Carpet cleaning van. Cleaning unit is van powered by a driveshaft engaged with an electric clutch. Van drives fine with no temperature issue.
When I engage the system it will slowly go to overheat. When the system is engaged the RPMS are ramped up slightly, to about 1800.
Flushed system. Replaced fan clutch, thermostat, water pump. Water is circulating well.
There are no leaks I can find but I am loosing coolant. After it cool down and I open the radiator cap I've lost a lot of coolant.

my whole trucks shakes and does not want to go it will drive but its hard to do

need to know to shut off pass air bag

Bought 2002 TB LTZ 2mos ago, had about 140,000 on it already. Didnt want it, but I was in a bind so I had no choice. Since I got it, the front brakes and rotors had to be replaced because they were shot. The cd player stopped working a week after I got it and now I have to replace the fan clutch. My question is, how long do I have before the transmission gives me problems?, Im aware this vehicle has a history of that too.

i have blinking and sometimes steady oil light on but oil pressure seems to be o k no rattles or knocks

oil pressure guage keeps moving up and down and then stays at zero then moves back to where it needs to be.

where are the spark plugs located for this car?

when you turn on the fan speeds it doesnt work can feel the air but does not come out.

SUV is stopping OK and pedal feels normal. Brake fluid is full. Has been doing this off and on for 3 months.

my truck can sit for 3 days and when i turn the key it show transmission temp at 300 degrees i put a new cluster but it didnt fix it anybody have any idea

i want to change my spark plugs and coil on plug boots - how do I do this ? wehre are they located on this car ? do I have to access it from underneath the car ?

Where is the drain valve for the raditor located at?

When I first start driving my truck and accelerating, their is a puff sound, kind of like when air brakes release the air. It doesn't run bad, just makes this sound. It does go away sometimes, but not always and it only happens when accelerating. Got a new fuel pump last fall - maybe a faulty installation???

title says it all

fuel gauge does not register right

need a schematic of the drive train and all parts

i was wondering if anybody had a drive line schematic had a auto repair place redo some u joints and i think he put in a new bearing at where the 2 drive lines meet it doesnt look right the bearing and the rubber gasket or whatever it is is ruined and it looks like when i get under the truck it is missing something in that area where the 2 drivelines meet

Have a '91 4.3 L that backfires after it is started, have installed new plugs, coil, rotor/cap, wires, this is a reman engine with 20,000 miles on it, lifters are ticking real bad on rt. front, I think from the backfiring. whats is going on??

Climate Control Panel light is very dim hardley readlable , everything else is funcational

My A/C was just replaced, but i was told it was not hooked up. Where do the plug hook up to to start the compressor goes.

everytime i take the fuel cap off alot of pressure is releast.

When rebuiliding a 4.3 v6 do i need to replace head bolts or use the sameones?

I took the door panel off and there does not seem to be a hole to get into replace the actuator motor? Any ideas??

I replacd the fuel filter & the fuel pump & fuel pump relay and when you are driving & slow down to stop it dies.but will start right up

How do you find and replace the interior ventilation air filter? This is a 2006 silverado ss truck.

I have a 2007 1500 Classic 4WD with 82,000 miles. I have noticed a noise that seems to be coming from the rt frt. It originally sounded like the squealer tabs when the brakes start to get worn. The noise then sounded more like a bearing or possibly the frt axle. I took the frt wheels off, the brake pads are approx 60% worn with the inner pad more worn, however not worn out. The frt rotors have grooves in them like when pads are worn to thin, however this is not the case. It appears the pads are wearing the rotors. With the brake pads off the rt frt hub spins freely, however there is a grinding type noise. The left frt will spin, but not as freely as the rt frt with no noise in the lt frt. I have twisted and pulled on both axles and there does not appear to be any play. Is the wear to the rotors normal and would this be causing the noise in the frt end and how can I check the bearing to see if it is making the noise?

ever 10 mins driving down the road light comes on and power sterling gone have to turn it back off and on then good to go again and again dangerous if you have to make a turn how do i fix this

When driving trany shifts fine. When in cruise control it will not shift into overdrive. Do I need a sensor?

does my 2006 chevy impala have a pcv valve? the guy at the dealership said it doesnt but the haynes manual says that it does.I had a 1997 volvo 960 that had a costly oil leak repair because the pcv valve was never changed.

When warm, starter will engage but immediately disengage when engine fires.
This began after daily ambient temperatures began to settle in above 40 degrees. I only mention this because the engine also began to develop a backfire about the same time. The backfire would occur when I would ease off the gas pedal during low speed acceleration, or when the engine slowed following a shift to a higher gear.
I thought the change in ignition behavior may be somehow tied to the unusual starter condition.

Any answers out there? (About the starter or ignition issue)

It started and ran well all winter. Has new alternator, fuel pump and filter, year old starter, new MAP sensor, New Throttle Position Sensor, New distributor and wires, new battery.