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the engins has 12.9 volts but have to turn it over about 15 times before it starts sometimes it will crank the first time but its getting hard to start under the back seat i hear a clicking sound in the fuse box under back seat

when i trie to start my 99 seville it just grinds like when you have your car started and you accidently start it and it grinds thats what it sounds like

I figured out the 10 or so nuts that have to come off to remove the light panel in the trunk lid but still cannot remove panel. What else needs to be taken off?

I have a 91 Cadillac Seville. This has been a wonderful car and now all of a sudden I am losing oil on a daily basis. I am sure I am now probably out again and now the red warning light came on. What is happening and how much will it cost to repair?

I have a 99 STS with a rough Idle and hi pitch whistle under the hood. Anyone have the same issue, I know its a manifold leak just not sure where to start looking.

I have a 99 STS that had a head gasket leak and blowing white smoke out the exhaust. I drained the cooling system by warming up the car and then opening up the radiator pet-cock to drain it and the heater core. After the system was drained I ran it for 1000 miles with water and the repair liquid to fill in the gasket. I then drained the system the same way and filled it with coolant. Now I have a gurgling noise in the firewall behind the steering wheel the overflow bottle is at the correct level and the temp gauge every once in awhile goes a little past top center…any ideas what the noise and temp issue is?

what it is when leaking oil from timing cover gasket

I'm not getting any fuel delivery and car won't start. My VATS went off and I told my wife to just place the key in the ignition and turn it forward and it would reset itself. Well her and her boyfriend decided to look online for a solution and started pulling fuses and looking at them. Now the VATS is reset but now I get a service fuel system in the info box and car will not stop. I have checked and replaced fuses and relays with no luck. Any idea?

when you first start the car it runs rough for 60 seconds then smooths out...i changed the plugs also...any suggestions? also my wipers do not work i replaced to wiper motor and all the fuses are good. there is power coming out of the wiring harness going to the motor. i am confused there is not any functions working with the wipers....wiper switch?

when i drive home somtimes my 99 seville turns off,just the motor,the electronics stay on,then i turn it back on,but the funny thing is,its always happend as i get to my neighboor hood after work,every time,help!!

I just bought this 1999 Cadillac Seville and when I start it and let it idle it does not overheat but as soon as I take it down the road it overheats?

Parking brake will not release automatically. Can it be released manually. If so, how?

code set #b1343,air inlet door movement fault.where is the air inlet door.

How do I get to the transmission fluid? I can see it under the air filter thing but how do I get to it? I can feel it shifting gears.


changing head gaskets

i have a recurring leak into the trunk, resulting in a moldy/musty smell that permeates not only the trunk, but into the passenger compartment. After a hard rain, I might have as much as a standing inch of water in the spare tire well. The seal around the trunk cavity is not brittle, and seems to be in good shape. Any suggestions?

problem is intermittent. fuses all check o.k. if this is a computer problem i don't where to begin.

switch does not work at all.

switch does not work at all.

i have a 95 sts and just today the service ride control came on. what does this meanand how costly of a fix is it

water is accumilating on the rear floor on the passenger side .i think the heater core is blocked .is there away to flush the core .

After driving for 5 minutes, Service Emission System scrolls across the information bar. What could that mean?

fuel gage,fuel door,locks,trunk,interior lights wont work had same prob started working on its own

fuel gage,fuel door,sunroof,door locks,int.lights will not work,happened before started working on its own

fuel door, trunk ,door locks,interior lights,sun roof,fuel gage will not work,happened before started working on its own

just happen very bouncy ride now

my 1999 cadillac started overheating i have changed the thermostat , and cooling sensor i took it to advanced auto they put in on machine and the code said po301-po741 it said the circuit preformance was stuck on off were is this or what is this i am a woman and dont no how to fix this

how do you repair and replace the delivery mode door actuator and where is the delivery mode door actuator?

Pitcock plug blew out leaving half of olug and outer piece
how can i remove this to get new one in ? {easily}