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low refrigerant a/c off info came on tryed to add r134a at low pressure port but refrigerant would not go in and a/c would not come on what might be wrong
In the report of my 2003 cadillac deville statement it just says needs right coil pack with spark plugs. I checked the estimator and I'm still uncertain if i'm being over priced. I know they charge $85 an hour for lab...
I have a cylinder 3 and 6 miss fire in my 2003 cadillac deville. The dealership is charging me 1100 plus tax to fix the coil pack and spark plugs, does this price sound correct?
I replaced the water coolant but i had to take out the battery to replace it. i replaced the coolant and know my car wont start why.
I will be driving down the road and my cadillac will just die. It didn't do it all the time, just once in a while. This past Sunday I went to visit my mother and it wouldn't crank at all. The engine is turning over, k...
Intermittently, the D/S/F window will go 1/2 - 3/4 up or down, then stops. I'll have to wait a few minutes and if it doesn't close/open by then, I'll have to repeat the process (n)times.
what does code for the PCM, P1605, B2711 IPC, U1255, U1252 PZM, U1169 IRS, 1983 MSM, B0856,B1983, U1300, U1064, U1406, U1169 Thank you. Rev. Miller
I need to know where the air pump is located at on my 2001 cadillac Deville, thank you
the fuel injectors have a positive on both sides. what could it be
car over heated replaced water pump ac/fan will no longer work checked fuses replaced as compressor relay still fan does not work does the computer shut this down when car over heats and no error codes reported need h...
my rear passenger side window will not go up. I need to find out how to remove the rear door panel .
I have a 92 sedan deville (touring) & I have had the water pump, timing chain & sprockets, tensioner/pulley, & alternator all replaced. The other day I was driving & after parking I looked under the hood & the brand n...
i have had two occasions where the engine just stops at speeds upwards of 65mph and the battery light comes on. I pull the car to a stop and then start it and everything is okay. What is the problem??
how to change the signal light on the bumper to a cadillac deville
My passenger side mirror head has come loose haow do I access the in side of the head to tighten it to the base?
low oil pressure light on. engine does not overheat or use oil. will turn off sometimes if i turn motor off and restart.
Engine misses when trying to increase speed from 50 to 60 mph.
the gear will move, but computer won't show (D) ETC.The engine will start, but the car will not move.
where do you put the freon
where is the battery on the 2000 cadillac deville?
my wiper will not stop running could it be the motor is no good?
why is my engine burning too much gas?
For some reason my trunk wont pop from the button nor will my gas door release...I have to manually open them, the trunk with my key and then the gas with the release inside the trunk. When I tested the fuses they bot...
when Im driving and I hit a bump or something the car sways in the rear like the bacc is loose as hell or something. its causing my rear right tire to wear from the outside in quickly, and theres a constant squeking w...
When I press my brake the car shimmeys and when I slowed down to 30 25 mph it started lightly jerking. Than it went away. I drove today at 55mph and it started to jerk again. My check engine light has been on for this...
what is wrong , and how is it repaired ? they stay on all the time ,running or off .
what may be wrong , and how is it repaired ?
Whenever I accelerate passed 30 mph my car shakes. What could be the cause of the shaking.
where is a fuel filter is located
Had front wheels balanced did not stop the problem.I suspect drive shaft problem. Am I correct? Car shakes when braking.