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I have released the screws, but cannot get the switch to come out. I think I need to replace the vacuum hose(s) attached to the back. Where can I get those hoses?

Car just has 1000. miles on it. Great gas mileage no other problems love the car. Is it safte to drive now?

I need to know where the mass air flow censor is at in a 1990 chevy lumina

My cooling fan doesn't kick on unless they remove some small square part from under the hood. Does that mean that part is bad?

how big of a job is it to change out heater core. where is it at under the dash

and then revs up but reluctantly. When idling or normal driving the engine runs excellent. It seems that the motor only acts this way when you want a sudden burst of power.
Can you advise a possible solution?
The Check Engine light is not on.


After setting a for awhile it will start and run than acts like no gas and dies.

truck has a little miss, think its the wires

i try to start truck,it starts and then stalls and the security light starts flashing.(3 regular flashes,then two quick).i wait ten minutes,light still flashes,i wait up to ten more,still flashes. so i cant move on to next step. i have tried this several times,but wont stop flashing. i have looked up the relearn proceedure several time to make sure im do it right. im beyond fustrated, any help would be great. thanks

I cannot get the seat latch to release for access to the back seat. No letters on this problem have been received, yet I hear it is a common problem with either one of the seats locking up and unable to release! "Cascade Chevrolet" here in Wenatchee, WA. has been researching this since this past Tuesday, with no answers. What's the deal here?

My truck was running ok park it and next day didn't wana start, check for everything that i could think like spark, fuel doesn't get to the tbi , i took the fuel line out crank it and fuel comes out but i does not get out from the injectors in the tbi, i bypass the fuel pump relay and it starts but the fuel pump keeps working after i turn the truck off, i even change the ECC thinking it was that but no

pull on latch and hood will not open

My engine light is on and stays on, put tester on it and that is what is said. I ordered the part but not sure where to put the part. where does it go?


wife said it made a lite popping sound and the died. will not start but will turn over fires evry third time and then backfires.

Sorry but will try again,it won't let me type pass the m.S I have a 2001 Tahoe LS 5.3L 4x4 sweet.I'm changing out the compressor out because of a clatter sound when turned on,it also has rear air that only blow's warm air.I beleive the problem with that is the exspansion valve is bad,and the front is cold only when you drive and get's warmer when you are at a idle,also I'll be changing the dryer,and orfice tube.So my quesion is I don't use the rear air at all,so do I have to change the rear exspanion valve out,in a nother word can just leave the rear air aloan and not touch it at all.Could you please give me a answer asap.Thank you P.S.the truck is great!!!!!!!!!!

runs from the tension housing to the engine

The hood latch broke and even the cable that was once attached to the latch has rescinded enough that I cannot grab it with plyers. It seems my only option would be to somehow open the hood through the grill somehow, but I can't figure out how.

the shifter is really loose.wont go into park or 1st or 2nd unless i crawl under it and shift it on the transmission

i've chaneged the oil pressure switch but still no oil pressure

this pickup surges or chugs when just trying to maintain never misfires or chugs at all when putting a load on the engine such as going uphill,nor does it do it when coasting downhill.It acts completely normal when taking off form a stop or building speed to get to the speed limit

I Chage the cap and clean the code but in cuple miles it come back.

will a weak battery cause the fuel pump not to engage

The fuel guage on my truck is stuck on full and when I shut the key off it stays on full, how can I fix this problem?

Where is the fuel filter located?

Oil pan gasket needs replaced. What is estimated cost in a Chevrolet 2005 Impala 3.4L V6 Engine

I had my car safety checked three weeks ago and was told that my break pads are good.
Is this a computer problem?

for a 1998 venture

My pocket computer tester indictated that my number two censor was out. I a, not sure where this is on my car.

Noisy muffler when car running