it nevers cut off itz always on even wen the front control is off gas is to damn high for dat problem i need it fixed

i bought a new dipstick and its not reading my transmission fluid

how do you replace the front axel bearings ,this is the bearing in the diff that the cv joint slides into

my car leaks oil on the front of the passenger side and it runs on the pullies what could this be??

We had brake problems on 2004 4X4 Colorado, just plain jane, put new front bearings hub unit on, new rotors, calipers, pads. Went to bleed brakes and can't get brakes to pump up pressure to bleed while motor running. Can pump up a little pressure with engine off but won't stay. Pedal still goes to floor with engine on acts like it is bypassing front brakes. No leaks, need to know the secret to bleeding brakes and getting peddle presure.

new tires,rotors,brakes car virbrates when braking frt end in tack


My Equinox has a shorted wire in the electrical system controlling the driver's side window-itis being repaired; however, was upset about the cost-they charged me 294.50 for this-is this a normal charge for this type service-they did not say that they would have to replace the motor.

I have 02 silverado that needed rear shocks replacement.can you please tell me other than shocks what other part is required to change shocks. someone told me bump stops or bumpers. that cost $70 it need to be replaced too anytime you replace shocks.

it have p0306 code, rough idle and shaking when you stop on light. I checked for injector leakage and tune-up but still it have a misfire on cylinder no 6.

I have a 2000 impala 3.8 engine,(Police car) The selector on top of the transmission won't move. The PNP switch is on the inside of this transmission some are on the outside could this switch be the reason why the selector won't move if so how do I replace it.

I am having trouble with my 88 celebrity 2.8l v6! A week ago was driving up hill and when reached 60 mph, it stalled out, and let out little black smoke. by the end of day it started to stall around 30 mph, or when i put load on the engine it would stall, now i cant get it to start. if i do it runs a couple of seconds then dies. I have replaced the fuel pump, pump relay, fuel filter, replaced ignition coils, computer, prom, and crank position sensor. there is pressure of 40-42 at start, I tested the ignition control module,20 time 8 from one store, 12 from other and passed every time with no hesitation. I have fuel, spark, and pressure, but will not run, I even went as far as to check wiring to make sure didn't have short out some where...everything's fine!I have no injector pulse but from all six to go out would be strange.... Please help!

i have a 1991 chevy lumina that just died on me when i was coming home from a job interview i left it setting over night and went back the next morning and it started and almost mane me home but thn done it again i have it home now i put a new gas filter on it and that didnt help it will start up an run but as soon as you touch the gas throttle it dies i was told it could be the fuel pressure regulater not telling the computer to feed the injectors gas or it could be the fuel regulater, if you have any ideals and can hlp me will really aprecaite it thanks.

after starting car when attempting to stop or turn the steering wheel there is a clunking noise that sounds as if it is coming from the steering colum.This occurs daily.

I replaced the water pump,thermostat,upper and lower radiator hoses but the water lite is always on.i cant seem to get enough water in the engine.(help)

the four wheel drive has a longer oil filter than the two wheel drive does it hold more oil?

where is the sensor located and what is the best method for removal and installation of new sensor

My A/C was working just fine and then i pulled my cd player out and put it back in and now my A/C wont work.It only blows through the defroster.can u tell whats wrong and how to fix it?

im just trying to find out what type of oil my truck takes

I have a grinding/clunking sound when I turn corners or even take curves. Sound seems to come from steering column. Truck does not drive any different, can feel steering wheel 'vibrations' slightly when this happens. Do not notice any types of noise or vibrations if I turn the wheel while sitting still. Has been doing this for around a year, has not gotten any worse/or better.

own a 2005 chevy aveo, no passenger tail light, but do have break light. changed bulbs in tail light, not the problem, then i realized i don't have any dashboard lights.
Is this a blown fuse?

switch only works on positions #1 & 2 . It worked it way down the scale untile now it only works at 1 & 2 .Could it be the switch control its self .

Whenever the truck goes over a bump in the road the rear left door sensor indicates that the door is ajar - which it is not. The automatic step starts to come down. I am on a trip with my daughter and it's driving me crazy!!!

The car's horn sounds at infrequent intervals at night. What could be the cause?

How hard is it to change out the axle bearings and seals on the front axle of a 4x4 truck?

sunroof starts to close and after closing about 4 inches it opens back up

on a chevy tracker,the frontend is boucing and noisy evrytime i hit pathholes

will a 2001 Overdrive transmission bolt into a 2000 car with the non-Overdrive automatic? If so, are any shifter or computer changes needed.

Any special instructions for pulling the engine from the top?


I want to remove the drive shaft to the front differential to improve my gas mileage. Can I drive the vehicle without any damage to the transmission, transfer case or differential?

starts fine and than idols real hi. than when hit the gas pedal it die's and wont start until