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The car will JERK when I press on the gas like the axle jerks
We just purchased this CAR used with 68,000 miles on it and I have been told that the above condition maybe signs that the Head Gasket is close to failing causing sever engine problems.. is this true?
I dont know who said you could not put a 2000 engine on a 1999 sts cause I put one on my car and it works fine
The dealer is unable to locate electrical schematics.
car set for two years without battery.
service engine soon light has been on for a week
I just bought a brand-new battery for my 94 Cadillac sts I put the battery in and it started right up and I drove it all day then parked it in my drive way this mourning I went to start it again and nothing I mean not...
At speed of 2 and 1, it does blow out air, but does not appear to blow harder when you move it to 3 and above. It only vibrates more on the floor and starts to get loud.
When I park my truck at night battery will not have enough juice to start in the morning
The tach & speedo work fine. The left directional & brake lights work fine, only when I use the directional or brakes. When parked & lights are on they don't work.
Car runs great mechanically but the back half of my inside lights don't work including the dome lights and sunroof Car also shifts smoothly into reverse but no lights except for the brake and running lights
I have a 97 cadillac seville sts that will not start.. let me first say what I did .. 2 years ago I had to replace the alt and battery.. which I did about 4 months later (I had company vehicle so I didn't need it). th...
I have some air flow out the small vent that exits the back of the console but it never gets warm. It doesn't appear that the front fan is running at all. Any ideas to help me would be appreciated. Thanks
Car won't always start with key but will with remote start button (aftermarket I believe). Engine will die when brake pedal touched unless I set the alarm (also aftermarket) open the door to activate alarm and push r...
I was charged $733 total. $105 diagnostic, $169.99 for the mount and the rest in Labor. They did not itemize the labor hours and cost. Was that total high or average? They also lost a front wheel lug nut cover and sc...
When the car sits for a little there is a puddle of antifreeze under the car.
Ser Eng liteon code P0404 ERG sensor position open or shorted. Where is the EGR VALVE and sensor located?
I have my car disassembledglovebox and side panels located at least 2 accuator mtrs and adjusting climate controls the motors don't move. I have located both fuse boxes no fuses blown reset computers by removing pos t...