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Both headlights on my 1990 2500 PU won't come on. I have parking lights but no headlights. I can't locate the fuse for just the headlights. Previously if I went to turn on the highbeams the headlights went dark.
Smog tech.did not let rear wheels come to complete stop while using dyno.for smog check. All of a sudden,rear wheels stopped abrutly, and I heard a loud metal sound from the rear wheels/dynamometer area. It sounded li...
Although my turn signals and brake lights all work fine, my emergency flasher switch will not lock into the "ON" position. How can I repair or replace the emergency flasher switch?
I pull a gooseneck trailer with electric brakes, I am wondering how to install a draw tite activator II brake controller. or at least some do's and do not's when installing
fuel mileage bad how can i get better
replace water pump about a 2 weeks ago temp rise to 210 on my duramax diesel 2003
I have a vacuum leak where the upper intake manifold seals around the fuel injection control module. The o-ring that goes around the control module is not seating in the upper intake manifold becaue the control module...
Can you give me a comparable cost for replacing the Actuator, Temperature/Defrost /AC/Value.
to remove the wiring through the colum for the turn signal switch and the cancel switch what is the procedure for wire removal
I need to replace a power seat switch (for a chevy 2005) part is Omron 12450166 A5119. I found an Omron 12450166 A1032 off a 2006 chevy tahoe. Do the last numbers make a difference and will it work on my truck?
After inserting key into ignition and turning part way, as usual dash lites come on, once trying to start motor all elec goes dead, after removing key a rapid clicking continues on top of steering column behind dash, ...
Trans rear housing has a plastic gear i need to replace this with a steel pickup gear can this be replaced from the rear housing ? or do you have to tear down the whole thing
How much of the dash has to be removed to replace this heater core,I am looking for information on just this model truck
Cable slipped out of housing,wont engage from under truck
after driving 2 hours towing a boat my parking lights and instrument lights went out. Blown fuse. Replaced and 10 seconds later it blew again. replaced fuse then lasted for 1/2 hour. Rewired wireingharness for 4fl...
my sterring wheel collum wabbles at the tilt section. how can i fix it.
i have a 92 diesel 2500 n the fuel meter is going back and forth. anyone got ideas of why
After putting in a new distributor, I am trying to set the timing. I need to put the distributor ignition system in bypass mode by disconnecing the timing connector. WHERE IS THE TIMING CONNECTOR? I've be advised t...
My driver side brake light doesn't get any power. All other lights work. I changed harness and circuit panel where the lights bulbs connect. I also did a voltage test at the connections near the rear bumper, no power ...
My chev just stopped when driving and I have failed to start it again after that. Can it be the fuses, immobilizer or something else? I have a year 2003 chev.
I just bought this vehicle. I need a/c where I live. The compressor unit for the climate control is unpluged. How do I go about getting the a/c to work.
Is it better to use the gasket supplied when replacing a water pump or just use permatex gasket in a tube. Or should a smalll amount be applied to one side of the gasket to hold it in place while mounting the new wate...
Recently had front disc replaced and rotors turned on 1999 K2500 crew cab. ABS activates on left front now at low speed and then brake fades and pulls right. this did not happen before the repair and happened first br...
had a 5.7 motor blew replaced it with 5.0 crate motor nothing leaks everthing look fine changed 10 of these never had a problem.normal at startup but falls quickly changed oil pump.
leaking lube from seal. do i need new yoke too...or just gasket.
How come there is water in the oil? It is not leaking. It did not over heat. I was wondering if the plastic where the oil goes through the radatior could be the problme?
I just ask a question about fuel injectors on a Duramax diesel. It is not a 1993 but a 2003.
Wasn't there a recall on the fuel injectors for a 1993 Duramax Diesel?
My transmission will not go into to second. It geos in to 1st and at 3400 rpm shifts to 3rd gear. I looked for governoer gear butthis one is computer controlled. Wht nis causing this?
What causes the temp to rise to 230 degrees when hauling or towing?