changed plugs,wires,& coil still running bad and its knockin a little but it will rpm up but when i put in gear it dont react the way it should wont go over 20mpr anyone any idea?

How to replace the blower motor resistor in the 1998 cavalier z24 is there an easy way before I pull the dash or the air bag?

My power steering keeps going out. I have changed the fuses and that has still not helped. Does anyone know what else I might try?

The car stalled on me and would not start. The water pump went out so I had the water pump replaced and the mechanic said that it was not getting a spark so I had the distributor changed and the ignition coil but it still will not start.

i want to no where is the purge valve located at on my 1996 monte carlo 3.4L dohc engine

how change wiper motor

the berake on the hose i found i need to know how do u take it off

will be sitting still and speedo reads 20mph. driving slow it is reading 65mph. did anyone fix this prob. themselves? if so what was it? I am thinking its the speed sensor. Had a similar prob. in another vehicle I owned and that's what it was.

changed coil runninr alittle better but dandd answered a question for me to check ekg fuel pres. and injection sys. but on one soulution he sayed runs rough at idle but clears up after 30 mph it wont roll over about 10mph any ideas?

i Disconnected the shift cable from the transmission put my foot on the brake and the cable moves out of parkand it moves up and down, but when i connect it back to the transmission put my foot on the brake the shifter won't move. could this be the neutral saftey switch gone bad if so how do i replace it?

i drove my car the night before it was fine. i get up the next day it won't move out of gear.what could it be? if its my neutral safety switch where is it located?

Changed the Crankshaft position sensor and now my truck will not start. Before changing the crankshaft, my truck would stall until it got hot and then it would work fine. What do I need to do? Thanks!!

cylinder not spinning? and smoke coming from rear exaust

I was driving my blazer one night and went to start it the next day and well it still sits where I parked it now a week ago. I get the engine to turn over and my husband checked the fuel lines and pump and all is clear. He also tried to get it to turn over by adding gas to the injectors but still the engine will not start.. I have checked the distribator and I get still a turn over but no start .... what can I do?

rock hit the windshild on a trip on the road.

What causes a Distributor cap to have a burnt hole in from the coil

When the vehicle is cold, everything seems to work, but after warmup the tach, speedometer,and the indicator light on the gearshift quit working. The vehicle then has third gear only.

I ran out of gas, I put one gallon of gas back in and it will not start. It will crank, but after 10 - 15 seconds it cuts off, when the throttle is pressed the rpms do not change.

ridin down the road at 55 then it just let go no smoke or anythng it will start but runs really rough changed plugs no change have good oil presure no water in oil anyone have any idea what i need to do or change a part plz help me

I am trying to tighten/loosen the exhaust pipe (flange between exhaust pipe and catalytic converter?) bolts/springs but am having a hard time figuring out what sized wrench I need for the exhaust bolts. Its difficult to see them and figure out what size wrench I need


We purchased a 2011 Equinox. My wife is very short and can't reach the gas and break pedals easily, even after all seat adjustments. Is there anything we can do ? The dealer says they can't do anything and are now giving us a hard time returning it.

why doesnt my fan work inside my engine its making my car over heat

It all started when my starter went out. After replacing and putting proper shims, i shut down and restarted the truck about 6 times and then when i was just about to shut it off and take it off the jack, it just died. The truck hasn't started since. It fired when i poured a small amout of gas in. And my "mechanically inclined" buddies told me it must be injector or the filter, i replaced both, and now i found out i need to bleed the lines after replacing injector but i cant find one!?! 4 Cyl(e)<-8th VIN # SIngle Injection engine. Can anyone please help me out this is my only vehicle =(

values are ticking

if there is metal in the oil what is most likely needed to be done?


Recently acquired, it runs well but if it sits for awhile between starts, especially overnight, it's very reluctant to fire. After six or so hits, it'll finally catch and all's well. Could this be the fuel regulator allowing fuel pressure to bleed off. The pump makes the normal working noises but the fuel filter could be suspect.

approximate cost to R&R body Control Module , part and labor

whenever it is wet outside

driver window wont go up or down