they say i need intake gasket because it's leaking

I want to determine if my A/C has a leak and can be recharged but I don't know where to look for the Low Side A/C port. Where is it and how is the best way to access it?

The engine fan runs at full speed all the time. When I purchased the car it only ran when the engine was hot. Now it is running all the time.

2000 Chevy Metro LSI 4cyl automatic. While driving, engine slows like it's flooding, the Service Engine Soon light starts flashing, then suddenly surges foward and accelerates normally. May not do it again for days. If this happens at a stop sign, the engine sometimes stalls, but always cranks back up with no problem. Is it the oxygen sensor needs replacing? Thanks.

i just replaced my tension pulley bearing an car is still making a little chirp noise. i didnt replace belt...was told it could be a cheaper belt that is on car now. thinkin if i buy a better quality belt it will stop?????? an the noise mainly does it when i accelerate. any suggestions??

what is the general cost and labor to replace an oil pump on a 1998 chevy lumina 3.1 liter engine? the car has roughly 103,000 miles on it.

we found a wire or cable hanging by front tire and asked people
what it is and they thought its probable the abs brake cable that didnt get plugged back in by the mechanic who just did a engine diagnostic check on it? HOW do you hook it back on?

where is fuse for passenger door lock located

automatic passenger side door lock quit working

My wiper pump is not working. Can you tell me where it is located and how to replace it?

I have a 2005 Chevrolet cobalt an I am leaking water (very clean and cold water) leaking from under the dashboard on the passenger side. Was told that it may be the heater core but it may also be a seal? Wondering if you can give me some insight on how I can pinpoint the problem. I have done most repairs myself thus far but I'm told that this may be quite the chore. Do you recommend I do this myself or have a professional do the job. If so how much should it cost me to have it done by a pro? Also a am getting heat and it only seems to leak when the ac is running.

how do I change the day time running light bulbs on the passanger side of my truck

how to change the rear brake cylinder on 98 chevy lumina

where is the air pump check valve located on 2005 chevy trailblazer 4.2L?

what should it cost to replace the flywheel

gurgling sound from heater core area when rpm increases have replaced radiator,thermostat,radiator cap,heater core, sound still there. have left radiator cap off while motor runs to operating temp hoping to relieve air in system no change.

sound occurs when rpm increases have replaced heater core,thermostat,radiator,radiator cap

I would like to know how to replace both the serpentine belt and the air-conditioner belt on my '04 Silverado. Thank you.

truck misfires during acceleration


Had little cracks repaired 4 time now the newest is 1" long. Where can i get it repaired without replacing the whole cover?

the gage pointer staring to move closer to the red area, It has not in the red area now. What is the problem?

relacing ac compressor and having problem with manifold not sealing to comp. should i have flat washers or oring style

how do i no when they are going bad my car hesitate to go. itz like it isn't getting gas i have replace the fuel filter and put carb/injector cleaner in it i also changed the trans scrainner

car started running rough and burned the gas at about three times the normal rate.Changed plugs and wires now it will start but runs terrible,and only runs for a second and if you give it gas it dies immediatly.

it started with the dr. side rearlocking up,it would do it once in a while.now all the time. 2 wks later the other wheel started doing the same thing.now if you just toutch the peddle,both rear wheels lock up.replaced master+brake fluid.what else could it be????

why is the car buring up lots gas and some times g gas there is a strong gas sent

I need to know how to pull out the lock through the inside of the door panel without taking off the whole side door, so i can replace a new lock and install it back the same way through the panel.

security light turns on. car does not turn on

have replaced egr checked tps,iac and maf sensors fuel pressure was
good stalling while idling and decelerating no codes but did have one
code when this all started fuel system too rich ,thermostat. thermostat
was bad only getting to125 degrees replaced thermostat never fixed
...problem but no codes . seems to be worse when the engine is warm.k