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changed valve cover gasket, putting it back together there is a hose that comes off the ribbed piece near top right of the engine where does the vacuum hose go?
I remove all the bolts from the pan, the housing. Also the remove the starter. The pan just won't come off.
after it slowed to 5 mph put it in park, now engine is extremely loud like its going to blow up and no oil left
I have no idea where the fuse is. Please help me before I go mad. This is the 3rd time in 9 months that I have had this problem with one of the lights and the bulbs were fine. I removed the bulbs and replaced it with ...
My Chevy Z71 has a clicking noise in the front and back and is not pulling in the front. Please help if any one has an idea in what it could be.
Have to push and pull out a lot to get it to lock in and to exit the seat belt have to push the button 4-8 times to get it to eject.
Just got the hose to the transmission fixed new fluid in it now it shakes and act like it wants to stop
Replace the engine the engine locked up and I need to replace it.
just had a battery test, charging system test,(load and ripple) and starter test all good.
I recently took my 2005 trailblazer to a dealership for pricing towards another vehicle. The question arose concerning the scheduled maintenance of the timing chain and if I had it done. I was not aware that a timing ...
just replaced the stock muffler with a flow master, no idea if its related,but thats the only change/maintenance made in many months
Aveo 5 Lt 2009.second mo I owned it. blown head gasket. 3 RD mo struts/ bushings. Then oil leak.. flex pipe broke.. rear wheel bearings went out.. 02 sensors went.. thermostat needed .. replaced a . Ignition coil cor...
What is the Low and High AC readings. and how long should the AC system be evacuated? Also for R134 should it be put in as gas or liquid?
No power sometimes it will kick down and go most of the time not
Troubles with them anytime the weather is cold or sanding gravel on the road. Very little issues with the right side. Left side will get stuck in the down position & try to lift up multiple times unless I deactivate...
Ran normally when i parked it no hesitation or anything. Now it cranks but dosent turn over.
has giant oil main seal leak. Could this leak cause CRK sensor to malfunction since this sensor is in the back of the engine behind the flywheel allowing the spread of oil onto it. again car runs great drove to NYC an...
I replaced the gas peddle and sensor that is connected to the back of it. now I get the message " poor engine performance ". there is no throttle response.this all started with a dead battery.
found a bad actuator I replaced it and all was fine till a week ago it happened again I pulled radio/batt fuse to reset sys and the actuator goes to cool then to heat then stays in heat no matter where I set the temp ...
I ruined the lick key cylinder antanna when replacing ignition wire harness now car won't start...iv reprogrammed the door locks with a new OEM keyless entry transmitter already and it works
It will start sometimes but I took the positive terminal off the battery and the engine died. Is it my altinator