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the evaporator coil in 2001 astro van has been replaced, along with new radiator has been replaced, did dye check, no leaks, why is the air just blowing air, not cold air?

this care has been perfect. lately she started clicking under the hood when the air is on, the air doesn't blow as cool at times and the motor surges/RPM rev. up. Other than that she's fine. If I turn the air off, there's no issues. Is this low refridgerant?

Blazer 2000

The plugs ,wires ,fuel pump have been replace

was just sitting at a stop light and all the sudden the a/c started blowing hot air on drivers side and cold air on passengers side


. Brakes and front rotors look fine and were just replaced 1 yr ago. Rear brakes were replaced a yr ago also.

how to repair my cruise control

I have to add about a 1/2 gallon of water every week. but it doesnt seem to be leaking at all. However it does seem to run a little warm and steam comes out of the overflow tank. But the guage says its normal temp. about once a week it runs hot and shuts off the ac to save the motor. that is the only tim the gauge says its hot. any ideas? or ever heard of this happening?

My AWD doesn't work, (4-high & 4 low both work) how do I fix it?

has new compressor/accumulator

The shop says $230 for parts plus labor - total $375

a few weeks back my battery died and a friend swaped battery's with me. when the new battery got installed the security light came on. I was still able to drive my blazer. a week after driving it with the security light on my battery went dead again. so i changed the battery back to mine. when i went to start my blazer it wouldn't start. it acted as if it wanted too but it sounded like it wasn't getting fuel. so after changing the fuel pump and filter, it was still not starting. i took it to a chevy dealer to reset the security codes. it ran for about a week, and the battery died again now it's having the same problem. after much research i find out it's an iod fuse. i'm just confused on why the fuse blows when the battery dies.

should I have it done?

Is over the counter fuel injector cleaners and good as fuel injector service at a dealership?

still have the same problem even after replacing the O2 sensor and the same code keeps coming up. not sure what is next. both fans turn on all the time. the code is 64 and has rough idle.

can't find and car is getting worse door locks do not work, dash says a door is open varies on the door so dome lights stay on, lift gate is stuck, blinkers don,t work,no bright lights

where is the thermostat located on a 2001 monte carlo

I have the part just need to know how to change it

Heat and AC both work. It just won't switch off of sending air out up by the windshield. Turning selector doesn't change it... Seems stuck. Sweating bullets this week in the heat wave..

dragging from underneath...just got both axles replaced an still making noise? was referred to another shop an they checked it out and noticed it looked like the flywheel has been rubbing against something. any suggestions??????

and how much of the oil dose it need?

Air condition still cools but makes a whining noise and white fog comes out of the vents. What causes this and how much to fix?


I am not sure what the engine is?

when you start the car and ll the dash lights are on when you turn the key it runs fine BUT WHEN THE DASH LIGHTS DONT COME ON IT WILL STILL START BUT RUNS ROUGH. is this a computer problem or a voltage problem??? fuel pump has good presure and doesnt appear to be an issue

Cruise control shows on dash that it is set but speed decreases

can any one tell me what the ticking noise is when i step on the accelerator

does oil pan need to be removed to change oil pump or can the plate be removed then oil pump

As you step on the gas and transmission downshifts , the shaking goes away ! Is this a torque converter about to blow and or an ailing flywheel situation ?