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believe i will need to replace brakes and just wondering approximately how much i need to put aside
If I have had no problems but have just reached 100,000 miles. What maintenance do I really need. I know they are recommending alot but my budget is very little these days.
I took my 06 DTS in to have the steering gear replaced (it was a warranty fix) It drove perfectly fine when I dropped it off when I picked it up it drove like crap feels like something was over tightened and it's hold...
The brakes will hum when the car is warm each time you brake. The brake pads were changed about 6 months ago.
Cadillac dealer has addressed the service engine light three different times in past month--light keeps coming on.
I have a 2007 Cadillac DTS and today the radio just stopped working. I have also noticed that the turn signals work but don't "click" anymore. There may be more things but this is just what I noticed on the way home
Drove to the store with everything fine. Parked, went in, came out, started car and no sound from radio or when the turn signal is on.
engine oil leaks
What service is required for a 30,000 mile checkup. What is the cost?
Oil leak beneath engine
there is a leak in side the car and the water gos to the back floor and it,s very wet the leak seems to being in the front seat .no ones seem,s to know please say did i dropp a bottle of water please help me
It is not the arm bracket that is loose but the movable case in which the mirror is actually located in.
I had a new mirror installed on the passenger side front door and now an indicator shows vehicle too close to the RR? How would one get this working properly.
The dealer is telling me I need to replace the strip on trunk that holds the Led lights if some are out.......can't I just replace the bad bulbs?
Seat was working fine, used the lumbar control and power seat controls quit working. Looked for fuse, could not find it listed in diagram? If not fuse any suggestions
Is there a way to repair the break light on the trunk without buying a new one? 2007 Cadillac D T S
my cd player will eject cd when it wants to and keeps running after car is off and key out and kill the battery any ideas on what would fix it ????
I have lower back that requires a back support. Since this is a vehicle that I plan on keeping quite a while is there someone or business in Houston, Texas area that can re-build the lower back area of the drivers sea...
i check the sender in the fuel pump and is working and i try to send signal directly wit ground but nothing in the gauge.
a/c blowing hot air but has a charge tested,2000 cadillac dts. it worked last year but not too good.
my brake bar on trunk has lights out how do i fix it and how to get brake bar off?
How do I unhook the Speed limiter as the car will only go 112mph?
In my 2002 cadillac DTS pass side a/c blows cold but the driver side is warm. I belive something in the duct work is not swiching correctly. P.S. the car is a 2002 DTS but the choices only go back to 2006
what could cause my a/c to stop cooling at times ? it will start off working fine & then all of a sudden it will stop cooling, i ll turn it off & wait a little while & sometimes it will come back on. when it go's of...
What does the service engine soon light mean? Mine is actually a 2001 DTS
The delivership put new gas cap on thinking it was it, but light came on again & stays on.
TCC code, how much to replace TCC. It failed tests.
cost estimate to remove and replace crankshaft sensor
I called to set up appointment for an oil change for my 2007 Cadillac DTS and the service tech asked me whether it took synthetic oil or regular. I have no idea which I should use. I have never heard of synthetic. I c...