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my back light on right is out.Also my instrument panel light and front runner light is out on my 2005 aveo chevy.. bulbs and fuses good. what could be the problem ?,
is 55 pounds of oil pressure at 65 to 70 miles an houre to highe
have had the brakes rotors and tires on the front replaced.the abs light still comes on and off. the mech said to drive it 2 or 3 hundred miles and it would go off. really??!!
Where is the best place online to buy a transmission for a 2002 chevy express 3500
it starts but skips and windz somtimes it take a whike to start do i need shims
I need to replace the serpentine belt on my 1997 Lumina. Can you tell me where I can find a diagram of the placement of the belt so that I can put it in the right position?
where is the filter for the heat and air located
How much does it cost to replace the driver side wheel bearing, and how do i know that is the problem?
my heater blower motor stopped working,checked all fuses and relays under hood and all fuses in car any suggestions
How do I replace the inside driver's door handle on a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice? The bolt inside turns but does not loosen.
I have a clicking noise coming from my tire when driving. It does not happen when I am turning, just when driving straight and the clicking increases when accelerating. What could this be?
2007 chevy impala stoped at a traffic light and the light turned green went to accelerate rpms went up but car will not move. Reverse is the same thing.
My truck starts fine sometimes but other times it acts like the battery is dead. It does better on weekend when I am driving it a lot. Any idea what this could be?
Both keys are locked in the truck. I've been to two dealers and neither one can cut the right key. Both have given me keys with the part# of 158026223. Does any know the right part#?.
I got 2009 chevy express. When i open the door domelight wont come on. My overide button is pulled out. I can turn on the light by moving the button all the to the right but then light stays on. any thoughts?
The brake warning light stayed illuminated after a cold start. No issues prior. We did have two brand new tires installed on the rear a couple days earlier. Could this be related?
This evening I pulled out of the drive way and put it in drive, stepped on the gas and started to pull away when with out any warning the truck completely shut off. I mean every thing dome lights, headlights, radio. J...
Upon turning the ignition on this morning, the car didn't start as fast as usual. There was like a 1 second hesitation before the engine turned completely over. I also noticed that the clock was off by 3 hours. Ther...
the ignition key does not come out and shifter doesn't move
How to install and remove cylinder heads on a 1999 5.7L chevy tahoe
When I am driving down the road the engine just dies for a second or 2. it doesnt matter what gear I am in but it is worse at 55mph and in 5th. its like you turn the key of and on real quick bucking. I have new coil ...
My van keeps blowing relay switches..I can't keep it running...I have put new fuel pump in but it still blows the relay switch..What can I do?
ds and passenger power seat does not move. the fuses under the hood and dash are not blown, only the button to stiffen the seat makes a buzzing sound
my 1992 caprice 5.0 hesitates on acceleration,feels like flatspot like a bad accelerator pump in lite not on.when not under load revs ok,did tuneup two weeks ago for maintenance reasons.problem even worse wit...
I want to replace my front struts and rear shocks. Is there a manual I can buy to do this?
The a/c blower knob doesnt work on 1 and 2 setting but fine on the rest. and not the temp but the one the control where is only blowing out of defrost no matter what setting it is on . How do i fix this problem?
This has been occuring for about a month, and before the clicking noise there was a grinding coming from the left, this problem occurs whenever I try to make a right hand turn.. at all. There is a horrible clicking no...
I don't know what to do with my car anymore, can you help me? I have used OBD1 diagnostics and nothing comes up, not even a "system pass check" yet the service engine light goes on and off at random. The low oil level...
installing rear door actuator on 1999 astro
my truck's compressor keeps engaging and disengaging. some times in about 5 to 10 second intervals other times much shorter. air conditioner is not on. looking to find out if this can be stopped and how?