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Problem accords when at running temp, doesn't die while running, but when you turn off (like stopping for gas or grocery store). OBD I codes are 32 (EGR error, which I have cause from EGR delete block alum) and 58 Tra...
1500 "K" 5.7l. If the truck is parking I can accelerate to max rpm with non engine sound whatsoever. If a put it in gear start making a nock/piston/metal sound as soon start to bring the rpms' up.
Still shows knock sensor code engine light on any advice
will start with starter fluid; was home for red wasp and a pack rat. please send wiring diagram of just fuel system on a 90ch. p.u.
I have a 97 z71 5.7 vortech i replaced the battery and alternator so they both are good but the battery uses all of its energy then the truck dies as if my alt isnt doing its job. I bought a new alt and it tested good...
Run out room . My motor is a 400 with 202 double hump heads with doom top Pistons with headers Iam getting coolet out both headers and in oil pan done change in take gasket still doing same thing looks like if I had b...
Before I replaced all the tie rods and everything connected the steering was kinda tight and would Walk on road. After it still doing the same thing. Haven't replaced steering pump which leaks and haven't replaced or ...
heater worked before I changed intake gasket.Now it don't.I aso changed thermostat.
My 97 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.7 350 Vortec engine and 4l60 tranny has been having an issue for a while where it will shift hard from first to second after driving for 45+ minutes, but here lately after driving...
when put back into park or neutral start right back up this just started happening
Was driving then couldn't find third only fifth. After shifting out of fifth I never found another gear ag again.
as the warning lights come on the tach, speedometer,and guages go down to the bottom. they go to normal quickly. truck keeps running normally. sometimes they flash alot sometimes not at all
I have Brake lights and turn signals.I replaced Circuit boards and Bulbs in Both taillights.Fuses.