I have a 2005 Chevy Astro Van I use for my job. I went to get it inspected in Feb and now its April and still not inspected. I went to my mechcanic and he put in a new oxygen sensor. drove for a day and it came back on, now I just got a catalic converter put on. I keep getting it reset, then not enough data, light goes back on. Still not inspected and i got 1 ticket already. I am going back on mon for the scan of the car for $80.00 .I put in 600.00 so far and it still isnt fixed Help I am so frustrated. Any Ideas anyone

Every bump seams hard like the car is riding on it's fram. Do you think I need shocks and struts?and how much would it take to replace both?

just had the engine replaced in my van two days ago.started to drive home, and after around 25 miles my check engine light started flashing. stopped at autozone and they pluged in their scanner and p0300 came up. drove back to mechanic shop and they hooked up and it said no codes.drove home with no problem. next day take off to tulsa from dfw. about half way there engine light comes on again. steady light but only flashed for a few seconds if i speeded up then would go back to solid light. the engine light stayed on all the way back. stopped at autozone again same p0300. no problem with idle or acceleration engine runs very good. I wouldnt know it had a problem if the light wasnt on.

i need to replace a solenoid for my 2004 chevytrailblazer

minor bumper to bumper hit the only real damage is deployed steering wheel air bag from the malibu.

i would like to know where do i replace a solenoid purge in my 2004 chey trailblazer lt?

i was changing the front axel it stuck couldn't get it off so i put it back together now it won't start. if it has a restart button like when your in a accident where would it be? when i try to start it the lights go out and there is a hissing sound.

I need to let them know at the emissions place what my drive cycle is

Upon starting the car (not every time)the cruise control light will be on and the AC will not turn on...as soon as the light goes off the AC turns on..any ideas what to look for?

switch does not work on any selection.removed fused and put back in worked for awhile the stopped working fell air coming out on normal

cannot find the power window fuse for chevy trailblazer2002

Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located.Is accessible
that I can do it myself or would I need mechanic to install it. diagnostic code 0453

my car starts but it idles low and then it stalls out after running a couple of minutes. If I try to accelerate just a little when it idles it dies but will start again. I scanned it for codes and got a code 33 and 35. Where do I start replacing IAC sensor or MAP sensor?

Sounds like a seatbelt alarm but gets faster then stops, waits awhile then starts again all while driving. It just started yesterday, checked all the fluids,no warning lights on dash other than the ABS light but that was on when i bought the car. Just replaced a radio 2 days ago but it didnt look like it had the factory one in it anyhow, but radio stopped working so i replaced it.All same wires were there for easy install. Any suggestions? Dinging noise is irritating.

My gas gauge continuously shows empty. Even when I put gas in the car. At times it will go up and then after few minutes it will go back down to empty. What could this be?

My car will not start! I checked fuses,fusuable links,battery,and I seems like everything is working but the car will not start. Security light stays flashing and there doesn't seems to be a power draw when the your try to crank car. Do anybody know whats the next step?

AC does not blow cold and I don't feel the compressor turn on. I was told that probably it needed to be recharged and the compressor does not turn on as a safty feature so it would not burn out.

I have a 2002 S=10 with a 2.2 liter engine.Last year ,the a/c went out and I am replacing the compressor,receiver dryer and orfice tube.How much oil and freon should I add to do the job?

occasional rough idle/drivability. most noticable during acceleration and increases when turning on fog or head lamps. dealer speculated fuel injectors.
would it be fuel injectors if condition worsens with additional draw on electrical system?

Was hard to shift then park went out now won't shift at all had to crawl underneath and push manually into park

im thinking its the fuel pump replaced the fuel filter still no dice im stuck without a fuel pressure gauge so i stuck a screwdriver tip into the scrader valve with switch on some gas came out but shouldnt it fly out even if briefly?

4 cyl, 4 wheel drive

my blazer is squeakin somethin fierce with every lil movement n drivin me insane! it sounds like rusty coils or something. sounds like its comin from the front end if thats any help.

my tahoe cuts off when i turn right or left. whats wrong?

labor time to replace the engine 1999 chevrolet tahoe 4x4 5.7 liter

The Low Oil Pressure Light came on. What kind of problems can there be. How can we check if the Oil pump is working with the right pressure.

I have a check engine light and computer says its my temperature sensor, where is that located on the engine?

Motor mount replacement. When I shift the transmission in to drive or reverse one can feel the jerk of the transmission engaging. What I would like to know what it would cost to have these mounts replaced. Thanks

My car likes to stall out only when turning right, at an incline or shortly after getting gas. It also has a rough time starting unless i press the accelerator down a little. Does this sound like a faulty Fuel Pump? How can I tell for sure?

my left front turn signal stops working and then sometimes starts working. Have replace bulb even though i dont think that is what it is but eventually it will stop working again and then after a few days it will start working again. All other turn signals work fine.