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It doesn't do nothing .only anti theft light goes on.I did the 10 minute step and it went away. Car was on for like 7secounds and turned off by it I can't start it anymore.
I got a new battery and still no power
any ideas instead of a dealership ad pay a ton of money for a door handle
My Escalade reached its 50k or 5yr. whichever comes first warranty almost two years ago. However my car only has still only approx. 55k mies. Its an 07 but since I am alone and disabled I would feel better knowing I h...
The problem happens almost every time the car sits over night. When I take it have the battery checked, they say it is fully charged. Could something be draining the battery?
Are there checks or do I need it diagnosed with codes? I checked my owners manual and it really doesn't get into it as to whether it is locking system that is causing it or if it is an actual engine problem. Nothing ...
Heat system makes heat, blower motor appears to be brand new. However, blower fan will not do anything, no matter what I set it to. Wasn't sure which part to replace to fix this problem. Took out blower motor resis...
Changed the alternator checked battery replaced starter sensor has a full tank of gas but still won't start it turns over
Coincidentally (?) with change to cold weather Heat Blower quit. Have lots of heat, just no blow. Then this morning it worked, but wouldn't shut off with key. Do I need new Blower, or Control Processor or ? Any help...
Car will turn on. But I cannot turn steering wheel left or right. It appears to be stuck. Brakes go all the way down to floor
I don't know how to troubleshoot but I do know how to check a fuse
The battery is not dead try to jump start will not. it is intermittent.had it checked at a shop. altinater battery starter all ok? any suggestions?
I was driving and dash light said engine shutting down..the escalade started running really rough..loud and was shaking I went home and had it towed to shop..they said the engine is blown..this all happened in a matte...
Also will not restart sometimes,until unlocking,relock all doors and tail gate. I was thinking is was a security problem. action Cadillac installed a new fuel pump before they lost their dealership.
I do not know the the place of the speaker wire
Now that wont work anymore would this be my bcm not sure could water affected the area to make this problems