Help with C0043 sensor.

I just bought my car a year ago. its used but I don't see why Im having problems with the thermostat if its a new car. what should I do?

the large belt on the left when looking at the engine is splitting and hitting the hood I think it is going to break do i have time and what belt is it and do you know a quess of the price to replace

My 91 Lumina 3.1, will not go up hills, or go over 30mph without cutting out, I've replaced plugs, wires, battery, and straight piped the exhaust, idk what the problem is tired of guessing and waiting time and money. Any help would be great?

About 125,000 miles on it. Owned it since 90k roughly. Every once in a while the engine light would blink on, seemingly random (solid 55 straightaways, usually), then on next day startup or so, would be off. This time it turned on about a week after my last oil change (due for another soon), and has been on since. Had the code checked and it's the same one it's always thrown when I go to have it checked. First guy (bout a year ago) told me system too lean- took out the mass air flow sensor and cleaned it out, was just fine after. Now, someone told me Cat converter is clogged- this is just off of reading his code reader and seeing PO420. Dunno how accurate any of that is.
I'm wanting to know the reason and what I should do in steps to figure it out before I go dumping my money into incorrect solutions.
-I don't know a whole lot about cars, or a good mechanic around here as I recently moved.

set after changing the swith?

We replaced a leaky water pump and followed belt replacement diagram, but when it was driven it overheated and the belt slipped off.

Fuse box under backseat a little wet.

I am about to get a 2007 vette, owner put headers and tuned exhust on it will this have an effect on the alum heads?? all so I've heard the a lot of corvettes have harmonic balancer problems WHY???? and what other problems should I ask about???

It starts and when I put it in drive to go it goes slow and doesn't take off then it does and then it slows back down and the engine light blinks every time it misfires and won't go fast. And if I sit there too long the car shuts itself off. And we just changed the sparks plugs and it didn't work. Help me please because nobody knows how to fix it.

I changed the oil screen thought might be clogged but stiil nothing. What else would it be?

With the truck not movies

My 2012 chevy cruz will not start and the front light want come on in the dash board want to no if it a electric problem thanks you in advance Stephen Washington

The speedometer does work either what is wrong how do I fix it

I have taken my car to three different emissions places. They have all said that they can not get a reading. I have had the fuses checked and all are in good shape.

The saburban 2500lt. Run bad .put new spark plugs.wires still stall out

Just had my fan and assembly replaced and now my airbag warning light is on

Fault codes p0700 p0777 , can the sliding actuator have something to do with this?

I tried cutting it back on and it won't do nothing.. the heat won't come on or nothing

Sometimes I have to turn the car off and cranks back up for it to go in drive

The speedometer won't work

My low engine oil light came on. Went to check my oil and it appears there is coolant in the oil.

The evap solenoid on the engine has a rubber insulator.
The new one did not come with the rubber insulator but, has a grey plastic bottom.
Since the bottom is plastic, do I need the rubber insulator?
Thanks a lot.

Won't go into gear so I hooked the link up now I'm missing a cable that hook up to the gear box that's under the hood

Airbag light is on, also check engine light need to know what needs to be done.

I pull the fuse and it doesn't kill the battery. What module do I need to replace and do I need to get it programed?

Just put rack opinion and power steering pump and pulley belt tensioner in my 05 4.2 trailblazer ls. But when I slow down and turn or I'm stopped and idiling the steering is tight. But as soon as I accelerate the steering is perfect. If the gehicle sets awhile it's fine but run it for 20 min or so the problem reoccurs

Took four floor bolts out. Last one hooked to hump in the center of car. Head of bolt under track.don't know how to get to it. Any suggestions?

power widows/ motor keeps breaking.
On both sides, have replaced 4 times and just went out again on drivers side.. it is hard for me to believe I have the only 2003 monte carlo with this problem. Get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson

Need suggestions why