What can cause that,i just brought new rotors and breaks

This is very disconcerting to have that awful alarm go off, especially with passengers. Message also appears saying "stop engine." Oil is NEVER down when this happens, almost daily.

I can adjust 1 & 2 positions alright. But not the "exit" setting. Nothing in the manual helps.

this is after vehicle had a 0420 code . this vehicle has had 3 cat. converters

When I start my car the headlights start blinking and won't quit.

I need my passenger head light replaced. OReilly said 99 bucks for factory oem hid. Got the hook up from a buddy that got me a set of hid for my expedition for 55. These are obviously different bulbs. Can I still use an aftermarket light without changing the capacitor?

I had an ignition interlock device on my car, they took the device off but forgot the wires from the device, two days later, something caused a shortage in my wires my rear fuse block melted, my fuel pump shorted out, and my relay melted as well. Could the wires cause this problem

It keeps getting stuck in park,wont change gears to drive.

Getting ready to replace fr psgr strut and cv axle this weekend. Is there anything else I should be aware of that could be causing my wheel to shake. Feels fine while accelerating... only when cruising and slowing down that I feel this vibration. Not bad yet but want to fix it before the situation compounds into something more.

Meineke is telling me these things need to be replaced. Want to know a good estimate and how much work involved before I accept their bill and let them do it.

my car wont start after it sits overnight

Put new plug & coil in #6. Motor runs rough, shifts rough. Car was fine before this. Also, disconnected connection to coil while motor running. Saw additional loss of power. Autozone says scan shows misfire in #5!!! How cld this procedure affect opposite cylinder!? DIC shows Service Stabilitrak and Traction Control systems. Should I put old plug and coil in cylinder #5??? Thx

while car is idle or running, there is a spinning or whinning noise. Why?

It sounds like it was to start but isn't turning over. Is the possible damages worth fixing

My road is bumpy and the car seems to bounce a lot, sometimes sounds squeeky

trans grabs or slightly jerks when cold. afterwards from start when warmed up, it shifts ok.

I've replaced the bulb