I rented wrenches from Autozone and cranked on nut in the vehicle then removed waterpump completely and cranked on it out of vehicle and it will not come loose. cant replace water pump til i get fan assembly off is there any tricks or tips to get this off?


We have read manual but no troubleshooting is available.

Check tire pressure light comes out and can not but it out tire pressure ok pluss car break pad ok the remote control not responding.

what should it cost to replace the rear differential on my 2003 Escalade?

I was driving out of town when the escalade shut down. it was towed to an auto repair shop in the closest town. They put in a new fuel pump and I continued on my trip and everything seems to be working ok. My question is..should any kind of fuel meter have been put in also or am I ok with just a new fuel pump?

When it is cold, the car continues to crank a second later after you let off the key. It sounds like it starts but stalls out soon as you let off the key.



ive tried coolant and water

Freon has been added and there seems to be colder air blowing in the back of the vehicle.

I also added a new K&R Intake system. I get Engine Light Codes PO101- Mass/Volume Air Flow Circ, Range/Perf and Code PPO171 and PO174, SYS too Lean (Bank 1) and (Bank 2). The engine light only comes on when towing. Otherwise nothing. All help is really appreciated.

im not useing oil or coolant and have no lights on so what could be the problem and I changed plugs,wires cap ,rotor ,air filter ,

for about 4 weeks - the radio, windows, and wipers are not working
items worked most of the time, now they rarely work
If I try and put the windows down - sometimes they work, other times the radio goes off and the windown doesnt work, when I press the window button, other times no response.
ON a 50 mile drive yesterday I left the radio on, and it may have played for a total of 10 minutes - in short 50 second blasts. then this morning I get in the care and wipers and radio work for about 2 miles

my ac/heater dont blow even after turning the fan all the way up only when i take off the air or heat start to blow some one told me to replace the ac heater module controle should that work and if so where is it located

where is my nuetral saftey switch

Rear deferential replacement Rear Axle Replacement High end shocks on all four?

when i accelerate my oil meter needle moves.. is this normal?

brake light on top of lift gate doesn't work. do yo uhave to replace that entire light bar. i think it is a led.

low oil pressure

i do not have any voltage at fuel pump connection

we are having electrical problems with our 2000 escalade. sometimes when it sits over night, it won't start without a jump the next day. this as happened several times. sometimes the radio will stay on after you take kes out of ignition or the clock will stay on. someone mentioned onstar is cnnstantly on and always drawing power????HELP!

I have a 2003 Cadillac Escalade. On the way to taking my vehicle to be serviced, I began to hear a low humming noise in the center rear of the car.I had the oil changed and was told that I needed rear shocks. Considering that I was not convienced that the shocks where bad. I went and had a second opinion and was told that the shock wear ok and the vibration was due to the rear differitial and that possibly some bearings had gone bad. Needless to say I am exspecting a nice price for repairs, but I wanted a ball park figure to work with. So at least I will know if I am being ripped off. Thank you.

After engine is warm and in operation it starts fine.

when i put in drive and i drive and stop and then i step on the gas the car whom move and the word traction active comes on what can i do to fix it

where does the evap sensor go on this vechile

The evap sensor needs to be replaced, but we can't find out where it belongs.

How do you get the light on the driver side to turn off..the car wasn't in accident but seatbelt light is on dashboard

I have a 2005 Escalade with 86,000 on it. I brought it to the dealership to get a routine maintenance done on it (transmission flush). When I got it back, my transmission was slipping in 2nd gear and reved up to 4000rpm before shifting. They said the flush would not have done this and I believe so as well. However, around the 75000 mark, my transmission was hitting in gear hard and I had to bring it in to get it reprogrammed. Unfortunately, the car is not under warranty anymore and with the transmission done, they are saying it is $3,000 worth of work. Is there something I can do with Cadillac automotives to back up their work with a transmission going out under 100,000 miles? This is not up to par with such a luxury vehicle. Thank you

I found about 20 small ball bearings laying in my drive way! Was wondering if they could have fallen out of my 2007 Escalade?

today going to dallas from lawton okla