gaskets on. When i got it back together i was going to road test it but as i put it in R, it slammed pretty hard and even harder when i put it in drive. It was not doing it before i replaced gaskets. I was going to try and adjust shift cable but couldn't get lever off. I was told it could be the motor mount but the experience i've had with bad motor mounts, never affected the tranny. I could use some info if anyone has any. thanks!

can the shift cable be adjusted

what does it coust to replace the transfer case

when my cooling fans stop working my ac and windows don't work also

where is purge valve located

ok the car keeps overheating dash says low cooling level fans wont come on what do i do

I need to change timing chains in my car. I would like a book on how to do it. and other repairs if needed, where can i find one

Drivers caliper seems to be seized up, when vehicle is driven it produces a smell of brake pads burning, the wheel hub seems to be warmer than usual.I have pulled the pins out of the caliper, they seem to pull out fairly smooth any ideas before i take the caliper off would be appreciated Thank you.