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This is a 4x4 tahoe. Hi and low range work. The transmission shifts great, just sometimes it jumps out of gear while driving expecially on inclines. exa. pulling up on ramps to change oil. What could be the problem?

auto theft ligth show on i hear u have to put in the ignition for 10 minutes 3 times how exactly is the process step by step ?

the whistle is like when starting like the power steering pump when low om fluid but it quitens when gas tank is at least half full

Radio stays on but the only thing on the dash is the traction control light and one other light. Have to turn key off and sit there for a little bit then the engine will start. Twice while driving the door locks locked then shortly after that the engine killed.

All turn signals and brake lights work. Fuse is good. Bulbs are good.

there is a low whistle noise when driving down road sounds like power steering but it has plenty of fluid when the gas tank is at least half full the sound seems to be a little quiter could you tell me what it is

engine code po410 comes up on scan tool what components are included in this code?

i believe i can see the two bottoms and one on top drivers side maybe total 4 so far

When car is started the dashlights are very dim. It can take anywhere from a few seconds up to 25 minutes and then the dashlights turn on fully. Usually after you hear a "click".

was working fine and check engine light came on

has had recent fuel filter ,cap/rotor,wires,it will crank and crank sometimes starts up but sometimes it takes seems worse when engine is cold but also acts up when warm and after runs it is fine does not miss or hesitate,anyone with any help is appreciated is getting frustrating also is 2wheel drive and manual trans if this makes any difference.Thank You

has new cap and rotor new fule pump recent module replacement cranks and cranks turn key on and off helps somewhat doesn't matter if cold or hot seems worse on cold start any help

It is not a problem when I use the central command, all electric windows work from there, but from every individual window command (except the driver`s side) do not work properly. Please help me with this problem. Thanks.

Have to turn off the engine, but leave the key turned to on position, move the gear shift to neutral, and then restart the engine. Why?

all the gauges are out of wack

This adapter mounts to the block and extends off at a right angle to the normal oil filter location. Theres a small leak(drip) where the adapter mounts to the block. how does this adapter mount to the block? I'm assuming an oil ring leak between the block and adapter, but I don't see any bolts holding the adapter. There are 2 pipe plugs in the adapter.

even when putting pressure on the brake it will not move out of park. i can hear a click under the dash but nothing happens

before I replaced my fuel pump my gas gage and low fuel light was on, after I installed a new one it's still the same. could you tell me what could be wrong?

I have the same problem as sekindle

I recently did an oil change to my truck and they put in 10W30 in rather then the Castrol HighMileage I asked for. The TRUCK has 330K miles but the guy I bought it from in Oct 2010 said he had a Jasper motor put in it not to long ago. Well after the oil change I noticed the truck wasn't starting right away and I looked down a couple times and my oil pressure gauge was hitting zero and check gauge comes on then it would wave between 40 and 20. I was told this might be cause it spun a bearing. I have no clue what this means, what it entails or what it'll cost or how long. Can anyone help me out with some info so I know how much I'm looking at in repairs.

transmission shifts normal, on occasion would shift hard but would go away after it sat and cooled down. filter & oil changed. truck has 185000 miles, no burnt smell in fluid and clear. can you help

The driver side seat will only lock into place if it is completely forward or completely back on the bracket. What can I do to fix this problem?

i need to replace the rubber gasket it is leaking oil i was wondering if any one knew how to remove it?

All fuses have been checked and are fine, but no lights. Even purchased new lights, nothing.

blows hot for 20 mins then goes to cool and every once in a while cold

There is a screw on nut which holds the fan assembly on to the water pump. It is a 1 3/8" nut. I have a crescent wrench which will fit the nut but cannot get it to loosen. Anybody know any tricks to get this thing loose? I did put the crescent wrench on and then hit it with a mallet to try to persuade that nut to come off but to no avail.

which is eaiser pull the motor(replacing it's bad) or pull the motor w/ trans? trans is a two peice solid bell housing. i was told on here 6 bolts to get the lower off, after removing oil filter & exhust. i must be misssing something! thks "E"

about a week and a half ago my 2006 malibu maxx ss with the 3.9 litre motor would not start, replaced battery still no fire or clicks engageing starter next day it started with no additional work but would turn off when driving down the road. Now the trans will not work in drive but in Manuel will move in first but slip and if starting in 2 will move a lot easier then you can shift in d and will work fine was moving. can these problems be all related. maybe by a bad ground or something

Can not get hot air from heater even though temp guage reads normal.