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And now it shifts hard exspecaily on take off
I used correct fluid and filter car has 170,000 miles on it.
Just stop working! Speedometer TECH FUEL & TEMP RADIO reads LOCKED
Just got major engine work done ..a new intake manifold . now fan runs "on "after the engine turned " off" I see the fan is near the front end near the lever which opens the hood. is it related to a/c .?.i was told t...
I accidently drove my 1999 Tahoe in 4wd on highway at around 65 mph pulling a car dolly and 1999 Mazda for over 50 miles. All drivetrain components (axle, differentials, transfer case, etc) started smoking. Now I have...
A mechanic (not at the dealer) told us that we would have to buy a new computer for the van. He told us the total cost would be $850.00. I found a person on ebay who sells a used one (which he matches up with your pin...
the throotle body ,changed the ics motor,and the upper gasket,there are no vacuum leaks if block off the ics port in the top of t body,the idle goes to 600?? thanks rich
while at cruising speed I punch it and it revs to 5 grand before it shifts is it torque converter or a solenoid I don't know please help!
I just had a battery replaced and the battery light stays on and the sensor says service charging system soon. This did not happen before I changed the battery.
all the tires have been balancedal front end parts are new inculding tires
I will turn the ignition on and the engine instantly acts like it will start, and then it dies. After many attempts, it usually will turn over and run. While car is on, it runs normally.
put new cap sensor on it, like someone suggested it got even worst but unplug sensor it runs better only stalls once
car will start turn key off will not start after a few minutes will start again
How many miles should I get so I can judge it better.Quarter of a tank the previous owner says it runs out that's at 250 many miles should I get if it didn't cut off at s quarter.