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I recently took my car to a repair shop to get the brake pads changed, a tune-up, and my windshield wiper stopped working. They couldn't get my windshield wipers to work and in the process of trying to fix that the ba...
Drove to store, came home, parked, then left back out to go back to store but car would not start at all or crank over, "No Nothing!!" Please help me, is it my STARTER or something else. Msg. me here or email me pr...
my mechanic as changed some type of switch three times and set idle on computer, but after driving a little the car does same thing.
dashboard not working?
When I'm driving the car idle high then it gets sluggish and take a while to accelerate then it backfires and shut off then it starts back up and continues to do that every day
Car has been over heating...replaced water pump and hoses, also did a flush. Everything was fine for a month or so, then had metal hoses ran fine again after a long distance trip. Now, car is back to ove...
I've had a heavy load in the rear, but I noticed my gas gauge went erratic after I had to break heavily to avoid an accident.
The needle is not giving an accurate gas amount.What can I do to correct this
4.6 liter northstar engîne
gasket.(northstar 4.6 engine) I am the second owner and the car is in beautiful shape. What are my best options for getting another engine and approximately what would it cost to have a used motor installed in my car...
Car jerks when I give it gas