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Replaced blower motor and resistor and blower fan speed selector
While up on blocks the wheels will spin, but with so little power that they can be stopped with your bare hands. Could it be an issue with the transfer case? Or torque converter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
The regulater, all fuses are good, was working fine, and all of a sudden, the window has no power, does not click, nothing, and of course it's in the down position. I'm very lost with this one, any help would be much...
Sometimes it gets to much gas (black smoke out of tail pipe) and sometimes no gas at all. A couple small broken pieces feel out of the steering column.I have changed all the senors and relays in and around the engine....
This has become a problem. I have replaced the little box in the distributor and I can hear the fuel pump come on and prime up.even when it starts it runs real please.cant go hunting because of this.
Great truck but I am having some electrical issues now, sitting on about 125,000 miles and lately I cannot get the day running heading lights to work, the outside air temp indicator co-located in the rear view mirrow ...
Losing power only in reverse and drive. Whenever I press on gas, it doesn't want to go. Idle is low.
I was just wondering witch manifold I should buy to upgrade from stock and by doing this will it increase horsepower/torque?
I was low on transmission fluid so I added one and a half and now its not catching gears
I keep leaving my car lights on after I turn the engine off. Then I need a jump start to start the car again. What are the characteristics of the battery that will best handle this kind of abuse?
power is going forward low works fine .HI sounds like a train around 45
Chevy crew cab with 94,000 miles just quit running going down the road @ 35 mph and lost all power. It will turn over but will not start as if gas is not reaching the engine. I bought the truck new and have never had...
the fuel pump is okay and the inition system is okay also Email:
when it trys to turn 0ver, with key off motoe still turns over
My truck has been running perfect, has a new fuel pump, and tune up. When i was driving last night at a steady speed of 55 it stalled out on me and now will turn over but not start. My lights, radio, and everything wo...
I replaced the bent tire with a new tire. Every time I drive the wheel is visually wobbling and obviously can feel it when I drive.
It slipped out of four high once on it's own several days earlier(relatively quiet), then today the indicator light went on and off a few times when the shifter was engaged in 4 high then I lost 4wd. Can I check if i...
light does not come on indicating that it is in fact in 4wd and it is actually still in 2wd
Replaced lifters pushrods rocker arms still have tapping noise anybody had this problem
I have to shift manually ? I have to skip 2nd and go strait to 3rd . But sometimes it will shift from 3rd to overdrive . I just put transmission in