How do I fix this

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Uplander

Engine: 3.9L

Year: 2007

Error codes: C0035,C0036

Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed: Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

It feels like the back passenger side is shaking but also feels like the clutch isn't engaging.

The head lights stay on when the switch is turn to the off position. They also stay on when the switch is turned to parking lights only.

I overhauled the engine five months ago when I pulled off the pipe it had RV Sealant on it over th eO ring.

We put it all back together and the coolant intake Pipe had a new O ring but when we started to fill it with coolant it leaked. I pulled the pipe off and gooped it up with high temp gasket sealant and it stopped the leak.

Now it is leaking again. It seemed either the O ring was not the right one or something is missing from the pipe to make it fit tight.

Does anyone know why the pipe does not seal with the required O ring?

I think it is electrical. fule pump still comes on when turning the switch on. doesn't sound like the timming belt!

ABS at low speed is engaging , is it a dirty sensor ?

I wrecked my 01 and need to replace the whole front end the rails holding the side fenders are bent left and up so I mine as well replace the whole front clip. I can only find 96 camaros near me. Also if you know how to take off a front clip that'd be awesome. Like does it need to be torch cut or is it just bolts and shims holding it to the body.

One day it was running fine and then my fiance decided he wanting to take a look why my cruise control doesn't work and more unplugged my battery and now everytime I take my foot off the gas it dies. I have to put it in neural to slow and keep on the gas while braking. We have already changed the fuel filter and it made no difference. HELP!

When I accelerate my service traction system light comes on. I shut the key off restart and
it clears temporarily. Any suggestions?

I have to keep puttin it in gear before the key comes out 15 min later what could be the problem

When I look down at the tac it's fluctuating up and down what would cause this

is it worth it? they say it runs good but I think to much mileage? What does everyone think?

Tires one at a time are fine one day and the next going flat. No reason can be found when take to be checked.

THe check oil light flashed intermittently, I checked oil & added some, Drove car about 5 miles and same thing happened. Drove car home and car won't start. Good spark and engine turns over, timing belt seems ok but car won't run HELP

No brake light when mashing on gas.my turning signals work sometimes

Car starts just fine first thing in the morning. But if I shut it off, it won't restart. Replaced all that starting components in the car. However, jump-starting the battery won't work at all. But, I can jump the starter and it'll start. No other existing problems. Car runs great. Any advice?

I put gas in Sunday night in already at less than 3/4 tank I haven't driven that much with each stop the needle moves

gas leak on 2005 colbatl

The low tire pressure light comes on for the RH front wheel regardless of which wheel I ex

How to know if brakes are locked up

does it all the time but when it gets going it rides ok but i hear noise under van like converter could it b that

Car won't start, battery is good starter is good

Driving car and the RPM's show between 5 and 6. Car seems to shift gears okay.

Sometimes when I try to start the van, the lights flicker, the horn beeps, the fan turns but no ignition. Is this a sensor issue or could my auto start key be the problem

When the truck is put in reverse it stalls ocasionally it will stall at an idel

Every line and hose is dissembled an I don't know where they go

power locks work,lights work,just wont start,wont crank

Someone hit something had to get my fender bumper and headlight all on drivers side. But car ran perfectly after the accidemt though. But now simce all parts are on and hooked the battery back up no crank start not even dash lites when i try an start it.

put on a new belt twice, and a new belt tensioner and every time it rains, the belt comes off.