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And the brakes is to tight and i can not drive cause there is no brakes so what cause the noises in the manafor and why it keeps shutting off and its going to high on the rpms is going to high when i start it up
We had to replace 3 fuel pump and 3 relay fuses which we bought from auto zone. Just out of the blue our car won't start. Please help us.
I have 06 Cadillac DTS and my headlight bulb was out so I bought a new one thinking it was jst a headlight bulb but come to find out as I replace it still won't turn on at all with a new bulb wondering if any of y'all...
2010 caddy DTS, does it seem unusual that my water pump needs to be replaced? It is currently leaking a bit, and a smell of antifreeze comes in the car....also should thermostat be replaced too? thanks
it started last july it seemed to stop when the weather got cool and it just happened again after months of no problem
door locks & drive indicator seem to short when temp is very warm outside usually at slow speeds or at idle
last time i was driving the car there were not problem then the next day it lock in park
on road trip happens once or twice a day shows brake assist & stability control
Leaks oil onto the garage floor. I was told it was coming from the engine block seal and not the oil pan or rear seal. This is actually the second Cadillac I have owned and had the same problem with the firt car. T...
miles.i was told by dealers service tech that it was because i didn't drive the car enough......they were fine at 34000 miles and i put 10000 miles on them in 27 months. was the dealer playing with my head??????i can'...
the car will not start. I checked the fuel pressure and there is none.
need to replace brake light switch, but dont no were it is
looked everywhere and can not find it
its all the time never fails changed pretty much everything in the front suspension
I am trying to replace the driver side seat cushion on a 2007 DTS with heat and air conditioning seats and I need to replace the cover on the bottom anybody have any answers on how to do this do I need to disconnect t...
Have been having trouble with front end shimming after tire rotation and alignment two weeks ago. Taking car back in today. Dealership said they would return tires to original position. Dont know if this has anything...
Took car in for oil change and tire rotation. Have prepaid oil changes up to 75000 miles from time I purchased car at which time it had 21000 miles already on it december 2007. Told I need wiper blade, air filter and...
I got my dts at 79000 miles n had the Oil n filter changed twice.its my daily driver n I'm at 90000 miles now n I'm wondering what maintenance should I have done on it?
It just dissent feel like that cadillac that just floats n turns smooth feel me?please tell me what I need to do to fix my caddy
Shortly after purchasing my car, I had the transmission pan gasket replaced due to leaking transmission fluid. Since the I have had the gasket replaced three times and the transmission has been flushed once but it sti...
I think it's my right strut that went bad cause when I turn it sounds like clicking type noises....cadillac dealership is trying to charge me 1400 dollars to replace both!!!!
The threads might be stripped. What are solutions to this problem? The other spark plugs came out just fine.
Using 91 octane but with 10% ethanol.