the passenger side window is in the down position. the motor runs but the window won't go up. I believe it is off the track. How do I get into the door to check it out?

When I turn my AC on the air only blows out of the defroster and under the dashboard. This started about 4 months ago when there was a clicking noise like something was trying to engage under the dashboard when I turned the AC on. Now there is no more clicking noise but air does not come out the main vents anymore. The air is still cold but not much is coming out. How much doe sit cost to be this fixed?

My AC only blows air out the defroster and some under the dashboard. It does not blow out of the main AC vents on the dash. About 4 months ago the AC made clicking noise under the dash when I turned the AC on and the air would sometimes come out the main vents and sometimes it wouldn't. What is wrong and how much does it cost to have it repaired? The AC still blows cold air.

My 1999 DeVille shut down while driving. It happened a few times (3), always when I reducing speed (curve or stopping). The rest of the time runs great. Also "Check engine Soon" turned on a few days before and my horn doesn't always work.

I just bought a 1997 deville d'elegance. Car ran great for the first couple hours then got a overheating engine light and low coolant light. pulled over, white smoke was coming from serpentine system. I try to start it but wouldnt turn over. I let it cool down filled up will coolant, it would just vanish. I looked for leaks and found no ripped hoses. Changed the oil, there was water in it. Why was there water in the Oil? Car wont turn over?

when the car turns off the lights inside and out stay on. but if i remove the wire from the alternator that runs the fan the ights work properly...??? help?

my battery was unhooked for 6 months i opened the trunk with my key the car had no power. so when i hooked the battery up the trunk won't electroniclly pull down. what could be the promblem i shecked the fuse and it's good what's the problem

when the car shuts off key exherted and all, the lights and fan are on still. i must remove and put the sensor on always

I have a 2000 Deville that I've changed the hoses, thermostat, water pump, and I think I have trapped air in the system. How do I remove it?

I'm not sure if my head gasket is blown, how do I tell?

I recently asked a question about how to check the ECT sensor, and the car had no codes. My next question is how you bleed the coolant system on a 2000 Deville

Looking at the digital speed reading, there seems to be something on the inside of the glass that looks like a smudge, fingerprint, blur. This seems to have just occured recently, have not had car worke don recently.
How much rouble is it to get behind the glass? Does the whole dashboard ned to be removed?

right turn signal flashes twice as fast, i've changed the bulbs, i was told it was the flasher fuse, where do it go.

i own a 1993 cadillac sedan deville, Im haven a problem with the car the check engine light and the service vehicle light are flashing the car is running rough like it has a 350 with a sic cam in it, it lets out alot of black smoke out the tail pipe, i run the code and het the tps sensor, idle speed control, when i unplug any sensor o2, tps, isc, the car clears up revs high comes down and runs good then the lights flash and it runs rough, i unplug the ecm and the car clears up runs good and quite for 5 mins then back to runing rough can yall help me

car keeps running hot

car runs hot

Though I'm assured I have plenty of of coolant, the warning to "check coolant" warning is on constantly. I'm told there is a sensor that is probably malfunctioning and must be replaced. I assume this is expensive, but is it necessary? Where is it located? Can I replace it myself?

i was told by 2 shops in my area and i was told by both shops that the cost of replacing my shocks , would be between $1200 - $1400. how come my estimates are so much nigher???

problem with transmission slipping, sometimes goes away , no one can read a code. Can drive if shifted from 1ST to 2ND to d. Can smell fluid burning when done this way.

I need to know how to check the engine coolant temperature sensor on a 2000 deville. My check engine light doesn't come on, but my temperature gauge rises.

Car stalls after 10-15 minutes and will not restart for appx 45-60 min.

On a rainy day,I was turning into my driveway and my wheel would not steer into the driveway. It also made a strange noise at the same time. Then it was ok a few minutes later.

Hello, is this a defect that cadillac will fix at no cost?

what is the cost of a new waterpump for this auto

About 2 months ago I had an oil change. During the oil change they checked the cabin air filter. The next day the cdheck air bag light came on. It's still on.

where is power control module located on this car

how to put a serpintine belt back on

how do I reset the "service engine soon" light after a repair has been made?

Car cuts off while driving!PRELUDE To no fuel getting to the accelerator! happened 6 times in past two months. Was told and used GUMOUT in the fuel tank and it worked well.It was like a miracle that it appeared to solve the issue. One bottle per 81 gals. Now the bandaid solution requires a tournaquet. Too hot to be stopped in traffic here in VEGAS. I'm a woman alone and need someone I can trust to tell me true so I can keep my beautiful car running smoothly.

I would like to unhook electric suspension system or convert to standard struts