I need to tune up my Chevy s10 pick up truck I don't know what I need to purchase such as wires plugs cap rotor how many so on and so forth could you please tell me along with the estimate cost so I can get the parts and my mechanic can do the tune up for me:) thank you

All the time

When I have the air on full blast I can hear what I think is the air compressor turn on. It is very loud and will sometimes even shake the car slightly. It makes a loud clicking noise sometimes too.

camshaft position code came on and replaced. No codes now but noise still there. If you touch bottom of engine you can feel vibration and metal on metal sound. Any ideas? Any recalls

Is the headlight dash switch the problem, or is it something else?

When we replaced them.

Mechanic says it's the vehicle's fault the compressor keeps failing.

also it runs hot even when i have the A/C on to

the check engine with code p0010

I have a 94 Chevy Silverado Z71 and while driving my truck will stop running for about a second then come back to life but sometimes it wont. it also tends to stall a lot when trying to leave a stop sign or a light. We have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, cleaned all electrical grounds, throttle positioning sensor, spark plugs and wires are fine, and changed O2 sensor. Anyone know what it could be?

I have a 2001 Chevrolet blazer auto when I got it the 4x4 wasn't working. I checked all fuses and noticed the one under bonnet was blown so I changed it. and the 4x4 switch wouldn't let me select what I wanted. It was stuck in 4x4. And when I drove slowly it felt like the hand break was on. and it really struggled in reverse. Then the service 4x4 light came on and fuse blew again. And then it drove properly again but without 4x4 or any lights on selector or the service light on.

my truck just stopped running while I was driving started once and even at half throttle I could only get less than 1000 rpms and when I let off it stalled then would not start again.
had it checked out and was told throttle body
I replaced, throttle body, starter, battery, fuel pump and fuel filters
truck ran again as soon as I drove less than a quarter mile it did it again
last alternator was new and it burnt out
when I was driving the power locks where locking and unlocking and the abs lights came on. and just had breaks redone completely HELP PLEASE

I am trying to locate the "Orifice Tube" to change it in case the screen is clogged.

The car only starts in reverse what's my problem

codes as follows: 22 1/4 TP volt low reading is .77-.80
24 2/4 VSS no signal
33 MAP sensor high reading is 29 KPA volts.97-.99
45 O2 high volts reading is .07-.99

Was wanting to know what is the fix for this.please help thks

When stopped or starting to move the engine sputters and after about 5 to7 seconds it will take off fine.

we have also installed a new MAP and TPI sensor and run Sea Foam thru both fuel tank and and injectors on top of motor.

I found out the hard way that my front differential is not engaging.
Any know problems/fixes?

I turn on the A/c and the blower only runs on low. I shut off and restart the car and fan runs normal in auto mode. This happens randomly. Once it works normal, I have no problems until I shut the car off again

trying to change spark plug were are they

we are trying to track down cause of a lean O2 sensor,a bad maf is listed as one of the possible causes. does this even have one? I see them listed in the Chiltons as on only a 3.8 motor.

when outside temp is like 95degrees, and I
drive car for couple of miles to go to grocery store, when I come out and crank car, the fan comes on. is that normal?

I was told I need to change mass air flow sensor and/or II need to get my Power Balance out this is the first time I've used this so what do I do it almost feels like it has to catch up with itself

Ok so last week my clutch pedal started acting funny. Keep in mind 02 cavalier with 207k. I started noticing my pedal would slowly start dropping closer and closer to floor and when it would get really low I could pump it alot and my pressure would bounce right back to normal. Slowly after it would start to drop as a drove more and more until today my pedal has finally dropped all the way and there is no more pressure. The reservoir regardless is still full and there's no signs of leaks anywhere. I tried bleeding fluid from what I think is the slave cylinder but it doesn't do anything all pressure is gone. Should the slave be replace or could it be the master? Anyone with the same issue plz help. Clutch released and grabbed excellent just a pressure issue

air cond.blow blows hot.scold @then blowshot.cut swtch off @ back on then it returns cold imm.

My son's truck had 3 of 4 of the door handles malfunction within 2 years of owing the vehicle, he bought used, but just thought it to be odd that the handles were malfunctioning

i disconnected the negative terminal and it died automatically i just want to be sure that that is the problem the error code reads P036 which indicates the knock sensor.the dashlights act all funny first the battery light goes off followed by like five others then they all go off

I just had my control arm (drivers side only) changed...still making creeking noise... what else can it be??.. sound is only on drivers side...