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It got hot last winter but when I tried it this year it will not get hot. Engine temp is running 190 and there is no sign of anything being wrong like leakage from heater coil or anything. Air conditioner works fine and Fan works fine.

The heater and AC wont work. The fan blows but only reg air. No compressor turns on. Also the vent is open 24/7 and in the summer the hot air comes thru. I had a part replaced long ago that regulates the valve to open and close the venting but it still happens. Help Im a single mom with no money. Thanks

My courtesy light fuse keeps melting in the fuse box! What could be the problem with this?

I have had powersteering leaking for a long time but now I have way too much play in the steering wheel along with alot of shaking from the front end as driving. My breaks also lock up on me when it is cold or raining, never when it is hot. I can see the leak spots on the ground and also inside the engine there is alot of fluid. I am a single mom who does not know at all what to do and has little money to do anything. please help me. Kim

i push in the brake and it still wont move from park position.

I can't figure out if the wiper motor comes through the dashboard, or is there a way to pull it from under the hood. I need a manual, but can't find one online.

cost to replace both re4ar axles

driving it. The dealership says if no lights come on they can't tell what is wrong with it. But that have checked everything and the car is fine. The car is not fine and this should be a known issue since people have been complaining about this for several years according to the Internet. How can I get my one yr old car fixed so I can get to work everyday

While driving, service traction control will come on along with the engine light, and they flicker on and off, and cause the car to jerk, the locks to relock, , and sometimes cause the car to turn off.
then i tried to restart engine again it works bu 300 to 500 meters then again jerk and turned off.
i found dirty battery connections then i cleaned it well last night but i am not sure if that the cause of problem

There is power from the ignition switch to the body control module. I thought it could be the alarm but I bypassed it and it still does not crank over.

I have a blown head gasket, can you give me an estimate of repairing it.

The Van goes to critical temp and still fan will not work or even hum

patrick said fuel pump presure should be 41 to 47 it has 49. this car hesatates wright off idel. i think its tps. but could 49 pounds be to much

where is the daylight driveing module located at on a 2005 chevy 2500 hd

No previous problems then changed from low to high beam and had NO lights. The lights work just fine on low beam.

i recently replaced the turn signal flasher/relay in my car along with the hazard flasher/relay in my car hopeing that the malfunction would stop, but all the brake lights like to light up when i use my turn signals. the signals in the front work the way there supposed to but everything in the back blinks as well. also if im using turn signals and applying the brake, my doors like to lock/unlock as well. and i've fixed all the grounds in the front of the car in the engine bay but i cant seem to find the ones in the back of the car. im thinking that could also be a problem.

do i need to raise the engine

I cannot find the part# for a/c and heater control unit that is on the dashboard.AC delco part# 15-71270 says it only fits 82-89...are they the same part?

I recently lost all my power steering suddenly and I think I need to replace my pump. I woould like some pointers on how to do this efficiently. I have a pulley tool so I can get the pulley off. Is everything else pretty straight forward?

Please respond if you know the locations. Note Z71 I have may it work by shaking wires under seat. Now that doesn't help.
Thanks Love the truck

How do I know which front end parts need to be replaced? The front end is out of alignment and it wobbles side to side at slow speeds. Much better at 45 and over. How do I figure out which parts need to be replaced first?

The Info Center on this 2004 Colorado z71 4x4 says "FUEL CAP" but I replaced the fuel cap twice, that did not help. The truck smells like rotten eggs.It has NO CODES. Could it be the EVAP purge Valve/control solenoid?

I have a 98 Chevy S-10 Blazer LS 4WD 4.3L V6. It started about a month and a half ago, acting just very sluggish. I thought (I am a female, that doesnt know to much about cars) that it may need spark plugs, since I had just bought it about 2 months prior, and no telling when they had been changed. So put in new spark plugs, didnt really change anything. It just got worse as days went on. Suddenly, the check engine light came on. Had the code ran, it said I needed a mass air flow. So I replaced that. Didnt help, but did make the check engine light go off. It continued to get worse, shifting really hard, and late, not wanting to climb hills, but flying down them, very hard, no matter how hard i pressed the gas to get up to speed, when holding the speed at about 50-55 (once I could finally get it up to that speed) it would kind of stutter, or bounce back and forth. meaning the RPM's would bounce from 3000 to 2000 rapidly. I could let out of the gas a tad, and it would stop bouncing like that, but still be very hard to get back up to speed. I bought some of that stuff that you put in your transmission that is suppose to "stop hard shifting, overheating, and slipping". That didnt help either. Yesterday, while driving it home from work, once I came to a stop, and tried to take off from a stop sign, it wouldnt go over 30mph. I figured it was going to snatch into gear as it had been doing at every take off, but never did the rest of the way home, and the check engine light popped back on. I have heard all kinds of stories from people, saying its my transmission (which is most logical to me), others say it may not be getting fuel so its possible it could be my fuel pump, then some even say driveshaft or something to do with driveshaft. Can anybody pleasseee help!! its my daily driver!


Fuel injectors need to be replaced but mechanic says he hears a slight knocking and does not want to replace them.

Everytime I try to refuel my truck the overflow protection device on the fuel pump is activated for some reason. My problem started approximately a year ago with a check engine light with a code concerning my gas cap. I replaced the cap twice but this did not fix the problem. Now the problem is worse. I spend 20 minutes at the pump to pump 5 gallon of fuel. As you know, this beast drinks the fuel so I spend many 20 minute periods at the pump to get 50 miles down the road.

How do I fix this issue? Dealer hasn't a clue, actually niether of the two dealers I have taken the truck to can help me. They want to do exploratory surgury on my dime.

Let me know if you are familiar with this issue.




we tried a yellow wire but it kept blowing a fuse

time to replace u-joints

And make them look new again?