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The "service stability System" light comes on occasionally, and will stay on untill a restart. It started about 6 months ago and has started to be more frequent
i changed the battery and now the ac will not blow in the front vents, only defrosters and rear works how can i fix situation
when i try and roll down my windows the sterio turns off and my whindshield whippers dont work what could be the problem?
When I crank my truck I hear a humming/whinning noise from underneath you can hear it on the driver and passengers side. When you turn the truck off its hums for a little while then shuts off. Pleae help I hear it sup...
Failed the smog test, the report showed codes P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem P0171 System too Lean Bank 1 and P0174 System too Lean Bank 2. Is this something I can replace myself to ...
When locking or unlocking the doors with the keypad all the doors lock and unlock (except the drivers door) I have to put the key in the door and turn the key.
"Service Ride Control" message comes on after I start the car
i have problems starting it. I have to turn key on then off then on to get it started. why?
The A/C works and blows cold air, then switches to hot air. If I stop and turn the car off, then back on the A/C again blows cold air. Any suggestions?
how much does it cost to change an ignition switch
service stability light is on and I thought that it would go away like it has done in the past but it stays on. What could be the problem that I could solve before I take it to the dealership?
what does it mean when the "check enginge soon" gauge turns on? I own a 2000 Cadillac Escalade
my truck has 85000 on it I have owned it from 22000 and as of about a year ago my oil pressure guage does not sit where it always sat at idle it has always sat at 40lbs now it sits 2 lines below cadillac already chang...
took vehicle in to have new tires put on and was told that the rear air suspension system (bags) needed to be repaired for an estimated cost of $1,900. Would this be an accurate price?
How do you replace/repair the DRL when they go out? Is it a module to replace or more serious?
I bought the rig used. The window would roll itself down and the heat/AC was stuck blowing only thru defrost. The headlights/dash lights would pulse intermittently while driving and at the time they were doing that, m...
How do you get rear inside panel off the hatch back to replace the door lock. We can't open the door. Have replacement lock but can't get to old one to remove and replace with new one? The rear hatchback will not open.
A/C works in the back but not the front..what can i do?
where is the a/c low side port for my a/c
fresh air blows fine soon as i turn ac button on it reverts to floor any suggestions
fresh air blows fine soon as i turn ac button on it reverts to floor any suggestions
my a/c blows warm air out of the front vents and cool air out the back like its suppose to be. any ideas???
can the rear brake brake shield be replaced inexpensively
where is the fuel sensor located
how do i remove the old headlight so i can replace with a new one
can smell antifreeze but can't find leak, not showing in oil,exhaust,or on the ground.Anyone have this porblem before?
DVD shows blank screen even though we can hear sound. We tried new DVD's. We tried auxillary input and that makes the back screen work just fine. Tried to find any fuses, but almost positive if it was the fuse, the...
We just got our used 2007 Cadilac Escalade & can't find the release to open the gas tank door?
I back into mail box an cracked my rear bumber trying to what the estimate would be