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I Chage the cap and clean the code but in cuple miles it come back.

will a weak battery cause the fuel pump not to engage

The fuel guage on my truck is stuck on full and when I shut the key off it stays on full, how can I fix this problem?

Where is the fuel filter located?

Oil pan gasket needs replaced. What is estimated cost in a Chevrolet 2005 Impala 3.4L V6 Engine

I had my car safety checked three weeks ago and was told that my break pads are good.
Is this a computer problem?

for a 1998 venture

My pocket computer tester indictated that my number two censor was out. I a, not sure where this is on my car.

Noisy muffler when car running

When it's hot I can drive my car but if I stop at a store and leave it will stall. The message displayed is reduced engine power and the check engine light comes on. The car starts after about 5 minutes the check engine light still on. When I get in it the next day the codes and check engine light has cleared. This happens about 3 times a week any suggestion ?

I have replaced the master and slave cylinder both. after about a week of driving now it loses pressure when u engauge the clutch pedel. there are no fluid leaks. Ne ideas????

I need to change my injector pump I would like to find instructions

need to find parts to get it done...

the car do not have no leaks

I have to change out my ignition lock because my key will not turn at all. I was told that the tumblers are stuck and after using a catalyst to dissolve whatever gunk could be in there, it still did not turn. Avoiding a large repair bill.

Took the car 2the shop 2get the check engine light looked at. The OBD-I, scanner says its the EGR SOLENOID. Is that the EGR valve or is it referring 2the CANISTER PURGE VALVE SOLENOID? The mechanic pointed 2the EGR valve & said 2clean it first & see if that doesnt solve the prob. I think its the canister valve. Any suggestions, anyone?

which mark is the correct mark for timing gear alignment? the intake gear has a mark on the front and rear sides in different places and the exhaust gear has 2 marks on the front side 180 degrees apart.

I had a valve job done , now the motor is smoking and loosing oil motor has more than 200,000 miles on it

5 years ago I had the muffler and exhaust pipe replaced at Monro. The muffler had a lifetime warranty on parts and labor (warranty code 10).I currently need both replaced again. I got an estimate at Monro 6/29/11.The first estimate was 379.00 which included the muffler and a 39.00 dollar shop supply fee.(I guess for clamps).When I told the service manager that I had a lifetime warranty on the muffler, he crumbled up the first estimate and redid a new one which was 277.00.The new estimate was:

MUFFLER 20 212.99 FREE 46.00 46.00
EHHAUST PIPE 40 266.99 266.99 0.00 266.99
DISCOU(ON EXH.PIP)0.00 66.75 0.00 -66.75
EXHAUST SUPPORT 40 19.99 19.99 24.99 44.98
EX DISCOUNT -22.02 -7.10 -29.12
The difference was 102.00. On the "first" estimate I only took note of the total, muffler,and shop supply fee.I didn't notice the discounts or the price of the exhaust,labor, etc.But it seems like even if the muffler was discounted in the "first" estimate the second estimate should be about 70.00 to 90.00 lesser.Also theres no shop supply fee in the second estimate. When I inquired he said this is the correct estimate and you still have to pay labor on the muffler.My first thought was he just upped the price on the exhaust pipe when I disclosed I had a lifetime warranty on the muffler which he could not find.I was just going to let the "free" muffler go and go someplace else even if the price is the same or a little more because of the difference in the 2 estimates.Thanks for any help.

been having to fill resivior every week, week and a half with only water , low coolant level finaly started coming on and water underneath the back of the engine , left side , poured water in and went for one day and then coming up a steep boat ramp car coolant level light came on and shut off , had water . upon driving about 15 miles then stopped and noticed water all underneath the car , water had to put in it again . then droveit the next day about 12 miles then stopped for 3 hrs and then in firework traffic and noticed the car was getting hotter to the middle line of temp gauge , was in traffic about 15 minutes and then about 7 miles down the road coolant light came on and i stopped resivior was empty filed it and went on maybe 2 miles empty again and water underneath car ,let it cool off about 1 hr and then filled it and left went about 3 miles light never came back on and water still in resivior but some gone and water underneath car again uopn arriving at my house , had temp gauge replaced about 3 months ago , any suggestions . sorry so long just wanted to tell you everything , thank you donna


i cant go more than 15 mi8le per hour if i am accelerating

the tempature gauge never went up past 1 fourth of the way now it sets at half way and goes up to 280 when idleing or the air in on high.

engine light flashing,car jerking CodePO300 replaced #4 coil. Five days latter doing the same thing again everytime you start it. Will this damage the cataletic converter to drive to mechanic 3 miles away?

does anyone know

i want to fix my horn myself without paying a high price to dealer repair shop. i understand there is a simple way,but must becareful of air bag comming out.

I want to convert my ac. my car is not making cold air when I turn on the's blowing, so i know it's not the compressor.

its for a 2004 chevy trailblazer 4.2 2wd.

recently i found out the rear side marker bulbs were missing, so i installed them. about 2 or 3 weeks later my air bag light started coming on. when this happens battery light comes on then turn signals would not work this was intermittent. this went on for about a week, then car would not start. found if i put the car in neutral it would start. that lasted about a week. now car will only start once after that have to let it sit for hours