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The break pads listed for 2000 Cadillac Escalade have different dimensions. What are the correct dimensions? Inner and Outer?
The noise isnt all the time but it is getting worse.
My car stopped on me I took the battery to auto zone they said it was bad so I got a new battery but the light on the dash says battery not charging and the battery light is on but its driving now since the new batter...
Is the fuel pump randomly bad then good? Cause if I wait awhile, could be 1hr or 3hrs.. It starts! Is the emission sensor a culprit To this problem?
wen driving under 35mph nd hit a bump or a ditch the front wheels nd the steering start shaking really bad
my passenger side headlight will automaticaly turn on sometimes and if it dosent i just simply turn my light switch on and off until the head light finally comes on.why is that
Yesterday it died while I was driving. When it died I still had power to my radio, lights, ets and my change oil light stayed on. It will start back up with a jump or if it sits for about 5 min. What could it be? ...
I have a truck that has no lines on it and need to know where the new lines go.
I got water in my oil but the vehicle did not over heat. What are some possibilities? Head gasket, cracked head, oil cooler??
The problem started when trying to inter the hwy I accelerated just enough to get in front of another car when I heard a strange noice,I went to a dealership and looked underneth and noticed oil leaking from the area ...
Rub!!!!As though you're going over rough terrain!!!!!
Turn the Car off,go in the store,come out ,turn the car on the Radio has changed Station A/C temp.has changed
there is a small thin box mounted under the truck at the right rear quarter panel. all the tail light wiring harnesses plug into it, what is this part name or number. tail lights work good if headlights are off but w...
shifts a little rough and P doesn't work...any ideas...trans was overhauled last year.
Door is hard to open and close .needs to lift up but hinges dont adjust.
When my front driver seat stops rolling back and forth, it is because the seat is hitting the electronic plugs underneath the driver seat. That makes the dash lights flash and the car shows "low fuel" even when it is ...
it only does it after it gets drove a little and it loses power and goes all to crap.
The truck is running it is raining, but after it is shut off and the kids I try to return and crank it up it will just turn over and wont crank. It seems like it is not getting gas. Then the next day the truck will cr...
it doesn't make the noise with the a/c off,I have replaced the tensioner pulleys and and it seems to be in or around the compressor, do you know what is causing the noise
I'm having what I think is an electrical problem. All of a sudden all lights are the dash are on, radio won't work, a/c won't work, drivers side window worked for a little, now not at all and no other windows work, i...
When my headlight switch is on auto turned to the left, my park lights and dashboard lights do not come on. After a while they sometimes come on. When the switch is put upright all of the lights both dashboard a...
My tailgate is loose when I close it. What do I tighten to get it snug?
I want to know where go the orifice tube
Love my truck 128,000 miles never even had a tune-up still runs like a champ, very little needed in way of maintenance over the years, but now I’m having a problem putting the truck in drive or reverse once I’ve stopp...
Two trips to the tire service store which put new tires on and observing prescribed protocol to reset the message, it still comes on. Do I have to replace the transmitters in the wheels?
ing. Radio turns off and on. Replace battery, checked ground wires, any idea why this is happening?
Sometimes when i even stop at a red light the temp starts going up. When i start moving the temp goes down. what could be the problem?