50000 miles. battery light and brake light came on. now car will not start. radio will only work with ignition in the acc. position. clock has come and gone for years.when it comes back on the time is correct.

why is there white smoke coming from my muffler on my 2001 cavalier ls?

Is there any way to tighten anything to make the lever lock the steering wheel (in the up or down position)??

Occasionally (twice in 6 weeks) my car will not start. It does not turn over or try to crank. The dash lights/ac does come on.

Leaking transmission fluid and snapping when engine is cold.

i charged my a/c but if is still bowing hot air

Thermostat is common and not to detailed part to change out and should be done quickly? only transportation...female and don't want to be without vehicle days for something can be done in 20 min.

2003 Express 1500 runs great EXCEPT when it damp or raining. Then it will crank (battery new), gas pump no problem (pumping pedal you can smell gas) but it will not start. As soon as the weather changes - within one day, it starts immediately.

the problem is current and constant day or night interior lights work but not instrument cluster light.

This will be third engine, there is smoke and we were told had to replace whole engine, there is antifreeze in it.

this just happened tonight first time. no check engine light and i already tried reseting the computer by disconnecting battery for 1/2 hour. did not work. any suggestions!!!

Reset 3 stored fault codes. Car misfiring. Fuel Filter plugged and replaced, fuel pump replaced. Date: May 2011, occured once, just stopped running after sputtering. Manchester, NH

sounds like it is stuck in second gear. it whines and strains when i accelerate

it has a rough idle at low speeds and dies when turning into a parking space or into my driveway and just sitting at a red light

Keep getting code PO449 what is it and where is it located thank you.

i need to flush my radiator and i can not locate the cap and need to know where the plug is on the radiator. my car is over heating even after censors, water pump, upper and lower hoses, and thermostat have been replaced.

When my light is reset .I drive to Delhi from walton then by the time i get to Delancey my light comes on about 15 miles what wouldmake that?

left wheel bearing needs to replaced.

The leak is at the back of the engine. I can not find a diagram of the fuel line from the frame to the filter. This leak is a stream flowing down over the bellhousing to the ground.I need a cost to find and repair this.

security light is on and car won't start

what is the time & parts cost to replace the oil pump

My Chevy Impala ss 1995 is having serious issues. First, the low beams don't work and high beams are low. Second, the car keeps cutting off and will not run unless the hazard buttom is pushed in. Third, the locks on the door and trunk keep clicking, even when im driving. What is going on with my car?

hot air coming out one side when air condioner is running the other side is cool

the windshield wipers and washers are not working properly on my 1990 chevy k1500. the washer will not work at all and the wipers will work but not all the time. I've read that the problem is a circuit board that controls the wipers but where is it located?

can't get engine light off

I changed the tcm but the gear shift went into a locked position, Giving the same codes, PO700, UP101. my zip code is 71953

Key getting stuck and truck will not come outa park, what is going on here?

Clutch pettle completly loose just like when mamual linkage goes out by losings a pin or bolt

Bought a 2005 aveo three weeks ago and have not had any problems, until I started to go to work this morning. Started right up put it in gear backed up a foot and the back end went up tryed to pull forward and my back tires will not turn. Has anyone had this problem or knows what this could be.

I will be going along and the tracker sounds like it is slipping, it was periodically but now it seems to be worse. It slows right down and almost stops. Put transmission fluid into it but it did not take hardly any. can you help me