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when I turn on a/c I get cold air on the left side and hot on the right in my dash console

How can I get the ABS light to go out. I have checked the sensors on the front hubs and they appear ok.

Dash board still says to change brake pads. Also wondering how to position the wear sensor. Don't know if I put them in right.
Also if the front brakes were not bled properly, would it still come up to change pads?

My car leaks out antifreesed on the driver sign under the botton of the car

tambien se quedan encendidas las luces de las ceraduras de las puertas

Recalls about this promblem.

Because the car will not start, I'm getting a read out saying "there is a security system problem ; therefore, the car will no longer start." However the radio, dash board, head and tail lights are working correctly.

turns over just won't fire up/ or it idles high

anti theft light is on. help

Car ran great when parked. Stored outside for a couple of years (canada, so gets cold winters) Charged up turns over but will not fire up. Took out backseat.... Was trying to find a way in to the fuel pump...lots of leaves and moisture inside. Removed back seat to dry area out. Not sure what to try. Any and all suggestions appreciated..

1. Electric windows stopped working
2. Electric door locks work only with keyfob
3. Automatic headlights stopped working but you can turn them on/off w/switch
I need to trace these systems. I can't make them out in my chiltons manual prints way to small.

ac blows cold air at foot level and rear seat area but not from front dash vents

I changed out the battery and the car still dying after it sit at night.

Front passenger strut was laying on wr replace them with non electric strut and it's definitely different need to find a cheap set of electronic struts and where can I get rebuilt one's

can only get it to work on occasion but rear air works fine

when the weather is 20 degrees or below the car runs fine no problem in winter.

My radio will not come on and the onstar will not go off and my battery is dead every morning

Battery holds charge, but when I fire up voltage reading is 13.7, slowly starts dropping after a couple minutes. Alternator has been replaced twice and so has the battery. Both relatively new. Cannot find replacement fuse rail anywhere. Any ideas appreciated.

I have spark and have fuel but am still just cranking and not starting. I shot some starting fluid in and still a no start. I replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump was done a year ago. I can hear the pump kick on and there is pressure at the rail. I don't think it's a Vats issue bucause the security light is not on. I'm lost Please help

How much would the pump and labor run me all together

What could be the cause? My father says a tune up but I don't want to pay for a tuneup if that won't fix the issue. Please help. The car shakes badly only when stopped or reversing.

I was told it has a compartment in the trunk to access it but I don't see one.