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When I did all of those things I get code P0440
over heats.when my radiator blew the car would not over heat.whats wrong with the car?
I removed my starter but my neighbor tells me when replacing a starter I need new municipal intake gasket can't I just use my old one
Both, the Battery and alternator have been tested professionally and both have been proven "good". What are we missing? Ideas as to what we should check next would be so helpful.
My 2003 Seville STS, VIN 9, needs new transmission. Can I replace it with one from 2003 SLS or DeVille? Will one from cars model year 200-2002 work? If not, can I swap transmission AND computer wit SLS model? I don't ...
I changed the trans fluid pressure switch but still have the same problem.
The car is actually a 1991 Cadillac Allante, where is the Controller for the ABS system located and how hard is it to replace?
New plugs, wires & added Lucas gas treatment/injector cleaner/octane booster. Checked Air filter/OK. I've ran out of possible remedies !!! HELP ! Philip
keeps cranking. has brand new fuel pump and brand new battery.think maybe the relay fuse to fuel pump could be bad? Do i need new cables to battery? I cleaned off all corrosion. Or is there a step by step process i sh...
The rest of the trunk is wet also. We ran water over tail lights etc. No water leaks. The gaskets look good. Can water leak in through the vents on the side/inside the trunk?? Any suggestions???
I replaced the fuel pump when it failed. Car drove fine after that, however, the gas gauge still didn't read correctly. The car quit again about a month later with no warning. In fact I started the car after I came ou...
Car sometimes starting park and sometimes in neutral but never 100% reliable. Battery seems to drain and the onboard system gave 30 currents codes. Could it be a tcc solenoid? Safety neutral switch? Pcm? Bcm? Ecm? Lin...
theres only water in radiator/reservoir now. what steps do i take to do it right and put the coolant in
the coolant leaked out apparently due to the cap the mechanic refilled it with water and fixed the cap and said it should be fine like that as long as it's not over-heating.etc
The blinkers act like the get hot and just shut off the next day they will work for a bit then they will shut off
when I turn on a/c I get cold air on the left side and hot on the right in my dash console
How can I get the ABS light to go out. I have checked the sensors on the front hubs and they appear ok.
Dash board still says to change brake pads. Also wondering how to position the wear sensor. Don't know if I put them in right. Also if the front brakes were not bled properly, would it still come up to change pads? ...
My car leaks out antifreesed on the driver sign under the botton of the car
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