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if i floor it more like gray smoke comes out while im driving
1991 Silverado5.7 rebuilt engine with a RV grind knok sensor code upon install replaced wires and sensor also got another module to test still shows knok sensor code engine seems to run smooth any advice
And turn signal lights. When I hit the brakes when using turn signal both signals flash. What could be the problem?
Typically occurs when the engine is already warmed up, and has been driven around for a little bit. If I notice it starting to die, I can save it by giving it gas, but it shouldn't be happening. Recently passed Smog w...
Tune up intake value fuel pressure regulator filter erg value an still won't run rite code says fuel loss ??????
How do I replace rear main seal? 1991 Chev Silverado 4X4 P/U 350 Cu In
No power on hills will not make it in over drive no matter how fast I'm going before the hill.
Number five cylinder has no compression would a leaking intake gasket cause this
I've replaced the distributor cap, cables, ignition coil, the ignition control module, and the wiring but the truck wont start. if I let the truck sit for a couple of days it will start but as soon as I give it some g...
I replaced the actuator in the left door and that door lock only works when the actuator rod has been removed, as if it isn't getting enough power. Now the right side door lock is inop as well. Is there a relay in t...
I have absolutely no spark..ive changed everything from the pick up inside the dist,the module rotor cap wires plugs and coil...still no spark whatsoever...done a top dead center test, its all still in time..ive check...
I can't put my truck in gear.
My e brake is off and I can't find the fuse to turn off the light. I need to pass inspection soon.
put new cap sensor on it, like someone suggested it got even worst but unplug sensor it runs better only stalls once
Without completely removing the transmission can I replace any or all of the following parts: clutch, pressure plate, throwout/release bearing