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A/C compressor cycles on and off what causes this ? low freon? It was checked for leaks and none found. On my iformation panel it did say low freon in the fall but my blower didnt seem to work but it did kick on and t...
the serv. eng. soon light came on and the digital speedometer will not show up/ car wont shift through gears. Had the solonoid a and b changed in the transaxle and the vehicle speed sensor. None has worked. any sugges...
i ran out of gas on side of road, i filled up a gas can and poured it all in tank the car wont start now my first thought was air in the lines or something but im guessing fuel pump is bad?
what is the procedure for changing out the blower motor? is there enough room to remove the blower motor from the engine compartment with that big northstar v-8 sitting crossways right in front of the blower that app...
when should I have my oil change how often
what causes a car to hesitate when you turn the key to try to start the car the car is very hard to start.
car will not start do to vts alarm
I changed the evaporater and heater core,while doing this battery died,charged the battery still will not start
While I was driving today, all four window controls were working fine and then the driver window button started sticking a bit when I tried putting the window up. All other windows were working fine, but then my drive...
where is the on the transmisson is the speed sensor for the speedometer
the car light is flashing service engine soon,what do i buy to do the maintanace
I had the misfortune of getting hit from behind at low speed by a heavy pickup truck. As soon as I was hit the suspension warning indicator came on but it has been intermittent since. The ride has degraded considerab...
Where are all the fuses and moduals located for the instrument panel.The on/off and up/down switch that shows the information such as, engine light,fuel comsumption,and all the other fuctions is not working if I press...
What is the diference between pulling the codes, and a Diagnostic check. How is the diagnostic check performed,and how good or accurate is it in finding the real problems.What is the cost of a diagnostic check for a 1...
Please help me with these error codes and what they mean P0305,P1320,P1350,P1375,P1377,P0650, and how do I resolve these codes that repair the error Thank You
what rating of fuel should be used
Where is the engine starter located on this vehicle? And how accessible is it?
how to repleace the speed sensor
dealer said I need new spark plug wires but they were replaced about 15k miles ago
As long as the car is in acc the radio works fine, but as soon as you start the car the radio will cut out in about 5 sec. What is going on?
just changed front brake pads, how do you turn off light in dash/
The trunk fills up with rainwater? Trunk seals appear to be okay..Does anyone else have this problem and where was the leak at?
I have a 1999 cadillac seville sts which has 70,000 miles on it is in excellent shape however, it just started to act up. when I am driving and come to a stop light it starts to hesitate and then stop. It will start u...
I have a 1999 STS. Recently when jumping the car the cables failed and shorted together. They were properly hooked to the hot lead by the fuse box under the hood and the ground on the fender wall. The battery was very...
I'm looking to purchase a 2000 and the owner says that the car needs a Torque Sensor to control the idling and the switching of the gears. I was just wondering if there was a such thing of that part for the STS
because the person who put in the one before me stripeed it so the special tool cant get it out
Im having issuues with my trans not going into 3rd or overdrive.When i get my rpm's up and let off it feels like its downshifting. Whats that?
My friends car started losing power when it goes up any kind of hill, it also shows the battery is over charging, One of my friends told me tonight it might be fuel filter where is that located?
U know when u put a fuse chip in the fuse box and there's a white thing inside that grips it well I'm missing several and I really need to know where I can get some more please for my 1995 Cadillac sts