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All of my air rides are in need of being replaced due to well its a 2003 so it's apparently that time. I am just trying to find the right ones to buy on the internet. Needs some direction please.
I checked the brake fuses light bulbs, and everything is ok. The turn signals and tail lamps all work.
door. I need to know how to remove the panel to see if it is loose or broken. What tools are recommended.
Heater air hot then gets cold and won't go back to warm heat
any station and any position the nozzle is in
automatic transmission shifts hard when taking off and it shifts first gear. it has been doing it more often lately. 2005 Cadillac 194k miles. trans. fluid has been changed twice.
When I turn on the AC, Heat or Front defogger I get indication for the fan running, on the climate control panel, but no air blowing. I still have cooling and heating to both front seats.
What is serviced doing this tune up? Isn't the oil change usually included?
Unable to get any forced air from the blowers in any selected position requiring air, ie ac, defrost etc.
It-was-doing-hard-shifting-in-1st.,2nd.-&-3rd.-gears. Then-it-was-serviced-now-it-only-makes-a-winding-sound-in-first-gear.
First the rear view& drivers side mirror went blue Then lighters/charge ports off- then heated seat Off, seats stuck in position, passenger side windows Stuck closed , traction system sticking& grinding Now the AB...
Wondering if there's a way to turn my automatic driving lights on and off?
excessive torque pull when going into third
Cadillac Escalade, 2003, EXT color beige, tan my phone number: 408-426-6197
Changed light but warning light stays on. Do not have correct manual do I'm unable to find out why it's staying on. Do not know if it's a fuse but I can't find any info on what fuse it may be or where that would be lo...
looking for safety button after accident ?
Checked the thumbwheel, n the gear n mileage lights r on. Any ideas? ???
also the four tires are wearing out; on the inside and outside of the tire
checked the fluid and had to add 3 1/2 quarts to get it full. but can't find any leaks but still doesn't shift highway speed
could someone tell me where on 2002 caddilac escalade ext stability system sensor is located?
at low speeds just a little sound then it goes away. but when i get it at highway speeds above 58 is when i get the humming vibration. sometime if i get off the gas it will go away untill the trans put torq back on. i...
I"ll change the fuse and change the light bolb and nothing works
What causes this and what is the repair needed?
The blower blows hot and ice cold. The problem is its stuck on defrost mode and wont switch over to any other
I need to know where the parking assist module is located - I've looked under the RH seat but the module there is not the same GM part number I am told I need. Were they located some other place on different models?