the runing lights change lite bulbs but light do not work

Car has no sound as the battery is completely gone?

Could a burnout Hughes make a car not start ?

How much to fix it

ck engine light intermittently came on and car would stall it seemed when foot was taken off gas, but start back up again by putting in Neutral and starting while driving. Checked by mechanic, on paperwork it says -24 No Vehicle Speed Signal Received. Also ckd wiring from ECM to cluster in VSS instrument cluster. What is this and what could it be. He drove it and it didn't stall. However I had just filled it before giving the car to him.

After running a while it will do this causin problem through out the truck

The engine will turn over but won't start. I have factory anti theft device could that be reason and how to disengage it? I recently bought a good used fuel pump a month ago and a new fuel regulator solenoid? it ran fine until now

I got ran off the road into a small ditch, it didnt cause me to have to stop or check my car. It drove approximately 60 miles that day. The next day I got approximately 25-35 miles and then it started smoking and kicked or jerked then died. It started back up but only for just a moment. I cannot remember if it made a pop sound or bang. I have been asked that question before in regards to this.
When I try to turn it on the fuel pump does come on. But that's all.
Could it possibly be ANYTHING else other than the engine? Is there a way to test something, or do something or some kind of mechanics " trick " as my uncle would say. And maybe to be able to find out or diagnose the ACTUAL and ACCURATE cause or issue?
I have been reading and studying on this for 2 yrs. I dont want to junk it, because its just idiotic to do so, even if it was the engine, the car itself is perfect inside and out, no wrecks, paid off, and you can get a new engine for as little as FREE-$375 depending on who you know. Some people however would pay $1500 or so by taking it to a shop and having to pay there price for a new engine.
Anyway, its worth more than $100-$200 to me.
So while I have had so much time to just read about it, since I have not been able to come up with $375, what a salvage yard has a new engine for, I read that it may be the computer module. Or ECM? Or eccetera. Is this true?
How can I find out? Please can you help me? I thank you more than ever, so very much. Thank you.

Zz could themostat be sticking?

Male plug melted/welded to the HVAC control switch. I had to cut the wires.

Replaced alternator. Week later "Service Engine" light came on. Had garage run diagnostics - no problem showed. Only drove on short trips in city and light still on, but no still no problems ... Until I took a 200 mi trip and smelled something burning on my return trip. when I arrived home and turned car off, noticed dark smoke coming from under hood -- not sure where it came from (dark). Just wondering if anyone knows a reason.

So i know all about the Hold button and to not accidentally press it, but it seems as though every time I slam on the breaks too hard or something of that nature, the hold light starts blinking and my AC stops blowing cool air. It just blows air that's the temperature of the outside (which in Florida right now its like 95 degrees so I might as well drive an oven). ALSO my engine meter that tells you if your engine is cold or hot goes ALL the way down to below the Cold. Like the meter stops reading the engine entirely and doesn't move even if I drive it all day it says my engine is below the C mark. That also happens only when the hold light starts/cold AC stops together. Sometimes I was able to get it back to blowing cool air if I just shut off the AC and ran my car for a bit, drove around, I would happen to notice my Hold light shut off and my engine temperature would be back to usual (just below the middle), so I would go to turn my AC on and thank heavens it would be cold air!! But now this is day 2 and my hold light is still blinking, my engine meter is still below C, and my AC is still blowing hot air. It doesn't need to be recharged because i JUST had it at the shop about a month ago and got new wiring/spark plugs plus my Cold air was recharged. Any help? I really can't afford to take it to a shop right now but if I have to I will. This car gets me to work, after all.

My Neice driving my 1992 S-10 2.5L engine ran it low on engine oil. The engine kind of bucked while at a stop light and when she put her foot on the gas the engine died. After putting oil in when I try to start the engine turns 1/4 turn then the starter motor stops. Each time I try to start it turns another 1/4 turn.

This occurred after having my radiator hoses replaced. Not sure if related. Also occurred after filling up gas tank. Please help.

starter replaced now pickup will not start turn the key to start but nothing will happen dash lights up everything else works but dead when try to start

First noticed when I turned car off. Can't tell were it's coming from.

Four wheel drive doesn't work don't disengage or engage module control panel where to find it made a clunk noise when I turned right I think it's stuck in 4 wheel drive to hot too low.

when coming to a stop, brake pedal feels mushy and can hear a grinding noise. can wheel sensors malfunction cause this

Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

i have pic i really need to now how much to estimate to repair the back end i can send pics meeting. Someone to.pay.me for the car just need to now how much to look at phone 912-439-0181 if u can help i will pay when money come

the passenger side is blowing warm air while the driver side is cold. i suspect the motor on the draft diverter or a control that controls the diverter. how do i get to the diverter?

Pin will not release

I have a manual transmission and the gears are getting locked when I drive on streets where I have to make constant stops. Clutch and master cylinder and gear panel have all been changed already, but problem keeps happening. What is causing my gears to get stuck?

Won't start again. I've put new crank sensor on new plugs, new wires, new distributor, its getting fire, air, gas what can this be

I have a transmission. From a 200 4 impala I want to know if it will work in my 200 venture

When I pick up speed past 60 mph check engine light flashes off and on. When it does that it don't want to shift right like its suppost to.

My car clicks and ticks, loudly, in the passenger air bag area once I turn off my a/c. #Chevy #Impala #2008 #LS

1st time it happened

I just changed the distributor in my 1999 k2500 and now fuel pump and gauges will not work I also bought a new battery and fuel and ignition relay if I turn the key sometimes it will engage and sometimes it won't you think it can be distributor related?

Immediately after changing the fluid and filter, it shifted very hard out of first gear, and sluggish out of other gears. After driving about 7 miles, it set the po762 for the first time. Now I cant drive more than ten feet without setting it.