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was leaking tran fluid, added fluid drove no problem. leave to store and at stop sign car just revs but wont move in any gear. i cant feel the gears changing when i shift through them
I was advised that repair cost for cruise control replacement was about 800.00. Could this be a realistic estimate?
oil can light comes on and information center readout says low oil pressure shut engine down yet no noise from engine indicating low oil pressure
I had this car since November of 2013 no issues, but now the temperature gauge is saying my car is running hot, so I naturally replaced thermostat, water pump, did a coolant and radiator flush, the engine isn't runnin...
the original started leaking, ordered a new one, had it replaced,car ran for about 2 to 2-1/2 months before blowing line again, bought a 2nd new line had it put on 1 day started leaking again,
seems to becoming more frequent take key out and turn back on if gauges light back up car usually starts may have to repeat several times to start car but not always no check engine light on
my driver side heater works great but the passenger side doesnt send out hot air,are there 2 seperate heaters? or could it be some other reason?
it runs great otherwise but i did have it serviced recently and i was told i had random misfire and the mechanic seemed to think i should try replacing the sparkplugs which i plan on doing soon ,could that be the prob...
itlocks up and wont start at any time and never know for how long
dont ever know if and when it wont start again or how long it will work this time hours days weeks?
Wen it cranks some times it turns off and makes pop on the ingean on the passenger side.
just replaced alt. now wont start. removed faceplate on stereo
Hello I have a 97 Cadillac Seville that I am trying to get going again. The on board error codes P0300,0108,0603,1599. My code reader picks up P0301. She has to be hit with starting fluid to start cold, hard to star...
How to disable theft-deterrent system 1997 Cadillac Seville STS
have driven for over a week 250 miles or more wont learn those three monitors any tricks? we replaced egr valve now no check engine light and drove with scanner on, O2 readings for all 4 sensers appear good
Cost to replace ingition coil on 2001 sts?
Do you have to replace all of them if just one is bad?
checked horns with power and they are good but will not beep from stearing wheel what to do now
my buddys 2003 seville sts has a pwower steering whine, we changed the pump rack and lines, but the whine is still there. reason we changed them is that the car sat for a couple years and he wants all new parts. i hav...
Fan runs on high, but just a trickle of air from dash vents with AC and fan on high. Refrigerant charge is full, just very low airflow. I am a commercial AC mech. but never tackled a cad.
car wont start after 10 minute sitting after drive it just cranks
will start if u start immediately after turning of but after about 10 minutes just turns ...if u turn for a while it will start? any ideas? will start cold everytime
I went through a bridge with water & it got washed into the stream & now car wont start & I have replaced the battery just makes a clicking sounds . what do I do next to find the solution ?
reset security system sts cadillac
How do I reset the security system for a 1994 cadillac sts