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and my engine cooling fans are not coming on
I have replaced the coil and it still won't fire. Also checked the fuses.what else could it be?
We need the cigerett lighter to run our GPS and it is burned out. We took it to Martin chevrolet and Redmonds Repair and they do not know how to fix it.
power windows only work sporadicaly & the gas gauge doesn't work, we fill the tank & it shows empty
air conditioner would cycle on & off continuously never really cooling now it needs new fluid
i need to find the cheapest way to get a key made.i lost mine and have no spare
why is my truck bogging out? now it wont even start. it wants to start but turns right off like its not getting any fuel. it started bogging out and would only let go 30 mph even if i would press the pedal all the way...
aircondition on but won't blow air out of vents
wipers only work on high need to replace
i am doing heads on this car and can not find torque spec for head and rocker arms and exost
where is the PCV valve located
for about a year now my car has been having issues starting - usually when it's hot. When I try the key nothing happens. I will try it a few more times and about 10 mintues later it will start (always takes around 10 ...
What does TSB's stand for.Thank you.
1999 Blazer. Transmission has a code P175,or85. It will shift like it is trying to tear out the tranny. Not all the time tho. What kind of gas mileage should this car get. People call the Blazer a truck, my registrati...
need new exhaust sytem including hangers
First start of the day, sometimes, the car just won't start. No sound happens. The radio will come on, eletrical stuff works. So battery isn't dead. Then later in the day we try again and it's fine. Starts right up.
Went to use my air . and noticed not cooling. placed refrigerant and oil back in and heard a loud leak behind the clutch, would this be hard to repair if so whats a good estimate
When applying the brakes when going down a hill the front end shakes and you can feel the front tires jerking rapidley. If you apply the brakes softley some pulling but not as severe.
lights do not come for 2 hweel and 4 wheel drive so I don't know what the truck is in. Could something be worng?
starting from the clutch pedal how does all of the proceses work
please help cant find the low pressure port for my ac and we are burning up hear in amarillo
What does "Service Traction" mean and why is it being displayed when there is nothing wrong with my traction as far as I can tell?
is there an overflow for the radiator. do you just fill it up with water or should I use antifreeze?
how exactly does a hydrologic clutch cable system work
driver side power window won't go up - other side works fine. no sounds, just won't work.
my check engine light turned on and the diagnostic test brought up the code (0420). I took it to the muffler shop to check the catalytic converter and they said it was ok. What else can i check
How long should it take to replace the clutch master cylinder
Car doesn't always start up.
got starter out ok, but cant get it buck in.
I was charged for repair of power steering cooling line. what is a cooling line?