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Is it safe to assume that the fuel gauge is defective if it reads erratically but the digital range readings are precise and after adding fuel the digital range reading looks correct but the needle will read anyware f...
When I tried to open the glove compartment the latch would not pull out to open.
Are there any computer resets that I should be concerned with when changing the battery?
I have a 2002 Cadillac Esclade. When the truck is cold or has been sitting for hours and then you start it, the battery light is flashing and the volts read around 9-1/2. After driving about 1/2 miles, the voltage goe...
Makes grinding noise when turn key
The door locks on my 03 escalade do not releasethe rear hatch is there an optional way to open the rear gate?
It is a ESV Cadillac. I get the Service ride control message, The module is only available from the dealer.. Is it a part I can put in myself? also it appears my instrument cluster is not working in my dash, the speed...
My Escalade oil pressure gauge does not move up, does this mean i have no oil pressure or has the sensor gone bad?
I have a 2005 escalade and the rear tailgate door is locked and i cant open it. the rest of the locks work. how do i get it open?
power steering fluid is leaking at power brake assist what can be done about this
Do you know where I can find a repair manual for my 2004 Cadillac Escalade?
My ABS light came on and it almost feels like the parking brake is on when i drive it. I feel it pull back when I step on the gas. It sounds like the car is still running even when the ignition is completely off. what...
i just had a oil change and my oil life is reading 0%
Rear AC cools, front does not. Are there 2 compressors?
what does evap emission system control small leak code#po442 mean
I have replaced the ignition coil, spark plug wires and it still does not start. I also tried my other set of keys but no luck. What can I do?
At first the passanger seat would move back and fourth slowley and now it does not move at all it also dose not heat or cool when features are turned on
I had my brakes and roters turned about 6 months or so ago. I had roters turned because there was a vibration when used brakes and it made it so much better well now there is no noise coming from brakes but when I go ...
When I crank my car here lately it makes a screatching noise after it cranks like I tried to start it while it is already running.
My truck would would shut down. It is like someone disconnected the battery cables. The dealer installed new cables and the the dash lights flash on and off with killing the engine.
the freon is leaking out of the evaporator core
while engine is running and foot is on the brake it idles up and down but never stalls. has anyone heard of this situation before and what could it be
the clutch is engaged when ac is on, it is not froze or stuck if ac is not on, blows cold air, it will not cycle. what are the most likely problems.
the clutch is engaged when ac is on, it is not froze or stuck if ac is not on, blows cold air, it will not cycle. what are the most likely problems.
hard to shift from park to reverse
Had rebuilt tranny put in (right before relocating to another state and warranty is expired) and now after I come to a stop or when I first start up and put in drive, I press firmly on the gas pedal to accelerate and ...
why is it when i am running the air conditioner i get a strong smell of gas? i notice it when i open up the hood. I tried to find the source but i keep comming back to a small black box on the right if you are facei...
a/c from time to time will blow hot(90++)but on one side only.This has happened mabye 3 times in 2 years and it has always just somehow fixed its self. This time it did it after changing out the battery and has been t...
There is a sqaure clip in the center of the back of the 2nd row seats. It is supposed to hold up some panel, but the clip part broke off. How do you repair this??
The "service stability System" light comes on occasionally, and will stay on untill a restart. It started about 6 months ago and has started to be more frequent