does shocks need replacing after 11 years

I just wanted to know how often do you change yur tranny fluid? I have a 5 year old car with 80,000 miles thanks

Code 43 (esc) my car gave me this codes when checked on the computer I've already changed the knock sensor. Car is idled up very high and can't get it down

I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier and the lines are getting cold going into the fire wall but no colsd air out of the Vents.
Where do I have checked the flipper that it is flipping bu there must be something I am missing.

only the unlock when you stop to exit does not work

This just happened yesterday, i turn the key to the on position and here a buzzing sound as the speedometer dial goes up and down and cant shift at all. what do i do?

Does a fuse need to be replaced

the nut on the end of c v joint need torque

I have a 02 avalance z71...has anyone changed their own? Can you help walk me through mine. Thanks.

I was told by a mechanic that my 2nd gearbox in the back drivers side is the cause of my car making a loud hammering sound. But this was after he told me it was a differential? He also mentioned something about pins going out? I'm the worse person to speak car terms with:-(I don't know if the three things work together or connected in any way but he came back with a quote thats more than my mortgage. The hammering sound comes on for about 5 seconds then it'll stop, all you hear after that is the sound of grinding brakes. He went on explaining that the pins where the brakes rotate were out...I couldn't make any sense of it. What could my problem be? Is it possible that it's just the rotors that I need to replace? Or it is something that I could maybe fix on my own? Is a differential tied to the gearbox and pins at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help.

When the car is started the reduced engine power light comes on. After turning the car off and on it works

ok so I startewd my van today and all of a sudden the radio totally is out,I replaced the radio fuse as well as the fuse on the panel marked radio,any Ideas??

my cobalt died after running through some water
now it wont start what should i check?

I'm sure I need to replace the crankshaft position sensor/modul on my 1991 4 cylinder 2.2 beretta. I was told I may need to drop the oil pan to pry it out from the inside!! IS my neighbor just trying to scare me? Is this seemingly simple fix a nighmare waiting to happen?

traction light is lit.displayes traction off..ABS light on,truck makes a grinding noise..feels like its not in gear...?

I have trouble starting my truck with a cold or hot engine.
My gas guage keeps going from full to empty when driving.
Otherwise the engine runs good.

Passenger side front, vibration and and a little bit of a shimmy in the front end, I also hear whining.

My brake switch is bad and I need to know how to replace it, looks like there is some type of clip holding it on just wondering how to get that off

How long should coolant pressure hold when testing it with a pump-up pressure tester? My system is a 15 psi. I'm losing coolant very slowly and the pressure fades off from 15 psi to 10 psi over a half hour. Should it?

How can I take the trim that is around the radiio and cruise controll off the steering wheel with out damaging the wheel or setting off the airbag?

The ABS light is on as is the I/p light and the ABS and the ABS pump runs continuosly. Where do I start to find a solution. Thanks Don

odometer & gear selection dash lights blink on/off,when first start lights stay on (truck moving)after 45sec. lights start to blink (rapidly)then go out. a moment later start comes back on then start blinking again. this happens when uint is traveling or parked. any suggestions?

the ehat appears to be on at the drivers side vents when the fan or the A/C is running sometimes

Can i manuaaly switch from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive?

Horn alarm is randomly going off in the middle on the night. What would cause this issue?

what could cause the thorttle body to dump alot of gas into it ,when you run it for a few minutes an turn it off an then try to crank it an then it dump to much gas into thorttle body ?

Vibration noise from front of car when started and put into gear; lasts only l or 2 minutes. Only occurs when engine is cold.

My father just purchased a 2500 hd base modle, that had come w/o cruse control. Is it posable to instal cruse control with factory parts and if so will the pcm need to be reflashed? thank you for your help.

how do i put a new window in the passenger side door of a 97 cavalier convertible with power windows

Our tahoe started with a simple miss when it was in idle. then it started missing while you drive. if you stop the tahoe gas comes out of the exhaust, and it runs rich. The computer shows multiple misfire. Changed plugs and wires and distributor cap and button, problem continues. You have to hold the gas pedal down to start it too. On another note the ABS pushes the brake pedal back up on you. Had to pull the ABS fuse to stop that. Also the daytime running lights won't come on anymore and I can't find nothing in the book about them. Ohh yeah, our tahoe has SS on it everywhere, inside and out. Is there a Super Sport in the Tahoe?