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my car sits really low in the back and the service stability light is on
how do i repaiir the ceiling without it looking horrible or cutting it. its sagging down and i've had this same problem on two other cadillacs i've owned an i still never found a solution
does the catalytic converter need to be welded when replaced
if i push the car down i can here the clicking noise
replaced radiator, thermastat, overflow tank, waterpump, still overheating, someone suggested the coolant temp switch or the sensor.
I searched DTC and got the following codes No PCM data IPC-B2750,U1255 ACM-U1255 TCS-U1255 PZM-U1255 RFA-U1255 What do these codes mean. Also car may not start appears.Dealership replaced ignition sw.Also trans...
I have a miss at idle and it hesitates when I start up. Seems like it needs a tune up. How do you change the plugs and wires on a 2002 Cadillac Deville?
do you think this might havew anything to do with the oil; pressure switch myemail
i have a problem when i start my car when it is cold. It shakes/vibrates until it warms up, but it still shakes but a little less.
On the dash left of the steering wheel is where the buttons for the trunk and fuel release located. One day they just stopped working, do you have an idea what the problem might be?
My air conditioning doesn't work, if I disconnect the battery for a while and reconnect the air pump will come on and blow cold for about 3 minutes then it shuts down and says low refrigerate, I purchased a new refrig...
My A/C blows hot air on the drivers side and cold air on the pasengers.
Get a noise that sounds like a "noisy vaccuum door closing" only on the 1st start of the day. The noise seems to be around the PCM but can not verify that for certain...any ideas
how do i take the drivers side window
car started missing more and more over ashort period of time. with 52000 miles i suspected spark plugs so i replaced them. The problem remained and a scan showed p0304(misfire at cylinder #4). I took the coil from #...
where do i locate the abs computer, or the abs relay
My transmission is completly apart from the motor do i have to take out a cross member to drop the transmission and if so which one, can i get a schematic.
how much is it to get the torque converter fixed
how much to fixs a speed sensor switch on the tranny?
both are "Y" vin codes. If it will work what pcm do i use from the 96 or 99... and which wire harness and fuse panel should i use
lets see, im having a problem with my driver door switch. i cant roll down my windows anywhere on the car because the switch on the driver door wont come on. i have checked for continuity on the relay (circuit breaker...
I changed the plugs as a rutein mantainance t and know it runs smooth for few minutes then the exhaust gets red hot and it starts missing bad
When I bought my car new, the dealer told me that it requires synthetic oil. However (six years later), I am not sure that was truthful. Can I use regular oil in my 2004 DeVille?
fuel spilling at start up
my oil pressure light comes on when my cars in idle but goes off when i drive i got a oil change and a diagnostics test and nothing came up what is it
how do i change a fuel pump regulator
How can you troubleshoot which part is malfunctioning? Erroe code is PO410
Can you program a replacement keyless entry remote at home or does it need to go to the dealer?
how do you turn the heat on in a 94 caddy deville