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Code po174
Car just stopped pulling when i put it in gear i get nothing
car drives very rough
Back windows the same door locks dont work on passenger side cant set the clock it all was good till the battery went dead
I can't find my fuel filter on my 91 deville
I was on the freeway and my dashboard went haywire I pulled over and turnd off and now it wont start back up please help me
makes a humming sound when I turn left at slow speeds
A mechanic stated that it may be that a cable is broken. Specifically he noted the cruise control cable. Do you think this would cause this problem?
I need a radiator off the top. I haven't been able to drive my car because of this. There is a bunch more problems listed, are they recalled or do I have to pay for the repairs myself?
How to reset red control on dash
Car ran fine until I changed fuses and curcut breakers
The sunroof will not work. It was working but then would not close. I removed the battery cable still would not close. Then after a few days it closed but now it will not operate at all. I tried both switches open...
Sometimes they come on and stay on. until I turn them off. Running lights work, brake lights and turn signal work