I just need to know which cylinder is the #1 in a 4.9 litre engine in a 1991 DeVille

Thanks, BRAD


where is this part located on my car

Popping sounds when starting and running rough

My car used to lock the doors when I shifted into gear and
unlocked when I put it in Park. When I used my remote, the lights would flash and the horn would sound to indicate that the task was completed. When I tried to reset the oil life, I accidently erased these functions. (Don't ask me how I did it) The mechanic at the dealership told me that it was just my remote; and he could not reset these functions. I KNOW that I messed up and not the remote. Please help.
Thank you

When I turn on the A/C, the control lights up but the A/C, fan etc. does not work

The heater was working fine until I put the reconmended sealant in in the radiator and it blocked the heater core.The sealant turned to mud. How to clean are replace the heater core. Thanks.

I have a "Too Lean on bank 1 and bank2" code. I was told it is more likely a leaky vacumm hose.. Where exactly is this hose?

where is the fuse box on a 2003 cadillac deville

when car came up on a hill it(engine) would get a little louder, it hesitated the acceleration needed to make it up the hill, seems like some loss of power. but on flat roads highways etc....it worked fine we drove straight for 2 hours again without stopping. and when we finally needed to stop for gas the car suddenly died. although starting it back up again worked, but the car sounded real real rough. What could this problem be?

The gas mileage drops three to five miles per gallon on the computer when I start the car cold after I just filled the tank the day before, there is 51000 miles on the car, this started a year ago. What could be causing the engine to use a lot of gas on cold start???

have to replace evap purge valve soleniod (code443)near fuel pump.

I found out that I need my intake manifold gasket repaired. I have been losing coolant and noticed in the last 2days white smoke when I first start the engine, then clears after a few mins. Wound this be cuased by the intake issue? I have no milky oil or bubbles in my coolant tank.

i have a 2001 cadillac dhs.when my air is running its cold,never stops cooling,but i get this like fumes type of smell every so often.i changed the cabin filter and the engine filter.where could this smell be coming from.

my car just recently started making me wait 3 min to start it due to theft system and dosent even always start then, anyway i can fix it?

how to replace plenum boot on my 02 deville cadillac

how do i clear the warnings out

97 cadillac deville bottoms out. to start with it never rised up high enough to me i can barely see the top of the tire

2 inches too much of coolant in overflow - ok to drive still?

This problem occurs when I take off from a complete stop. If I give it too much gas when taking off it dies

where is the engine starter

how can i remove the door panel so i can remove windows power motor


Where is the fuel filter located?

The car starts if it has been sitting for a couple of days on the first try, but if you try and start it several hour after driving it it will take three cranks to start it.

car dies after battery is dead and dash reading states.charging system not charging. how do i change the alternator?

I have a 2000 Cadillac deville an when I cut my car on it cuts off it doesn't happen every time but when it happens I have to hold the gas to keep it on. What's the problem please help???

my interior lights and cig lighters won't work, are they on same circuit, all fusses are good. door lites come on

check engine light on code po443 evap emission system purge vent soleniod circuit condition. what does this mean.

is the resistor on the blower motor it self or is it under the glove