My Chevy Impala ss 1995 is having serious issues. First, the low beams don't work and high beams are low. Second, the car keeps cutting off and will not run unless the hazard buttom is pushed in. Third, the locks on the door and trunk keep clicking, even when im driving. What is going on with my car?

hot air coming out one side when air condioner is running the other side is cool

the windshield wipers and washers are not working properly on my 1990 chevy k1500. the washer will not work at all and the wipers will work but not all the time. I've read that the problem is a circuit board that controls the wipers but where is it located?

can't get engine light off

I changed the tcm but the gear shift went into a locked position, Giving the same codes, PO700, UP101. my zip code is 71953

Key getting stuck and truck will not come outa park, what is going on here?

Clutch pettle completly loose just like when mamual linkage goes out by losings a pin or bolt

Bought a 2005 aveo three weeks ago and have not had any problems, until I started to go to work this morning. Started right up put it in gear backed up a foot and the back end went up tryed to pull forward and my back tires will not turn. Has anyone had this problem or knows what this could be.

I will be going along and the tracker sounds like it is slipping, it was periodically but now it seems to be worse. It slows right down and almost stops. Put transmission fluid into it but it did not take hardly any. can you help me

For about 6 months when turning the steering wheel in either direction when driving it makes a loud mouning grinding sound. I have been told I need a gear box, and power steering flush. I done the flush and it's been oiled but the noise is still there. Please help, I have 5 kids, not working, and single. Thank you

When i start out driving i have a real bad creak and metallic like squeal in my front end. It's not coming from the engine at all. As I drive down the road i had a continual squeal as well almost like something is grinding. Sound stops when i tap the breaks and at times seems to worsen as i turn or when i accelerate from a stop. Both front wheel bearings have already been replaced, ideas on the problem would be appreciated!

my 2001tracker ,v6 2.5 started making a noise like if you held a screw driver in the fan . i think its the timing chain it has 150,000 miles on it .

no spark replaced coil,battery starter,wires cap and roder

I can not get my box van started. It runs for about 1 to 2 seconds and will not start. I have replaced the fuel filter Before it would not start it had no power like it is not getting enough fuel.

the truck started running rough and had loss of power seemed like it was starving for fuel so i shut it off to take a look and now it will not start only by shooting it with a little ether then it dies again.

my batteries going dead after 3 to 4 weeks---new batteries

Gas gauge reads quarter full and tank is empty

I just need information regarding the necessary steps in fixing the interior lining of the sunroof cover. I accidentally left my sunroof open and had closed the cover,and it rained hard and dampened the sunroof cover thus the interior lining has loosened and wanting to know the tools and/or steps needed to repair myself. Thanks

It has been shutting off while driving. It was just every now and then now it is more often. We done a tune up and changed the tensioner and belt had the altinator checked. I can't afford much more. Can you please help me?

what would cause the coolant recovery tank to smoke and leak antifreeze

2002 chevy trailblazer ls

there is an load clicking noise coming from the dash in the area if the air conditioner controls. It does not happen all the time but most. Sometimes if you move the temp controls all the way down it stops sometimes not. It has done this since new and no one has been able to pinpoint the problem. Anybody have any ideas?

My electric lock switches on both front doors do not lock the vehicle when engine is off. Doors get locked only if engine on and transmission in D position. Door stay locked even if going back to Park position, but unlock when engine goes off. Schematic would help. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Windshield washer fluid leakage from beneath reservoir bottle occurs. I note a puddle under the resovoir when the car is parked in garage. Car has only 500 miles on it & windshield washer has never been used. How can I access the resevoir to find source of leakage?

I replaced battery, fuel pump, Ignition Control Module, plugs, and wires, but the problem is exactly the same. The car will run 10 to 15 min or long enough to heat up and then cut off. trying to restart only turns over the engine at best and cuts back off, technically it doesn't start.

Also do you have to remove both fenders to remove the bumper cover?

were do the three hoses connect to on antifreeze resevoir

front ac and blower don't work.

While using the wiper blades, passenger side just stopped moving. It's in the "down" position, fortunately, but I can't seem to figure out how to access the armature operation. I've tried removing the plastic cover inside the hood by removing the plastic "pop rivets," but it appears that the wiper arms must be removed too in order to access the armature operation. I removed the rounded nut which "appears" to fasten the wiper arm to "whatever" moves it, but even then, I can't pull the wiper arm off to get the plastic cover off.

Am I chasing my tail or was I close to getting an opportunity to see what is up!?!

does fuel regulator shut off the fuel pump to regulate pressure or does it just cut of the fuel to the injectors