cooling leaking in back of the engine near the oil filter is this near the rear freezeplug

Rear shocks are leaking down, during usage I hear the air pump run briefly to refill them. is there a aftermarket replacement or repair kit for these? original replacement cost is HIGH !!!! AND, What is the correct fluid for the front & rear differentials, are they independent of the trans ? THANXXXXX !!!!

not starting, need to check the starter

I drove the caddy home last night and it was running fine. Got up this morning and it acts like it is not getting fuel or firering. I poured fuel in the carberator but it still would not fire.

When im in my car, I depress the brake pedal before i start the car. I start the car, and attempt to move the gear selector into a gear. Fifty percent of the time. It wont go into gear. I have to literally force it down into gear. I have been putting this car into gear for ten years now. I know you first have to have the brake depressed and you must also bring the gear selector toward you as well before put it into gear.

After driving and running errands turned on cadillac to have the engine light come on and the message board to read Reduced Engine Power - could not get the cadillac to go over 35mph

In my 2002 cadillac escalade, when I turn on the A/C hot air blows out. I get cold air in the back of the truck when I turn on the switch for the back. Is this a blend door actuator problem and how do I fix it?

The truck will not go into reverse and rpm go to 5 before shifting from 1st to 2nd

I have an Escalade and everything ran fine shifted fine and then all of the sudden the truck would not go. It was like somone took it out of gear completely. When I turn it off and wait about 5 ot 10 mins it will move and shift just fine for about 10 feet and then it does the same thing. I have been told many thing and somone told me it may be the torque convertor. It has never shifted hard or anything it just stopped moving. I would rather replace the torque converter other than a 1700--3000 transmisson. Please help if you know where to start....Thank you

can i use a salvaged body control module or do i have to go to dealer? where is it ?

I took my Escalade to get smog tested and it didn't fail or pass the test, its was rejected. I have had not problems with it, such as codes or dead battery, nothing, everyhing has been just fine with it. When I got it home, I connected my code scanner to it to check for codes, once connected the scanner gave me the message "connection error". As if the port is dead. The scanner worked just fine on my other car, so I'm sure its not the scanner.
What could be the problem?

Check engine light comes on when the gas tank is below 1/2. Replaced gas cap and that seemed to help for awhile, but its doing it again? Any ideas?

The "Service Ride Control" message appears on my 2004 Escalade ESV, every time I start it. I think the problem is the back left sensor. I removed the back left wheel,so I could get to the sensor. I then remove the sensor from the bracket and moved the are up and down several times. I thought I had the problem fixed because the message went away, but now it it back. Can anybody help me? Also does anyone know if that sensor can keep the little air compressor behind the back left tire from coming on? Thanks in advance for any help that may be offered. Spearchucker

my 2006 driver seat will not work. sensor check shows power but will not move or heat up

I have replaced the plugs wires air filter and fuel filter and still when i take off from a signal light it sometimes stalls and if i hold the gas pedal down it finally starts to pick up speed and run better.

I have a ESV with 78,000 and my transmission needs to be completely rebuilt and it has a transfer case leak. Has anyone else had transmission issues? I've owned it since 45,000 and the whole front differential and axle assembly had to be replaced at 60,000. my mechanic thinks it has more miles then the odometer shows? any way to prove this?

when i drive the service ride control turn on and it stops slowly

No oil pressure in engine.

My caddy won't accelerate when turning either way like its having a hard time to move. It will go but struggles when trying to go....

service light is on all the time

it just started a week ago.

Both were working fine.I was sitting at a loading dock with both wipers and defogger on.I opened the tailgate loaded my stuff,closed the gate and BOTH stopped working.I checked all fuses.Dash light for defogger is ON.Someone said there may be a switch on the door latch that is stuck.The wiper motor and defogger must have separate HOT wire,could it be a ground wire?

hi all, can anyone please help me when im driving the dashboard says low oil pressure shut engine and the beeping is driving me nuts, i checked the oil and it was fine dont know what to do anyone?

AC vent flap is stuck for heat, and need to switch it for AC

changed right side fog light bulb but still doesn't light but leftt side fog light does. what is typical for me to check next and how so I do not go crazy checking the wrong thing. Figure I will use a volt meter to see if these is power there but if not is it typical for light socket to fail before I waste time changing the socket

First the driver door would not power lock and all the driver power functions died at same time then a week later had to buy a new battery. Now driver seaat goes back when forward is pressed and forward when back pressed. Power mirrors don't work but controlled from driver door. The battery started dying every 2 days. AAA says battery and Alternator is good. Now the battery is dying more often. Please help!!!

i replaced my battery in my 2002 escalade i started the car and opened sunroof when i tried to close sunroof it wouldnt close any suggestions

what is the torque needed on the wheel bearing?

I have the barn style doors and the door handle for the driver side one has broke. It is not a exterior door handle, it is on the inside door jam. You have to open the right side first to see the door handle/latch. I can't find it online any where but I don't think it is technically called a door handle. Any help trying to locate this would be helpful. Thanks

When do I change my transmission fluid?