anti-lock light comes on when car is started and stays on whatmay causes this

The door handle on the front driver's side broke off. How much to repair?

I have no break lights,I have checked the bulbs,fuse,harnes,everything looks good,went to check sending unit,it is not where it is on most trucks!anyone know where to look? Thanks

just started

what dose this code mean and what operates it

How can incoming air possibly be filtered by the cabin air filter since the flter does not sit on a flat surface nor is the perimeter of the filter sealed so as to direct all air thru it?

I have a 2007 Chevy Colbalt. The power windows, power locks, and power sunroof dosen't work. Checked the fuses. Any ideas?

I was tapping on the starter housing to get the car started sometimes. NOW IT DON'T START AT ALL. lOOKS HARD TO TAKE OUT. wHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REMOVE THE STARTER AND WHAT DO i HAVE TO TAKE OFF.

I just found my front passenger side tire flat. I had the tires rotated yesterday and Midas told me not to put fix a flat in the tires until I found out it I have sensors in the tires.


my brake pedal goes completely to the floor, the brake light is on, pedal feels spongey

I bought this truck, 6 months ago. The wiring had been messed with. It ran fine for a while, but now, when I turn the key to start, nothing happens. It's a standard two wheel drive. I installed new wiring harness and a new key and lock. I think I reprogramed the key as instructed. Now, the securty light does not flash, but still starter does not engage. My son jumped it at the starter. It turned, but wouldn't start. I shorted the yellow wire, under the switch and it bumped the starter. (We have wired the clutch switch together.) Can I install inline fuel pump and button switch for starter? What about the computer? Since I bought it the lights only worked when the motor was running. Thanks for any help.

where is the fuel filter located in my 2007 suburban 2500, 6.0L?

new fuel filter,new plugs,has good gas pressure,good spark,turns over good,willnot start.why?

but when on the freeway no problems only going slow and when i hit the gas from a stop once i get going no problems at all

i have a 2004 chevy 4x4 with allison 5 speed automatic when you put truck into reverse it will come out of gear like it is in netural and dash says shift range inhibited and will not move put into drive and it works fine, tranny shop has rebuilt transfercase and replaced transmission internal wiring harnes and replaced reverse selinoid, tranny throws no codes, but still go into shift range inhibited mode 50% of the time and works correct 50% of the time, any ideas thankyou

Engine light on 2 days

Must turn key to on position until fuel pump stops running, then truck will start normally. If you don't wait, engine will crank until fuel pressure is enough to start, about 6 or 7 seconds. Thinking fuel pump check valve or fuel pressure regulator. Changed fuel filter,no help. Thanx. Russ.

where is turn signal flasher relay located

I replaced the engine sensor that the computer said was bad but I want to shut of the check engine light how do I do this

Where do i find the hydroboost brake booster code for the 2001 chevy silverado 2500hd, Im looking for a code to find out which type of brake booster i need to order. Some say it may be located in the glovebox but im unable to find it there. Please help ASAP

3 times I went out to start my tahoe and twice the battery was way dead 3% battery life on Schumacher battery tester. The third time about 6 mos latter when i opened the door all I heard was a lot off clicking in the door like the locks and windows and computer couldn't figure out what was wrong. this happened in Dec. 2010 in Juneof 10 and March 0f 11(after a new battery in Dec.10, I am still having these problems-local garage had it for 3 days and couldn't find a thing wrong.--help please e-mail me if you have an answer.pstupar@tds.net


I have a 92 s10 that cranks and runs great until it get warmed up at which time if you cut it off it doesnt want to crank back till it cools i have had the electrical side checked all is good.After you cut it off the injector dont want to allow gas to squirt can you help

My blower motor quit working and I have pulled the motor and checked it (its good). i have change the resistor and the relay switch. Oh yeah the fuses are fine as well

Dealer replaced tie rod ends, idler arm, shocks, brakes, rotors, tires and had it aligned and it still shimmies when decelerating starting at about 50 mph.

When i accelerate it dosent do it fully it

do anyone know where the map sensor is located at in a 1999 chevy tahoe. Benn trying ot find it because have been having problems out of mine and they said it might be this.

How much does it cost to fix the security system

The A/C doesn't come out on the front vents. It comes out through the bottom.