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do the gages have anything to do with the alternator or do I have more issues
I have refelled coolent two times and still running hot. once car reachers opt. temp no water leaks from any were. I not sure how to get air out of systems.
Sometimes it will reset by turning engine off/on. What is the issue?
All of my air rides are in need of being replaced due to well its a 2003 so it's apparently that time. I am just trying to find the right ones to buy on the internet. Needs some direction please.
Evev did same thing on original pads ,and only front right side tire does it
Code po174
what could be the reason for this happening? i did some research and it said it could be the throttle position sensor but im not sure. when i get up to 40 it jerks my car so i have to stay at about 38 to stay safe
Car just stopped pulling when i put it in gear i get nothing
car drives very rough
The lights and horn is constant when I changed the battery
I have already replaced the thermostat and water heater. The two fans are working properly. There does still seem to be air in my lines but I have done every thing to correct that.
What items need to be removed at the dash panel to gain access to the heater core
Where can I find info on installing new seals, etc to the engine oil cooler by the oil filter? Pics, diagrams, instructions... It has the 350 engine. Thank you!
We just purchased this CAR used with 68,000 miles on it and I have been told that the above condition maybe signs that the Head Gasket is close to failing causing sever engine problems.. is this true?