a/c or heat does not shut off when key is off remove fuse goes off what could it be thanks.

My flasher will flash turn signals erratically and when I turn it off, you can still hear clicking sound. It only stops when you put your foot on the brake. Do I need to replace the relay or the flasher or both?

My check engine light would sometimes come on in the winter. This last winter it did not. Now it came on about a week ago. I went to autozone to have them pull the code and the instrument say it must be connected to vehicle. I'm trying to figure out why it won't read the code.

how much to replace the transfer case

Our brake shop showed me the failed rear hub ABS sensor assembly. CRACKS APPEARED in the white plastic cap where the wire plugs in.
Should we expect the other sensors to fail? Is this a manufacturing defect?

can someone give me a step-by-step process for change a leaking hydro-booster

All the proper lub has been added to the aluminum calipers, back of pads, etc. The clicking noise is still there.

The car had a blown head gasket, I replaced the head gasket, when I tried to start it it pours gas out of the exhaust.

changed fuel filter still wont start? does fuel pump have a fuse?

What dose it mean when my 2006 chevy cobalt xray wont start all it dose is make a.clicking noise.


The cooling fans do not turn on. I have replaced the Fan relays, ECT sensor, as well as checked the fans themself using direct power. The only way I can get the fan to come on is by disconnecting the ECT vavle; they then both turn on and run just fine. I'm thinking either a bad wire going from the ECT switch to the PCM or a bad PCM. Could I just run the wires from the ECT switch to a toggle switch and open and close the circuit and control the fans that way?

I have a S10 but it has a chevy 327 engine in it,I just replace a module in the distributor because i lost spark I had to take off the spark plug wires to what i thought was the right order but it was back firing i found a chevy diagram on the firing order on followed that it will start but has very little power what could be the problem

at 60 mph when appling brake front end shakes real bad,any answers?

what can I check to fix my rear running lights keep blowing the fuse it's a 1991 gmc jimmy had to put different type car in the drop down cause it let me put year, make, but gave no choice for model

a/c was cooling to 43 degrees out the vents and all of a sudden, it stopped and the temp out the vent went to 75. Stopped and cked and the comp was turning, low side line was not cold but high side line was cold and swating back. put a gauge on the low side and pressure was 75. though that a restriction was the answer so i replaced the orfice tube and accumalator. vacuumed, charged and the same occured. by passsed the heater core thinking well maybe my actuator door was not closing and or heater control valve was sticking, the same was occurring. after changing the tube and drier the low side pressure came down to 35 to thats where its supposed to be, didnt have a high side gauge. anyway running 35 to 40 on low side at idle but when you rev the engine the pressure begins to rise and temp of air rises.. what gives. is the comp bad ??

Recently the chimes for the blinker, seatbelt, front driver's door speakers (top & bottom) and voice for built in navigation ALL went out at same time. Looked at the fuses, don't see that look burnt.

my head lights turn on wen I star the truck including on the day and sunny an my control lighs donth work only wen I STOP THE ENGINE

I need to change my oil pump in my aluminum oil pan. I have took it lose but can not get it out How can I do this.

My parents bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox with 15,000 miles on it. Twice now it would not start. They took it to the dealer and they told them there is nothing wrong with it. Told them they need to pull the key from the ignition every time because if they don't it will run the battery down. Has anybody ever heard of this? I know if you want the listen to the radio you should turn the key to acc. so you don't run the battery down but having to pull the key in your own garage sounds crazy.

When putting car in gear check gauge light comes on, service light comes on,theft system light, flasher lights come, on but don,t blink,fuel gauge stop working,speedmeter stop working,temperature gauge stop working, car runs good just these problem.

Just happened this morning. Truck started to chug and sputter but I made it to office. Made it about 3/4 mile on trip home and it got worse. Coasted into Tuffy Automotive shop. I was unaware of the electrical misdiagnosis issue but I'm reasonably sure that is not an issue. $926 quote for fuel pump (delphi) and fuel filter. I was stuck 35 miles from home. Please tell me I'm not getting hosed. Price falls in range but is it near the average? Thanks.

I need to know how much I would pay for the following repair: "Oil Leak at water pump// Rec Tensioned Belt"
My car has been leaking oil 1 year ago.

should I replace my hydro booster. And how do I bleed my breaks. Is there some trick I am missing. The breaks just won't bleed is it normal for air to blow bubbles into my power steering pump when I push break peadal to the floor.

Background. Just replaced the lower intake due to a crack. Once everything was put back together the engine starts fine, when you rev it up in park it sputters and then goes. Once your driving the sputtering is more prononuced and it accerelates very slowly. Doesn't kill even though it feels likes its going to when going from park to drive. Strong smell of gas/rotten egg. I think its running to rich. Any ideas? 3.1 V6

a/c clutch is not working

Check engine light came on. Had a friend diagnose it - shows that the cattilitic converter is causing problems. My question is ball park figure how much to replace or repair? I am due to take the crapy emissions test by Sept.


it says i have cruise control but i can't find it anywhere...HELP!!

ok I have put on a new water pump,180degree thermastat,upper and lower hose's. But with all that I can drive it around and its fine as soon as I let it sit an run it will over heat.The coolant light stays on now,when the engine is cold can open the radiator cap and the radiator looks full,when i start it and let it run for a awhile to get the thermostat to open it will start getting hot and blowing water out of the radiator.(I'M NOT SURE WHAT TO DO)