2002 chevy trailblazer ls

there is an load clicking noise coming from the dash in the area if the air conditioner controls. It does not happen all the time but most. Sometimes if you move the temp controls all the way down it stops sometimes not. It has done this since new and no one has been able to pinpoint the problem. Anybody have any ideas?

My electric lock switches on both front doors do not lock the vehicle when engine is off. Doors get locked only if engine on and transmission in D position. Door stay locked even if going back to Park position, but unlock when engine goes off. Schematic would help. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Windshield washer fluid leakage from beneath reservoir bottle occurs. I note a puddle under the resovoir when the car is parked in garage. Car has only 500 miles on it & windshield washer has never been used. How can I access the resevoir to find source of leakage?

I replaced battery, fuel pump, Ignition Control Module, plugs, and wires, but the problem is exactly the same. The car will run 10 to 15 min or long enough to heat up and then cut off. trying to restart only turns over the engine at best and cuts back off, technically it doesn't start.

Also do you have to remove both fenders to remove the bumper cover?

were do the three hoses connect to on antifreeze resevoir

front ac and blower don't work.

While using the wiper blades, passenger side just stopped moving. It's in the "down" position, fortunately, but I can't seem to figure out how to access the armature operation. I've tried removing the plastic cover inside the hood by removing the plastic "pop rivets," but it appears that the wiper arms must be removed too in order to access the armature operation. I removed the rounded nut which "appears" to fasten the wiper arm to "whatever" moves it, but even then, I can't pull the wiper arm off to get the plastic cover off.

Am I chasing my tail or was I close to getting an opportunity to see what is up!?!

does fuel regulator shut off the fuel pump to regulate pressure or does it just cut of the fuel to the injectors

i CHANGED THE MASTER CYLINDER and went to start the truck up and it did nothing. the lights and everything are on but it wont do anything else. its got a good battery

My tail lights and interior lights dont work

i have low fuel pressure at my schrader valve that is inbetween fuel pump and regulator,regulator is right before injectors,can the regulator cuase the fuel pump not to run.?

was driving truck it started running hot and started blowing out black smoke after I added some coolant. This was thr first time

my fuel pressure is low at schrader valve,can this be caused by regulator? or just the fuel pump?

The pressure builds up and it runs hot. Have put on a new water pump and thermostat.

My liftgate is stuck on lock and wont open. the only way to get to the mechanism is to take the back cover off. You cant get the back cover off without the liftgate being opened. Is there any way to get it off without braking it?

Do I have to cut the plastic heater housing to replace a squeaky fan motor or does the housing come off with screws?

I have a 1996 ss impala ,i've changed the fuel pump & filter an it cranks & runs great but as soon as you think its ok it stops.could it be the ignition module or bad fuel pump?I got it from auto zone..i had a guy too tell me it could be the oil sending unit malfunctioning.

Intermittant problem - about 50% of the time both turn signals turn on when using turn signal. Happens only with the left. All bulbs are good.

Oil leak by the universal

Hoses for power steering fluid seem to be shot and a lot leaking

We have an 88 chevy pickup truck with a 95 engine. The fusible link starts smoking when we try to start it. When we turn the key, it doesn't click or anything. The lights all work, so it isn't the battery. As I understand it, we can replace the fusible link and it will work, but I need to find out what it goes to so I can fix it. Thanks.

My drivers door is jamb stuck and wont open.I have tried everything to try to get it open, not even the people at the GM shop could tell me what was wrong. I wasnt in a car accedent, it just wont open. How do i fix the problem?

where is the oil pressure sending unit on my 1994 silverado 1500 pick up 4 wheel drive. gordon

The other day my Tahoe would simply not start. I've got half a tank of gas, battery is working (car won't start even if jumped), starter is fine, and I have spark and vacuum on the throttle body. Car won't start even if I put gas or starter fuel in the throttle body (although it shows greater promise when I do that). I took out the fuel filter and back washed and dired it, but that didn't help (although it has no obstructions). Measured fuel pressure and got a big zero, so that's my problem right there. Checked the pump relay and got 80 ohms of resistance -- does this means it is working correctly? I'd just hate to drop that tank and the cash for a $250 pump if there is any alternative fix that would take care of this. Thanks for your help!

I have a 2000 chevy impala police car 3.8 engine and i cani't get it to shift out of park. I replaced the brake switch and still won't move so i disconnected the cable at the transmission put my foot on the brake then I can move it out of park on the column but the indicator on the column says it is still in park, is that good? Then i go to the transmission still with the cable disconnected i try to move the level on the transmission to see if it would move into any of the other gears such as reverse,drive or netural but it won't move is this a problem.

My car needs feon and I know you can buy referiant over the counter.

It's moaning going down the road. We have done a fluid exchang on the transfer case.

I have changed the headlamps, the headlamp switch & still don't have working low beams though I do have high beams, all 4 fuses are good.