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noise is steady and gets louder when you accelaerate
For a couple of weeks the blower motor for the heating and air only worked on high. Last week it quit working altogether. No air flow on any speed, but the dials inside still make the pneumatic noise as you move the...
car will start and then die....start the second time and then the car stays running...this happens daily
where is the low side to put freon in
between 20 to 25 miles an hour the drive shaft vibrates it did it from the day I got it but now it's more noticable. Is this a commen problum with the two peace shaft? Oh by the way it's a two wheel drive extended cab
My truck starts fine, just will not keep running until after about 15 starts. Could this be the fuel pump relay or is this a vacumm leak?? I have replaced the fuel filter, pvc valve and cleaned with carb cleaner.
where is the fuel filter located?
where is fuel pump located
We were told its an actuator
malfunctions frequently,but always works ok when taken to repair station. This is both speedo and tach. Repair station recommends replacing module.
how can i fix filed TCC solenoid on chevy express 2500 2004
just recently we have had to use the shift lock to get the aveo out of park. now the key is sticking in the acc mode. i have disconnected the battery to see what would happen and the key came out. is this an ignition ...
Why would hot air be coming from the driver side vents and cold air be coming from the passenger side vents?
How much would it cost to replace the broken emergency brake release cable?
my oil smells like gas and is pretty thin whats the word on that guyz is it my intake or is it serious
Truck just started blowing hot air through the driver vents while the cold air blows through passenger vents when the a/c is on. Why?
Need assistance in locating a Hydro boost for a 1995 3500 cheverlot dualley. My email address is
I was stuck on the road a couple of days ago and had to drive my car through high levels of water. well after i got to higher ground the engine was making a loud noise< and was vibrating, i was told to change the air ...
How do I Replace the thermostat on my car.
The brake lights will not go out.
front brake making noise for a couple of days
I need an estimate for parts and labor to ensure I am not overcharged.
what is the idle setting for this vehicle at idle in drive
Picture of a car with a screw laying on to the side and a hole in the car where the screw fit it to. Would you please let me know what to do?
I would like to body lift my 06 Colorado Z71 and install 44" tires and taller gears.Its radical I know but I dont mind cutting out the fender wells to accomidate the big tires. What lift kit do I need? What other mods...
My 2005 Chevy Colorado's heater/ AC blower motor control knob only works only on high (No.4 knob position) This part was repaired by the Chevy dealer once and it worked for about 2 weeks then it was down again. I have...
I have a 2004 Suburban. The AC temperature control blows heat on the driver's side some of the time. A restart of the Suburban fixes the problem. What do I need to do to fix?