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Also will not restart sometimes,until unlocking,relock all doors and tail gate. I was thinking is was a security problem. action Cadillac installed a new fuel pump before they lost their dealership.
When I disengage stablelization hesitation stops and yellow icon comes on.
I do not know the the place of the speaker wire
Now that wont work anymore would this be my bcm not sure could water affected the area to make this problems
also where the reservoir hose go to right now it is not connected and i looked in the book and looks like it goes aomewhere
I didn't have this problem before. All at once they stopped working
It could be Auto Transmission 2nd to 1st 02 2nd to 3rd etc.. I have been told the torque converter has a design flaw and it eventually leads to Tranny failure because of this problem. I already have had the tranny r...
This happened once before, had something to do with security system but I can't remember what my son did to fix it. I'm female,63,and could use a little advice, my son is out of town and I can't reach him. Not a clea...
I just replaced upper and lower intake gasket, spider injector seals, valve cover gaskets, tune up and oil pan gasket and now it won't turn over. I can jump the igntion switch and it will start but it won't start with...
loos like the accesories in the swich stays onall the time
My oil pressure gauge fluctuates from zero to way past 80 but sometimes reads normal. When it's high or low, it will stay there for awhile. The dealer said they checked the pressure and said it was fine but that the ...
Truck vibrates even when idling
the radio windshield wipers and power windows don't work fuses are fine
Warning light suggest air ride need service. Is it the compressor, shocks or leak in line. How can I test the system?
I see that it has 2 screws in the back of the switch assy, but can't tell how it snaps in place at the front of the switch. Is there a metal clip that holds it in place, like with the switch bezel?
when I am driving and I get up to 55-60 Mph. I can hear a very loud noise coming from underneath my truck in the front, at first I thought that the highway was riding ruff. but when I slow down to 40-45 it stops.seem...
Rear end makes a whining noise when the car is in motion. The faster the car goes the louder the noise. and the low pressure warning comes on when the car is idling
The break pads listed for 2000 Cadillac Escalade have different dimensions. What are the correct dimensions? Inner and Outer?
The noise isnt all the time but it is getting worse.
My car stopped on me I took the battery to auto zone they said it was bad so I got a new battery but the light on the dash says battery not charging and the battery light is on but its driving now since the new batter...