When I try to turn on high beams they do not work. Absolutely nothing happens. I will back on the blinker deal and the blinkers work just not the high lbeams

I was driving home last night. My 2012 chev. Malibu had a total lost of power. My speed guage has not been registering properly either here lately. Now my malibu just won't start at all.

I was driving home from work when truck stalled. Now wont start. I ran it outta gas a cpl times the week before so thought naybe fuel filter was clogged. Changed that still nothing. Fuel pump kicks on but sounds a little whiney. It starts if i spray either into it for a second then dies back out so i know its getting spark. It is also getting fuel to the fuel rail relief valve so i know the fuel pump is working. Anyone know what this could be and what i should try next? Please help

My car makes like a rattle noise at the front wheels when going 60 and up miles. What are the possible problems with the vehicle?

I have had to replace the rear U joint 4 times in the past 2 years & 2 of those times has been within the last 4 months. My title says its a 95 short bed S-14 but the parts are always for a S-10.

95 Corsica 2.2 auto So for the life of me I can't find out where it's coming from. I noticed my mpg went down then I started smelling gas. Its nowhere under the hood. I've narrowed it down to under the back half of the car. But I can't figure out where it's coming from. Is there some normal spots these cars leak?

The OEM harness has a strange connector not the normal 7 blade or 6 pin

Transmission Control System (MIL Request)

For the last 8 months, my truck has not run. If it cranks it will not staying running. Its as if there is no fuel getting to the motor. I have been told that there was a recall. Can't find where to find my answers.

the reduced power light comes on just after I start to drive. if I restart the engine goes away for a short. after about 5 miles of driving if I restart the engine it will go off an stay off an I have full power

E-mail answer from GM parts website attached a sketch showing that key-less remote was located near passenger rear speaker. I searched on my car through the trunk around the rear speakers and didn't find this unit. Should I remove the rear passenger seat and rear shelf near back winshield
to continue searching?

I just need to know if a catalytic converter from a 1995 Chevy lumina APv van work on a 1991 Chevy lumina car

I had a man drive it but he said it may be several things but not the transmission !! What does this sound like ? Thanks and God bless !!

Started recently blower would occasionally turn off while it was on then the other day it stopped working all together, what would be the problem and/or best place to start?

I was told where it was but not how to reset it

Just recently I went to turn on my car, it didn't start. So I tried a 2nd time it did start but there was a car and a lock on the dash board with a notice showing. Something to do with alarm system which I didn't even know I had. I was reading that theres a way to deactivate it, although my manual is not infront of me but when I find it ill try to deactive it... My question is what or why would this notice be going off to begin with?? Did someone try to break into my car and it sensed that and now it activate this car n lock symbol til its deactivated???

I was telling chevy about this and they are going to charge me 105 dollars just to diagnose my car and if its not covered by the gm warranty its money I lose. Which is a bit ridiculous... So now I have to pay for a diagnose fee plus anything that's not covered by the GM warranty.... One would think that a chevy car would be loyalty treated by a chevy company... I feel royally screwed.... Any suggestions to what might have been causing the car n lock along with the abs n stabili trak popping up and resetting all my controls along with the radio, while I'm driving.. Very annoying to deal with...

Check engine light came on on my 2016 chevy cruze with less than 1300 miles on it. Unknown. Dealership cant get me in til late next week. Anyone heard of this yet? Or had any issues with their 2016?

the check engine lights comes on for a crankshaft sensor but ive already replaced it 3 times now with new ones in the past week and the same problem occurs. im driving for about 10 minutes and the engine shuts off on me. i cant figure out what to do

when car get up to speed it has a humming noise

Runs fine but has a rough, irregular idle. Sometimes subtle, sometimes really annouying. Thanks

1996 4x4 4L60E reverse is gone

I bought both right and left front vendors, cause of the bottom of both of them are rotted away. would a garage put them on and how would it cost?

Have replaced cap &rotter, main computer, fuel line,

Has new battery

When turning left, the blinker won't run the same as if turning right blinker, also it sounds like it's going 100 mph

We have changed the EGR valve and the coil, spark plugs and spark plug wires. Checked all vaccum lines also

My car all of a sudden turned off and it won't start. We turn the key and it wants to start but it doesn't. We think it may be the gas pump but we're not sure what the pressure should be.

Brake rotors are cast iron and rust in the non-brake pad areas. Factory Camaro wheels allow a clear view of the rust and it looks horrible. How do the experts deal with this problem? I've looked at after-market rotors with ceramic paint but they cost a fortune. I've also seen a website for a rust removing chemical. Could the rotor be removed and soaked in this chemical to remove rust - and then paint ? Any recommendations on approving the appearance??

car start run go 20 to 30 mph make sluggish noise when idle put on machinr got code p1515 p1615

At first when the engine was cold, it started right up and ran great. After it was warmed up, it begam to start hard. Now it starts super hard cold. It sits and misses and then it catches and runs smooth at idle. Soon as you touch the gas pedal, it shuts right off and won't start for hours.