alignment is always off not centered

I need it to work in order to set my new keyless remote. Any suggestions?

1/4 Inch Straight line popping out

I have already replaced the thermostat and water heater. The two fans are working properly. There does still seem to be air in my lines but I have done every thing to correct that.

After it shuts off I spray starting fluid and it starts right up

It doesn't do nothing .only anti theft light goes on.I did the 10 minute step and it went away. Car was on for like 7secounds and turned off by it self.now I can't start it anymore.

When I try to put windows up they dont work, after a few hours I can go out and they work fine. My radio is doing same thing it works a while then quits, if radio is on and I put windows down they both quit working

I got a new battery and still no power

any ideas instead of a dealership ad pay a ton of money for a door handle

all other gauges work. Some thing other than gauge?

Seems to ride well besides

Radio works when it wants and the wipers and windows only occasionally. sometimes when I disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, they might work. I've had all the fuses replaced.
I have the escalade 4x4 SUV.

My Escalade reached its 50k or 5yr. whichever comes first warranty almost two years ago. However my car only has still only approx. 55k mies. Its an 07 but since I am alone and disabled I would feel better knowing I had Cadillac roadside assistance, and 24hour coverage, and the on star maintenance benefits etc. i was reading about these today and having that would have made my life so much easier this past month! Please advise where I can purchase this if still applicable. Thanks in Advance :)

The problem happens almost every time the car sits over night. When I take it have the battery checked, they say it is fully charged. Could something be draining the battery?