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Heat and AC both work. It just won't switch off of sending air out up by the windshield. Turning selector doesn't change it... Seems stuck. Sweating bullets this week in the heat wave..

dragging from underneath...just got both axles replaced an still making noise? was referred to another shop an they checked it out and noticed it looked like the flywheel has been rubbing against something. any suggestions??????

and how much of the oil dose it need?

Air condition still cools but makes a whining noise and white fog comes out of the vents. What causes this and how much to fix?


I am not sure what the engine is?

when you start the car and ll the dash lights are on when you turn the key it runs fine BUT WHEN THE DASH LIGHTS DONT COME ON IT WILL STILL START BUT RUNS ROUGH. is this a computer problem or a voltage problem??? fuel pump has good presure and doesnt appear to be an issue

Cruise control shows on dash that it is set but speed decreases

can any one tell me what the ticking noise is when i step on the accelerator

does oil pan need to be removed to change oil pump or can the plate be removed then oil pump

As you step on the gas and transmission downshifts , the shaking goes away ! Is this a torque converter about to blow and or an ailing flywheel situation ?

There is 108,000 miles on the vehicle. When I shift to higher gear there is a considerable delay between shifting and actual acceleration and great sluggishness. Also the shift gear light stays on or blinks off and then comes back on.

speedometer needle no movement, NOW security light at times with times when i turn key to start and nothing. if i mess with remote lock/unlock doors or i open/shut and lock/unlock doors then minutes later starts fine. the key remote panel seems to effect this as it has worked only off and on for quite some time (replaced batteries often). no diagnostics info but friend talked to chev dealer and told needed $600 part and dashboard had to be removed and labor costs. has 89000 miles, love plans to trade. seems electrical/sensor problem ??? any help would be great...thank you

How thw Heck can i remove the long panel to straighten out the belt ??

Thanks Mike


code is P0401. i purchased the part. need to know where it is.

the dealer i took it to said this one does not..

I have the parts but no luck in location

When accelerating or slowing, the speedo needle moves in a jerky fashion.
Getting worse with time. Was just a bit jerky. Now Moves up (or down) in 5-10 mph increments. Van runs OK. No shifting problems. Anyone know of this.....and the fix?

left rear wheel bearing seized to spindle to spindle and spindle cracked rear end very low on oil and full of metal. all bearings pitted and ring and pinion pitted from debris

This is what came back from my engine light coming on and being diagnosed.

sometimes it is hard to start,might have to turn over 5 minutes,have replaced ecm,fuel pump,all sensors,5 different chevy mechanics have worked on, spent over $2000.00 in last month.still has same problem,doesn't throw any codes,some one said it might be a bad e prom.??????????

car shuts off when driving a couple times and then have to let sit beforte starting back up after a some cranking ,, already change waterpump,, spark module,, what can i check or fix next,, chould it be the starter or alternator,, its starts right up but after a few mins starts to shut off while stepping on gas driving ?????

It doesn't start at all there's no spark.

need pipe cat and muffler

braking and steering you and feel the steering wheel shake

they told me could be kinked hose, and a bunch of other things, said couldnt pin point problem.


my remote worked fine until i had tires rotated. didn't work when i tried to unlock car, replaced battery in remote no better, found that if i hold remote down by bcm at passenger side kick panel it works, is there an antenna or receiver that could have been bumped or broke during a tire rotation if so where is it

it worked fine untill i went to the beach