well im giving to opions on what my problem could mechanic says my front heads need to be replaced and another says it could be my oil pump....well my problem is my engine is started knocking like a taping noise not to loud..its still rides well if like if nothing was wrong with it...but i am not able to go as fast as i could it begins to stall at like 60mph. so could this taping/knocking noise could be because the engine not getting oil? well be much appreciated...o yeah if this helps i got it scanned and got codes:p0325 p0401 p0452

where is the fuel filter located on a 2004 chevrolet suburban 1500

Brake light and anti-lock system light comes on but resets when I switch the ignition off and back on again.This problem occurs at start up regardless of the time of day. Why is this happening? I just had the master cylinder replaced.

my ac stoped and windows want roll down and abs light came on

left rear bent trailing arm cost to replace would a garage car lift cause this damage

Unable to find a OEM GM Part - Catalytic Converter. I have had it replaced with a Walker & Magnaflow but the converter keeps going bad after about 1 or 2 months. Not sure if there is something else wrong with my van or if the mechanic is doing something wrong. I have not found anyone else having this problem and I know there are alot of 1998 ventures out there. Help. Is there anywhere that stocks parts which GM no longer makes.

I've opened the trunk and unscrewed the two screws. This only loosens the red and white plastic, and the manual simply says, remove the lamp assembly. How is that done? There are small, white plastic screw sockets in back and a small bolt. I removed the small bolt, do I somehow need to break those plastic nibs off, since they turn and turn with no results?

how much is a fuel spider and labor to replace it

ABS light comes on intermittently. Can hear the abs taking over when coming to a stop from slow speed. Does not occur all of the time. Research I have done indicates the sensor may be bad or if rust has lifted the sensor up a few thousands of an inch, this may give a false reading to the sensor. I have checked all four wheels and there are no electrical connections going to any wheel. Does anyone know where the abs sensor is located? If I can locate it, I can try cleaning the area and the electrical connector to see if that cures this intermittent problem. Thank you for your help.

A mechanic found that my passenger side inner and outer tie rods are defective; he showed me the problem and I agree with him. The driver's side is not as bad but I didn't like it. He made me a quote to replace both outer and inner tie rods (Moog parts) and 4 wheel alignment for ~$1200. This seems about $300-400 too high. He has vehicle in shop now.

how much the fan motor cost to replace

my gas pedal came disconnected and just lays on the floor board i can't see how to rehook it up

I just bought a 2000 Chevy Express 1500 5.7 litre. The third row seat is electronic and folds down. I can hear the motor for the seat, but it does not fold down. Do you have any idea what this could be and do you know if the seat manually folds down?

We have replaced the headlight 3 times and each time when you switch from high beam to low beam the low beam quits working

how much should I expect to pay for replacing the timing belt on my 2005 cobalt?

Detailed procedure for replacing the front parking brake cable. 1994 G20 Explorer van 5.7

what is a brake shaft and whats the cost to replace it

The clutch motar needs to mbe replaced. I think it might be to hard by myself. What are your thoughts? Does anyone do it on the side in Louisville, Ky?

Where is the clutch slave cylinder located on a 1995 GMC 1500 with five speed.

what about crankshaft replacement? pricing

No air blowing out front vents/also air is colder when traveling.Air blows out bottom and defrostbut not front

My HHR has 45k miles. It is a 2010. It is late June in Oklahoma and the coolant has read as high as 205 degrees. I would like to know how high it can read before I panic. Should I take the car in to be checked out?

new plugs and fuel pump. took it in for a diagnostic was told i need a distributor ,,,now why does that not sound right...can you confirm

What order u put the wires on the coil pack?

were is the camshaft position sensor located

I have put new bulbs in both sides, checked and replaced fuses but the back up lights are not working. They flash when put into gear, but don't stay lit up. What should I look at fixing?

bought a new control panel and didn't help. Do you know what it could be?

I just got done replacing spark plug wires spark plugs and cap and rotor on my 2002 chevy blazer, now it runs worse than it did before. The service engine light even came on. Then I replaced the fuel filter and pvc valve and that helped some but it still feels like its missing a bit.

Gave someone a boast last night and my power steering light came on. Which fuse # affects the power steering?

nothing happens when I turn my fan switch to 5 on my 2004 Trail Blazer. Works on 1 thru 4 but no 5. Also when I hit the recylcle button the light comes on but dosn't kick on the or open the gate