The part # is VC4127 and it's a plastic tank containing sm pcs of charcoal w/fuel and vacuum hoses! Is it near the purge valve?

Fluid is good..

Only dr a couple wks & breaks again its the studs got done @ different places but still happen

Only when starting the car,it jerks and i can't find the problem. After it starts and i run ot is ok

I was thinking it was the fule pump.

why did the transission not engage after the engine is restarted?

all gauges goes out and have problem with air

ABS light be on when driving and sometimes it goes off for a little while and right back on

recently the check engine light came on in my truck. The codes I scanned were p0740, p0758, p0785, p1860. Before I do it, I wanted to verify. This is where I'm getting confused. I checked the voltage at fuse "ign 0" key on, engine off and I get 12 volts. I pulled the trans pan (needed an oil and filter change anyway) and checked the solenoids. 19.5 ohms on 1-2 and 2-3 solenoids. I then pulled the plug and checked for voltage at the solenoids and have 12 volts. So, I'm at a loss. Do I change the switch hoping this is the cure and these trucks have issues with this. Or do I look further. I didn't get code po753. That's what's throwing me.

not sure what to look at next

My info button when pressed, does not change the description on dashboard, so I can't see milage, oil life, etc. How can I repair it? And how much would it cost?

how do you replace ac selector switch or disassemble

My check engine light was on when I leased my Tahoe about a month ago. We had it out on computer one code came up for o2 sensor we replaced a week ago. The following Monday the check engine light came back on this time it's reading 6 codes all for o2 and knock sensors most say low circuit.. Then last Friday drove all around didn't act up till headed home with a/c on high and about 100 outside. Then it started sputtering, the TAC went down wouldn't go over 20 mph. Then stalled and battery died.. Need help

Every once in a while it makes a rubbing sound the light goes off. If i pull out my drive way it will make the rubbing sound or if I'm driving. Sound metal ia hitting together

You can move the shifter & engine sounds like it changed gears but it doesn't move. Is something not hooked up? Is new (used) tranny bad? Something else we can try?

Does do all of the time

to keep coming on. Need help

I have disconnected the wires undr the seat and this has stopped but i am afraid this will cause additional problems.

when Im driving and have AC on my car will die out when I come to a stop sign.

I recently had the automatic transmission rebuilt. The engine revs and the transmission does not shift out of 1st to 2nd until 20 MPH. The tech says this is about correct. I sense that the engine is reving too much in all the gears when shifting up. What are the approximate proper shift points from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th in MPH?

3.5l california emmisions, is there a way to change to a fed emmisions set up

Receiving unit not programming hand-held remote controls. Responds when grounded per instructions for remote programming, but won't program. Fuse in fuse holder is good.

Sensor? And where is It located.

Got in the Traverse yesterday, turned on the air conditioner immediately full blast. Smoke came from under the hood in the very front, and noise, was the system hard pressed because it didn't warm for a minute?

I have to turn the key n hold it so its turning over. Pressing on the gas continously or won't start or stay started. I then throw it into drive. Get up speed n does it again.. plz help!

there is no water showing in the oil. smoke is sweeter smelling.

I jumped the low pressure switch and compressor runs fine so I replaced switch yesterday. Today same bullshit are these switch known to fail a lot?

I am installing a new compressor kit and have been unable to locate where the expansion valve goes. I have checked both rear quarter panels and behind glove box. It has rear air. But I can't locate where it goes. Can someone please help me with this. It is my daughter's car and she's supposed to travel a long distance with her 2 small children. Please help. I'm trying to get the air going for them first.

Won't restart. Fuel pump relay clicking. Pushing valve on back of engine produced only a drop of gas, not a stream.

happened last night while driving; noticed driver's side heated/cool seat lights on, but seat not cooling, couldn't turn off; then noticed all power accessories on driver's side door not working.