Fluid is full and not off color or burnt smelling.

need to know oil filter location on 2010 chevrolet hhr with 2.2l engine?

my door locks just keep locking and unlocking by themselfs also front speakers quit at same time is this a wiring problem it is a 2007 chevy cobalt

light up either. Any ideas?

I changed the coil, fuel pump, wires, plugs, distributer cap, & the pick up modular. Now it"ll run for a bit then die. Its loses spark & i dont know how to fix it. Please help. Thanks

after a 200 mile trip started this was 100 degree day but engine temp was ok . when stopping and then when you try to pull away would stall afte about 3 trys was able to pull away.

They do it while accelerating or decelerating thru the 33-37 mph range. I have no idea why speed matters here. Alo at the time this started the keyless remote stopped working. Any help would be appreciated.

I evacuated the system, vacuum pumped it for 45 min replace the orfice tube and its still doing the same thing as before.At times it blows cold air in all the vents.What do you think the problem is.The pressure is reading 40, so it is full of freon.Also the other vents are blowing cool air but but not cold and if I turn it to heat it instantly gets hot air.

I have changed all the battery,alternator,all the spark plugs,and the fuel filter but still won't fire up and I really don't want to take it to a shop.So if anyone knows what I need to do and has some advice for me please let me know

it was backed into and now it wont start and it doest have a fuel system reset button what can i do to make her run again

Can,t get the tension right to move rods any suggestions.

It happens during most turns, whether left or right. Temperature doesn't matter.

it is getting worse with time. it is flooding and i have had it put on auto zones tester. it said it was flooding and nothing else. what can be causing this?

Center brake light will not work bulb is good what is the cause of this problem. How can I fix it

i dont know where grease points are on 03 silverado ss 1500

where is the oil pump located

I think it is calipers and rotors in the front and drums and shoes in the rear is there anyway to tell which set is causing the pedal to pulsate ?

can you tell me if its the actuator or the selector

the evaporator coil in 2001 astro van has been replaced, along with new radiator has been replaced, did dye check, no leaks, why is the air just blowing air, not cold air?

this care has been perfect. lately she started clicking under the hood when the air is on, the air doesn't blow as cool at times and the motor surges/RPM rev. up. Other than that she's fine. If I turn the air off, there's no issues. Is this low refridgerant?

Blazer 2000

The plugs ,wires ,fuel pump have been replace

was just sitting at a stop light and all the sudden the a/c started blowing hot air on drivers side and cold air on passengers side


. Brakes and front rotors look fine and were just replaced 1 yr ago. Rear brakes were replaced a yr ago also.

how to repair my cruise control

I have to add about a 1/2 gallon of water every week. but it doesnt seem to be leaking at all. However it does seem to run a little warm and steam comes out of the overflow tank. But the guage says its normal temp. about once a week it runs hot and shuts off the ac to save the motor. that is the only tim the gauge says its hot. any ideas? or ever heard of this happening?

My AWD doesn't work, (4-high & 4 low both work) how do I fix it?

has new compressor/accumulator

The shop says $230 for parts plus labor - total $375