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what is when you get the key off and hit your brake pedal and the heater come on?

still nunnings very rough what,s wrong?

if water is where the plugs go does it mean the block is cracked

what does it mean when theres water where the spark plugs go

if intake manifold is cracked does it mean the block is also cracked problem occurred during freeze with little to no antifreeze

Someone hit the back of my 96 chevy 1500 ext cab and since then the parking lights keep blowing its fuse. my daytime running lights dont work. and do you have any recomendation

THANK YOU SO MUCH RAIDERRON !!! Now will you tell me how to refill the radiator? I didn't drain the whole thing. I don't know if I should refill it at the radiator or the overflow and does the truck need to be running?

O.K. I took the old thermostat out and cleaned the I'm ready to put the new one in. BUT as rediculous (I know ) it must sound...I don't know what goes first! THE GASKET OR THE THERMOSTAT! PLEASE HELP ME RIGHT AWAY AS MY TRUCK IS IN A FRIENDS DRIVE WAY AND I HAVE TO BE AT WORK 5:00AM.

My truck wont go into reverse or fifth. I looked and its seems like the 5th and reverse shift fork is cracked.

Truck has been setting for a while. Charged up battery, starts fine, runs fine but battery light on dash has come on and stays on. Noticed that the alternator output guage is not registering where it normally does (around 14) when engine running but rather reads down around 8. Alternator bad and truck just running off of battery? Thanks.

I don't know what its called, Its not the odometer, its the thing you can trip to view the miles from one point to another. doesn't work! I pulled the dash out and all I see when I push it in is the other end of it comeing through the circuit board. My Haynes book is useless!Please somebody send me a picture. And some knowledge! THANKYOU PS.This realy is my FAVORITE site

How much should labor cost to replace the engine with a crate long block i a 1994 Chev 1500 4x4?

I am the original ownwer of a 1989 Chevy Cheyanne 1500 rwd a/c 5.0L a/t . Up until 3 months ago (118,249) , Everything was fine . Now oil is leaking out the back of the engine between the trans. What could possibly leak back there ? Oil gallery plugs ? What ?

Transmission won't shift out of first gear

I have discovered I have contaminated brake fluid. The calipers where locking up and smoking. What would the likely cost to replace all the seals and affected parts due to the contamination. I have been given an estimate of $1750 for parts and labor.

all the time

will a automatic 4 speed from a 92 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive 350 fit in a 90 1/2 ton 350 4 wheel drive?

when im driving i hear i huming nosie in the rear it gets lounder when i go faster,also whe im stoping feels like the abs comes on and the nosie fom abs comes on

While driving heard a grinding noise then a squeeking noise. When pressing brakes started going to the floor. Pulled over and saw that when pressing brakes front drivers side tire moved, leaning in, then moved back when brake was released. Recently replaced both wheel bearings.

This was a very slow, one quart per year leak, which now is visible and leaks a quart per week. The leak is just above the water pump where the intake manifold meets the block. I understant this 4.3 liter, "W", engine is notorous for this leak. It has 125,000 miles and runs great. The engine has never overheated. No air conditioning, how much to repair?

i have an annoying thumping noise that is located under the glove box,this leads me to believe that it has something to do with the heater or air box but im not sure. it happens right when i start the truck and last for about 30 seconds and then stops. it also does this when i turn the truck off. if anyone could help me on what exsisting parts need to be fixed or replaised i would be apprisiative

My switches on both inside door panels stopped working at same time but keyless still works fine. Fuse in box on left side of dash is working fine. So i don't believe it to be an actuater issue due to keyless workin... Any Ideas? Or am i missin somethin?

can somebody please tell me how to adjust the idle? DOWN


just bought my truck, the temp. gauge didn't work. So I replaced the TEMPERATURE SENSOR and the TEMPERATURE SWITCH. Now the only time I see it move is when I turn the key to start the truck. The needle goes ALL THE WAY TO HOT...THEN BACK..........HELP

how do i replace a new power steering belt?

i did a diagnostic and need to replace sensor i know it is after the converter i just wanted to know the location

hello my auto repair family!
I have a 94 k1500 4x4 5.7 350 v8, just noticed when driving in OD and kicked into passing gear (automatic tranny) it feels like the back in is lurching and not shifting smoothly, runs drives well when on city streets or just slowly accelerating, and not trying to pass fast. was wondering what I should look at or do to "fix" this problem, am thinking about a half bottle of tranny lucas which took care of a simaliar prob with a escort I had a few yrs ago. Any ideas and tips would be great!

how to replace the whole thing

My pick up is not very good in the snow. Right rear wheel spins in the snow. I'd like to put a posi or locking rear end in it. The gearing is fine (3.08). Please advise!

what does the values set on i but head gaskets on it but runs rough i think i got the values to tight