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How do I reset the security system for a 1994 cadillac sts
I've changed the coils and replaced the ignition module and it runs extremely rough at stops
car was in accident air bags deployed fuel pump fuse good relay good no power to fuse terminal all other terminals good
The air feels warm on the drivers side of the defroster and cool toward the passenger side of the defroster. No air comes out of the vents. The fan speeds work fine.
it happens 3 or 4 times then stops for a week or two and starts again
Tach red-lines @ 6,500+, what is the deal with these Northstar engines? Are they reliable?
I need to tow the car but I am stuck. Is there a manual release or is my only option to cut the cable?
Have replaced all spark plugs, coil packs, even air flow censer also has new fuel pump, and water pump
car was repaired at dealership this is all that is left that needs to be done
Power Steering Pump going out is it a big job to replace it?
cruise control will hold for a while then stop.I was told that i will need an acturator module. What should this cost?
On my 1997 caddilac sts, the trunk won't close all the way. Tis is third time and has run battery down. How can I make to close manually?
just got this beauty and it needs a few things done but what to do first?? coolant temp climbs at stop lights but lowers at high speeds. this was happening before my coolant overflow tank just cracked and is now l...
No code came up. I just dont have any airflow coming out of vents.
I did a by pass to the theft system and it worked for a few but the problem is still there my radio, heater,etc... does not work but the car starts and runs. I need the car to be like it was smooth and sweet, what can...
some one told me it mite can be a fuze ora wire inside my key ignition mite ahve broke how can i fix it
I am experiencing somewhat sluggish acceleration. Not bad, but noticeable. The engine sounds louder at idle, no rough idle (that I can tell), but louder. The codes I get are P0135 (most common), P1133, P0155, and...
radio and heater will not work after replacement of new battery.Low beam head lights will not work
I have a 1995 Cadillac Seville STS with a Northstar engine. The heater core has been bypassed and I need to know which of the two hoses goes to what fitting on the firewall. To clarify I am working on the passenger si...
My problem was a empty resevoir of Power Steering fluid
I turned car on. traction light appeared. that is sopose to mean its disabled. But it isnt. It is constantly trying to run. I tried shutting off manually.removing fuses etc. Also disconnected battery.Light disapeared ...