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I have taken my 1998 chevrolet 1500 pickup to 2 different mechanics. I've had the alternator worked on, fan belt changed twice (because I was told that it might have the wrong fan belt on it), and bearings worked on. Some times it will stop and then start up again after it has been worked on. At first it sounds like a bird tweeting then it gets sort of loud. Also, I have noticed that if I were to pour water on the fan belt while the truck is running it stops but it soon starts up again.

i now it has something to do with the passlock code but heres the thing cant get it to reset the truck wont start and the security light stays on doesnt blink even after removing the key from the ignition

when traveling up a ramp I seem to have no power and when I am driving normal it seems like my impala wants to accelerate.

No hot air, no coolant leaks, hoses seem ok, water hoses feel hot but
no hot air. engine runs at about 190 deg after new thermostat.

why does the 20a fuse keeps blowing when i turn on lights any ideas?

I am getting about 8-10 miles/gallon or maybe 180 miles to the tank and I can't figure out why. In the last 2 yrs it has gotten worse. The system is not producing any codes and I don't have any check lights on but I know my truck (I bought it brand new in '02) and the gas mileage was never this bad in the earlier years. I have had it checked out but mechanica can't finds anything even after replacing the fuel filters. I think it's a fuel pump going bad because the "empty" will come on when I need gas and when I start it later it will be off and the needle is a little higher. Slightly erratic gas needle but not obvious by any means.

I have a 96 Caprice (LT1 5.7) and I need to repalce the rear break shoes and drums but I see there are two sizes available for the drums. How I can find out what size I need with out manually measuring them myself?

car makes a rattling noise like something is loose when you start the car and at times while you drive

also, where would I find the temperature sensors?

Have to remove transmission to replace

I am leaking power steering fluid. I have replaced both lines. I think it is coming from the joint between the hydroboost and brake booster. Is there a seal I can replace or do I have to replace the whole booster? Thanks!

I cannot afford to go to a mechanic but I don't want to ruin the car while I look for a job. I had a friend that hooked up a toggle switch to turn on the fans. While I know this is not recommended, where do I hook up the toggle switch to the fans?

Rear windshield wiper needs replacement

when i press the 4 hi switch the light just blinks. i have replaced the front actuator. any glue as to what the problem might be?

it was a defective wheel-bearing, it was suggested i replace both front wheel bearings, which i opted to do. thanks for you help

i have changed the plugs wires cap and rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter. have replaced gasket under thottle body, help!

a/c comes on only blows hot air. my temperture reads half in the guage of cool & hot. engine running poorly. but all fluids are still in radiatar. but when cooled down & you take cap of radiator fluid comes pooring out.

the guage only reads half way hot. but you can smell it when you turn off engine. when driving does not want to shift.

a/c stop working. twice smell of smoke from engine. all fluids full. when cooled down and remove rediator cap coolant pures out.

automatic. i think its u joints. sounds like coming from drive shaft. but sense it only makes noise in reverse. is there something that goes wrong in trany. that would transfer the sound threw the drive i know maybe brakes. untill i get it in shop

I replaced the transmission and need to know how many quarts of transmission fluid it takes to fill up the transmission.

Did van overheat, (it was 100 outside)and all the lights
came on but an hour later, the van started....what could
have been the problem? Will not leave engine idle again
in hot weather.

Does a fuse need to be replaced and if so where?

why do I here stattic through my speakers when I don't have the radio on?

why does my truck vibrate when breaking?

why does my truck viberate when breaking?

driving less than 15 mph I hear a whrring/loud sound from the the right tire side of my car. It gets louder the higher the speed I drive. what is causing this sound.

Noticed front floor wet on both the passenger and driver side. Thought it was leak from door seal. Pulled up the carpeting and there was about an inch of standing water. Appears to be coming from AC/heater drainage tube. But not sure. HELP! Has anyone heard of this problem? How do I fix? Is this going to be an expensive fix?

it turns over have changed crank sensor have checked timing marks and it has spark

need to know drive cycle reset, how many miles do you drive the truck before it resets the truck