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a tapping sound is coming from the top of the motor when i drive it.
the steering shaft bearing has been replaced 3 times by CHEV. It makes a rattling sound most of the time. Where is it located as I may want to replace it myself now that warranty is kaput.
Usually after I have been driving 10 or 15 minutes the doors will unlock (power locks), the battery light will display on the dash, the radio and lights stay on, and the engine will shift into idle but keep running. ...
Leak of and orange colored fluid and water are leaking from the manifold and we were told hoses would need replace as well as other things.
check engine light is on code is P410 light stays on.
had brake lines replaced and system bled the brakes are working very well yet the light remains on this is on a 1992 silverado 2500 with the 5.7 this is the idiot light on the dash
Where can I purchase a tail gate lock
has 24k on it have had to have two throttle bodys put on it in 300 miles is this a on going problem? thanks
I have a 1992 suburban k1500 i just bought with a bad tranny. Had the trans redone and I reinstalled it myself. Took it for a test drive and everything was great till 4 miles into my test drive my speedo went way f...
What is the cost and procedure to replace deployed air bags.
locating where fuel pump is in tank or outside fuel tank
the abs and tracking lights stay on but when they go off it brakes relly har to the right and feels like it going to lock up
2002 Silverado 2500 with 144k miles. While driving less than 60mph the truck will "surge", RPM's will increase and it will jerk forward. From other research it seems that a fuel pressure regulator could be the problem...
were is the lower intake manifold gasket located on a 1998 chevalet blazer
About how long does it usually take to replace head gaskets
None of the power door locks work with the key transmitter or at the switches on any door and also the interior lights are not working. Could this be the BCM ? If so, where is it located?
i had a friend work on my car to replace the belt and he jacked up the right front side to take the motor mount off to harmonic blancer and fix it but when i was leaving i notice a noise coming from the power steering...
I caqn hear the latch pulling in but it dose not open from the either the botton on the door or the one inside. Is there anyway to open or any one know how to disammble to replace the latch
I just bought the truck used and the check engine light came on the next day with this code. the code was p0652 what is it
My husband needs to know how much fluid is held in the rear, transfer case and front axel (4 wheel drive) for his 3500 Silverado Diesel w/Allison Transmission. Hope I phrased this question correctly. Thanks for any ...
last wknd,went to start engine it turns but wont start.change plugs,wires dist/cap,rotor,ignition coil,ignition control module.where the problem?
my truck has low oil pressure since replacing intake gasket. it reads 10 pounds at idle and only 20 at highway speeds. the check guages light comes on at idle. i had no problems before replacing gasket. how should i p...
Where on the internet can I find for "free" a vacuum line diagram for my '91 s-10 blazer?
what does it mean when your car shakes when you hit the brakes
When I started the truck the ABS light and brake light came on and stayed on along with the chime. The A/C blower also did not work. I checked fuses and all seemed fine. The ABS motor does not continue to run.
when I turn off my car the radio stays on I open the door the radio turns off but when I close the door the radio comes back on
How do I fix the promblem with not starting I wait 10 to 15 mins to start, Is there a Recall or Campaign on this promblem
Driving my vette is a great blast but recently I have noticed that the oil pressure drops at idle back to around 20-30 psi. The car has 97,000 mi. and is still a very strong car. I have owned the car for 8 years and...
where`is`the`coil`relay`located? thanks`in`advance