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it needs to be greased

It t only seems to come from the right side

I get code 12, 24, 36. What does it mean?

I'm also stuck in first gear. Transmission will not shift. Do those codes correspond to that as well?

No fuel going to carb. Can't hear fuel pump engage. HELP PLEASE

How is the new gasket installed and also how is the plunger installed without cutting the new gasket?

My truck starts up fine in the summer, but once the weather starts cooling off and starts dropping below 70 degrees or so it'll start up, run for 2-5 seconds and then die, if I start it again it'll start up and then die, eventually it'll start and stay started, and once warm it'll start up right away as long as the engine is warm, the colder it gets the more times it takes to keep it started, when it drops below freezing this becomes an hour long process. In the last yrar, the coolent temp sensor has been replaced, distributor shaft, battery, fuel filter, the fuel pump failed and was replaced 2 years ago. I'll smell gas as I try to start it.

Every so often a loud clanking noise will happen but it's not constant. I have noticed a power loss when goin down the road. could a push rod or a valve cause that?

New engine installed, new distributor, coil, plugs, wires, fuel pump/filter, truck work fine for 4 mos. Now it will crank but not start. There is fuel to the TBI, used noid light on injectors, have spark to plugs, new relay. Will start and run when using starter fluid. I get a Code 54 and Code 43 knock sensor, replace knock sensor. Fuel pump comes on and shut off, also replace oil pressure sender. Could I have a bad ECM? thanks

I have fire to ignition wire at the starter I've changed the starter because I had a good one on hand there's no click clunk or anything I get under the truck with test light and get fire to ignition wire on solenoid and from the battery any help is appreciated

The manual says behind headlight switch cannot find it

Getting good spark and fuel. Turns over butjust wont start. It waz like someone just flipped a switch and that waz that. Any idea what could b the problem

So I just fixed up my truck but then after a few days my batter light has come on and I don't know why because it's a new battery.

The tranny starts in third and shifts hard! A lot of people say its the ignition switch and i was wondering if its just the switch or the whole ignition switch harness (wires and all)? any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Will run if you give a little gas. It starts real well. Fuel rail pressure is good
Any help would be appreciated


I have replaced the altenator and the battery. Drove the truck for a week parked it on a Saturday and would not start on a Sunday. What other problems should I be looking for?

Was told that this 1998 2wd PU takes a special wheel alignment and the cost will be $200. don't make sense and I think there are trying to pull a fast one. Dealer claims that truck will never need an alignment again with this procedure.

Truck will crank but will not always start, I have fuel to TBI, new pump, will start with starter fluid sometimes, lose spark. new fuel relay, pump will prime when ignition is turned on. I also get a Code 43, replace Knock sensor, engine is new OEM, ran good for (4) months, new coil, plugs, distributor, wires. Engine will run for a few minutes, surge and shut down.

t to reverse it makes a winding noise

it started right up but then it wouldn't start again

Changed fuel pump and filter.