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PO 101/PO131/ PO137/PO151/PO171/PO174/PO302/741/P1258 they should have never test this car with Service engine light on and inadequate voltage due to lost of alternator Could really use your input
It doesn't flash when I have the brakes on. Also, my check engine light has been on permantally since I bought the car Dec. 2012.
car over heats replaced thermostat,water pump and flushed the radiator
I too am have the same issue. And my question it the fuel filter or something that has to do with the fuel pump? Please keep in mind that my car starts and run fine. But there are times when it seems that its ...
It gasses by its self like if your pressing the gas but im not also it keeps overheating
What is causing this. It has 61,000 miles and quite s down when it warms up
I was driving on the highway with the cruise set and it kicked out of cruise and my speedo was jumping around. I friend of mine said it is the speed sensor is he right?and where is this located at need help
My 4.9L northstar leaks oil bad. I tried looking for the leak but there is just oil everywhere. So I figured I would start with the more comon gaskets and work my way from there untill there all changed. I would like ...
When the gas gauge reaches a quarter of a tank, it travels in the opposite direction. What can the issue be?
I check the blower motor I cleaned out the vent with leaves under the hood the car is still blowing out cold air the
po171-po174-po300-po410-po741 & check engine light does not work.I bought another PCM.
Should I invest and get fixed or turn around and sell on craigslist for what I payed. I have heard oil leaks are such a common problem after I bought it, the car only had 89000 miles on it I thought it would be a good...
I replace both high speed relays, and it still kicks the code, amI missing something, can the wrong relay for low speed affect this at all?
everytime i pull the hose apart the coolant is coming out but when i starts it, it won't go through.
these are the two codes that came up on the ckeck engine ligh test
where is the transmission control module located at
Will this casue me to have a small oil leakage? I have a small oil leakage coming from somewhere?
where is the location of the starter
It runs great unless it has to sit and idle, then it skips but never stalls out.
P0171 Misfire/ 2nd Air Sys P0174 Fuel Sys/ AC Sys Po300 Compoenet/ 02 Sensor
Was hoping to get replaced without dropping transmission. was told by one transmission mechanic that he could fix by just removing side cover. will this last or not?
I have already checked for a clog, there is none, the fuse is good and I already replaced the washer pump at the bottom of the holding tank. what else do I need to check to find the problem?
I need repair/replacement proceedure (R&R) secondary a i r pump. Code P0410 appeared on scan. Is this a repair something a shadetree mechanic should be able to do?
Wipers are only working on high speed (emergency over-ride). Cruise control functions quit at the same time. I can't find a fuse that is blown so I'm thinking it might be a relay but I can't pinpoint which one.
Repleaced MAF, PVC, air filter and checked for vacuum leak and found none. This weekend I am going to replace the Plenum boot between the intake manifild and the throttle control to make sure there is no leak. When...
car will not start want even turn over when u try to start it
plastic parts falling out and is sagging and falling. What will it cost to fix it.
whenever i drive my car long enought it stalls espically coming off the expressway it starts right back up and sometimes dies immidately erased codes and the only one that came back was p1599 have any ideal what the p...