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We were told that it could damage to engine to drive along distance. We need to drive it around 130 miles to get it home, will it do damage that can't be repaired?
when you first start up truck it has about 40 yo 45 lbs. of oil pressure but go about 15 to 20 miles then the pressure drops to about 15 to 20 lbs. stop for a while and it goes up to about 35 lbs.
Can you give me step by step instructions so that I can self install the motor on my driver's side window?
i looked all over the manifold and cannot locate where to adjust the idle, is it electronic? do i need special tools?
need to know how to take a/c control out of dash. iam getting no power to low pressure switch.
My service stability light just came on, what the heck does that mean?
it hit a curb on the divers side front when I apply the brakes that wheel shakes bad...
my o6 chevy door are unlocking by it's self..has not happened while driving..just when the car is in park and the key is not in..
Burning oil at a alarming rate, changed oil on Sat. drove 120 mi. checked oil on Mon, and dipstick showed 4 qts low!
I am looking for the location of the fuel filter in my 2005 suburban. Does anyone know where it is?
Has anyone been about to fix the drivers door and made it continue to work and where were the parts obtained?
My 2003 2500HD 6.0L Gas engine truck died while I was driving it on Friday. It was towed to a shop and the mechanic told me it was the fuel pump and it would be $800 to replace. I bought the part myself, dropped and...
How much could this cost to have this code fixed PO442
Need to replace a rear wheel stud. What is the procedure?
I have replaced the alternator and the battery and the charging system wont charge the battery it has the 3.1 and idk what to do the little battery light in the dash does not come on either HELP??
I got my car last Janruary in 2009. I replaced the serpintine belt, water pump, radiator, when i first got it. it drove ok, then i replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and O2 sensor...after replacing these 3 things..i...
a 2004 chevy impala. power steering not working at all on left hand turnes. works as normal on right hand turnes.
If I run the 6.0 gas engine above 2000 RPM for any length of time the engine clatters really loud and continues to clatter until it has cooled down for some time. As long as I keep it at around 1500 RPM it runs and s...
Cooling fans have stopped working. Fan relays seem fine. Is there another control for the fans that can go bad?
the drive line quit after putting it in 4 wheel drive so we replaced the drive line but is still leaking badly. We need to know where to put the seal.
if we replace the drive line where does the seal go?
AC compressor won't work. Charge is OK. Front and rear AC fans work OK. Does not cool.
recently changed the thermostat and the car is still overheating. It seems to stay stable then spikes all of a sudden.
check engine lite on,code reader said #2missfire changed wires but came on again
code reader says #2cyl missfire had wires changed but came back on. does this engine have individual coils?
My air conditioning decided to stop working one day and the check engine light came on. When the check engine light comes on, the temperature gauge does not work, it always stays on cold no matter how warm the car is...
the rear end gears are shot. Should I rebuild, or replace with used rear end. Has 116,ooo miles on vehicle. Rest of truck is in good shape.
temp gauge, fuel gauge, speedometer and gear select indicator do not work when vehicle is running. with key in run position everything works until start
Is it unusual for a front wheel bearing to be replaced at 23000 miles?