Oil leaking from head qaskets daily. No water in oil.


1988 s10 tahoe 4.3 v6 new air compressor, new belt derailed at compressor within 5 miles, tensioner replaced, belt replaced, belt came off at compressor again within 5 miles.
Both times truck was in reverse backing out, if this makes a difference.

gas and temp gauge doesnt work speedometer works fine is this a fuse problem

how much will it cost to get it replaced from the tank to the engine

Air conditioning does not blow cold air in the rear of the van. What can I check to see where the problem is. Evaporator in the rear if it has one, refrigerent leak?

Example: Sitting at stop lite.Idle starts to run rough in drive position,but when gear is moved to either neutral or park, runs smooth.

I just had my car diagnosed by a garage saying that it has a condition called 'torque converter lock up' and this is the reason that the car shakes / vibrates violently when on the Hgwy under load @ approx 2200 RPM. The car has ~102K miles on the odometer. He suggest that the torque converter be replaced. He is not a corvette mechanic, but he is an excellent mechanic having many many years of JEEP experience. Does his diagnosis sound reasonable, and what would be a ball park cost for this job?

Engine stays at high idle when cold or hot never comes down.
idle sensor has been changed? tune up done, fuel filter changed, air hoses checked, (1changed).


My friend has this car he has changed the battery, spark plugs and wires he changed the starter, alternater and the car has been sitting awhile before he atarting working on it..just won't start

My ac will blow hot air from time to time on the driver's side only. If I turn the pickup off and re-start it seems to reset something and the ac will again begin working properly-sometimes for the rest of the day sometimes it will begin blowing hot again in just a few minutes. What would cause this?

What would make a transfer case loose fluid? I had it checked and guaranteed by a local business before taking a road trip, they said it was fine. Broke down 200 miles from home where a local mechanic said it had no fluid in it. Sounds fishy??? How do you loose fluid in a transfer case in less than 2 weeks? Help please.

Volt gauge stop working,service light comes on,check gauge light comes on,speedometer stops working,fuel gauge stops working,turn signal/hazard flasher come on but don,t blink.Could the powertrain control module be bad. Car runs good.

my trailblazer runs fine. just started to make noise, either fan clutch or waterpump bearings nothing is leaking thermostate was replaced no engine light on ? the noise sounds like a diesel and seems to fade at higher revs,how &what do i check first?????? please help

Could you please tell me the location of the Crankshaft sensor?

my boyfriend reand mytruck out of gas...it wont stay running now he changed thefuel filter and no change. does anyone know what is wrong

The car jerks but smooths out when gas pedal is applied. Bad gas or need plugs?? It has 79000 miles and Chevy says it doesn't need a tune up.

I was told to replace the fuel injectors on my truck at 90,000 miles. Is this true.14047

Chevy says not ready or tune up. It has 79000 miles on it.

my question is when my wife came home the other day she noticed that the lights on the suv stayed on after she turned off the ignition. We have had this problem before and found out it was the BCM causeing the DRL to stay on. I have since taken out the DRL resistor and we now control the lights manually. My question is will this have a effect on the battery if there is not a actual off switch on swtch handle? If so what would be a solution to this problem

tranny started to slip. i changed the filter and fluid.in drive still slips slams into gear when you pull it down into 1 gear. everything i've read points to shifting solenoids a& b. how hard and where are they located?

Whenever my check engine light comes on the speedometer quits working and vice versa checked all the codes fixed all. Now light stays on all the time but the only code that flashes is 12.

when the brakes are replaced are the wheel bearings check to see if they need to be replaced

she was running ok it was getting time for some minor things. but i abused her by not changing oilenough,well in feb. 2011 she needed a smog but the engine light was on.mechanic friend cleared codes told me to replace thermostat.i did and spark plugs too poured injector cleaner in tank getting her ready for the smog check. but the next day on my way to work she started running weak the next day i discovered they sold me the wrong plugs. changed them and it didnt help i got a scan tool and there were no codes in pcm.car was idling very rough and lacking power.a few days of not being able to diagnose i took her to a friend a few blocks away and coming home she quit on me.to date i have replaced plugs and wires, coils, fuel filter,crank positionand cam position sensors and still not running.HELP

The plastic that holds the headlights is crumbling away! The car has NOT been in any accidents, there was no battery acid spilled on these parts. Has any else seen this issue? Car has 40000 miles on it.

Passenger side back seat window will not go up

I have a P0440 code.Evap System no flow during purge.

Just wondering what the oil capacity is on the truck listed here...I will be changing the oil filter too.


got 1993 chevy S10 blazer getting fuel to the vortex system but none to the spark plug what could be my problem and how do i fix it