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because the person who put in the one before me stripeed it so the special tool cant get it out
Im having issuues with my trans not going into 3rd or overdrive.When i get my rpm's up and let off it feels like its downshifting. Whats that?
My friends car started losing power when it goes up any kind of hill, it also shows the battery is over charging, One of my friends told me tonight it might be fuel filter where is that located?
U know when u put a fuse chip in the fuse box and there's a white thing inside that grips it well I'm missing several and I really need to know where I can get some more please for my 1995 Cadillac sts
I have a 1999 STS. Recently when jumping the car the cables failed and shorted together. They were properly hooked to the hot lead by the fuse box under the hood and the ground on the fender wall. The battery was v...
my cadillac sts started overheating ever since i changed the thermostat it"s been overheating abnormally,first themostat i changed since i owned the vehicle about a year ago,
4 inch pulley jammed is this the water pump, car is overheating
Finally had a warm day this weekend and wanted to use the air conditioning but found that it was blowing only hot air. I thought I might be low on refrigerant so I attempted to load a can of freon. However, the A/C ...
My car started losing power --All brought to autozone they charged battery for 2 hrs said was no good I bought a neww one sensor light still says battery no charge car started then started losing power again to no e...
When I turn my key to start the car it start clickin now its not doin nothin so I put it on the pocket scan and it came up ignition control module but I switch it now the some problem I put a new starter,new alternato...
the cooling fans are taking to long to start it is a dual speed fan will start at low speed but come on high after the engine is too hot possible coolant sensor?
My cadillac is about to hit the 200,000 mile mark in a couple miles and im just trying figure out how much longer it will last without having to start repairing everything. so far I have just have had minor problems s...
overheating water is circullating thought the heater core was the culprit bypassed heater core still over heating no leaks just a freaked out demonic resevior that pops and sucks and overflow just to repeat the cycle...
how do you turn iit of when their are no codes
how to turn off service engine soon light with no codes
how to replace ignition lock cylinder
I was pulling into house and security light came on. I turned the car off and then tried to start it again. Nothing happened it is as though I was locked out. Nothing works now key faub won't even work.
How much does it cost to replace the heater core on a 1996 cadillac sts
I have an oil leak but the smoke come out through the front grill (mostly on the drivers side)I have had some tell me this couldn't be from the oil pan. I have tried to look under it. My thinking is it seems to run d...
my abs brakes locked up and im trying to change my brake pads how do i unlock or reset them
Did GM ever upgrade the head gaskets in the 4.6L northstar engine in later years? If so which years? 2003 and/or 2004?
How do I replace the vehicle speed sensor?
Serveice Electrical light comes on. RPM, blinkers, and Information center will not work, everything lights up, no bulbs are, if i get a new computer will it still come up, cant find out the code unless i get it diogno...
my temperature gauge stays right in the middle constntly my car dont overheat, but it bothers me. also my fuel gauge isn't reading right what do i need to do
I have a coolant leak that is behind my passenger side front wheel area, I have replaced the water pump & the radiator neither of which was leaking from that area so is it safe to assume the heater core is the problem?
how do you replace a heater core
How hard is it to change the transmission mounts on this vehicle?