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I have already replaced the thermostat and water heater. The two fans are working properly. There does still seem to be air in my lines but I have done every thing to correct that.
After it shuts off I spray starting fluid and it starts right up
When I try to put windows up they dont work, after a few hours I can go out and they work fine. My radio is doing same thing it works a while then quits, if radio is on and I put windows down they both quit working
Radio works when it wants and the wipers and windows only occasionally. sometimes when I disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, they might work. I've had all the fuses replaced. I have the escalade 4x4 SUV.
I was told the suspension being out my car also feels real squirly to drive.
replaced front differential still have noise. what can this be.
just started overheating, mostly sits in garage. just recently noticed hole in muffler, plus brakes are going all the way to the floor, and leak in the power steering.
Washer fluid tank
This all started about 3 weeks ago after my mechanic replaced all rusted brake lines. The brakes where bled at each wheeel. At the end of the job I tried to back out the truck from the garage the rears seemed locked....
as the weather gets colder when i have the heat on, the vehicle can be 75 degrees inside but whenever i make a turn it feels as though I have my windows open and the outside air just somes shooting through. did it all...
I have a family member that owns a body shop and suggested the next time I go (to my mechanic) for an oil change to have them flush the transmission fluid. I am currently not having any problems and have read that fl...
This is a 2012 Escalade just cake from a customer who leased it and only has 28000 miles on it. No service light is on but I've had it for 2 weeks and when I accelerate it hesitates and sometimes chuggs. And when it's...