I got codes for knocker and o2 sensors

There is a 4 switch panel on the ceiling just to the rear of the front seats. It has the word Colemen, in red, that is back lit. The light behind it NEVER. SHUTS. OFF. Van off - light is on. Key out - light is on. Doors shut - light is on. 24 hourse a day - light is on.The switches on the panel are labeled L. Rear, R. Rear, Sofa, and IND. I've no idea what IND is, either, by the way. Flipping the interior light switch on the dash makes no difference. This is the kind of van that appears to have an upside down boat atop it, and that you can stand up in - if that helps you picture it. For better visuals, the exterior is white and teal, the interior teal, teal, teal, teal, and oak. It's horrible and amazing. I hope someone has some notion of how I can stop the red Coleman glow of mystery.... Thanks for reading this.

no mater which position the selector switch is in.

Started this morning and just shut off. Will not turn over, good battery, tried new key switch, dash lights are on till hit key then go out. Will turn over if jump solenoid but still won't start with key in on position.

Fuel pump, starter, relay switch been replaced. Error codes p0420, p0304 plug and wire, p0155 o2 sensor bank 2 sensor1 happens after driving for a while just shuts off like as no gas all battery functions work like radio Windows etc.. Power steering is gone... Wait a while and will start again about 5 minutes if try write away turns over but doesn't start... Engine is not riding rough no backfire nothing that lets you know it's going to shut off... Happens at highway speeds as well as low speeds and at times when stop.... Please let me know where to start... After research my codes seem to trigger eachother o2 sensor can cause catalytic converter code so need a starting point

It would not take chg. compressor not kick in. he had veh 11 yrs a/c work till stored veh about 8 mos he thinks. Everthing else good

Today I went to get gas then I tried to turn it back in but it wouldnt start up. So I changed the crank sensor on it then I tried again but it still would not turn over... so my question is if I changed the crank sensor should it start with no problem? So guys I need a tip here because I need my van back on the road for me and my family because that's our main van thanks.

Ran out of gas and a week or so later engine was sounding a little chuggy. Put injector cleaning in and a full tank and drove about 1 mi to my home.. Next morning it started up and died after moving a couple of feet.. Has been like this and mostly driveabe on and off for a few weeks, until recently. Since last week, it starts up better but died when I apply the
Any idea?

Happens at any time

Why is there no power going to the 1985 celebrity fuel pump

Trying to check fuses to air conditioner to see if that's why it quit blowing.

I cant find the abs sensor for the rear of my trailblazer it has 3 on the transmission but no one can tell my witch one it is

Removed lower dash and control panel and still can't get to them. Where can I get step by step guide?

The new ICM had an orange wire installed with it as the old one did not

just started doing this the last few days since the weather warmend up

Need to manually roll up and down temporary

Sometimes it'll go off then I might hit a bump and it will come back on or hit a bump and I'll go off

Passenger side and bottom of motor all the way to the cross member is covered in oil what could be the problem i would gladly appreciate it it.

Changed oil and serviced transmission, now it is in high gear, but won't shift. The "M" shift indicator light does not come on when I put it in Manual, most of the time. It comes on periodically, and when it comes on, the transmission will shift. Error codes are P0796 and P0971.

I just change the Disc +the Brakes at the front

Can it be replaced. Or do I have to buy a steering column

runs fine for 1-2 miles then stalls out when I stop at light. I also noticed the upper rad hose is Extremly Hot compared to the lower hose. Does that tell me anything?

p0300 random misfire, occurred before and then after I replaced wires,cap,rotor,plugs, coil. replaced fuel pump in there also. now its doing same thing again. it occurred after rain. its dry now. can start it,runs rough. no ac. was told to check wireing to computer..dude said the wire is rouuted along driverside frame and could have broken wire causing problem.?I haave done about all I know of. Last week it ran excellent..now not so much. cannot trust it, which sucks. Anyone hear of this problem before?

after a few pump on the gas it starts and runs

This problem comes and goes. Could be fine for a week. Then go to start it up and get moving, and it starts off real slow as if it's trying to push or tow a heavy truck.
I was told at the auto parts that it is in the ignition. Got this from YouTube he said