took car for emissions test and would not test , tech says only two of the four systems would check but you need at least three system to check

ign 0-body fuse blown, prdnl,pzm,cluster,air control mod,and more. anyone have this problem?

how much should it cost to replace and also will this problem cause the battery to drain overnite

parked the car one night and got up and the engine was knocking with no indication the day before.. doesnt sound as lound as a spun bearing, but is louder than a lifte pinging.. i was hoping maybe something in a fixable price range to fix.. it has been sitting under the carport for the last two months since it happened took the valve covers off and they cams look good and there is good oil circulation... any idea or common problems on them northstar motors??????? ready to tow to shop now just need a reasonable but knows his cadillacs as well??

how do i change the fuel fitler

need to know where is blower motor resister location

overheating. no steam

all power windows quit working 4 door everything else works, sense all 4 quite working, i ruled out motor, any help
thank you

Transmission starting hard and service engine light came on shortly afterwards. Any Ideas?

car is running to lean,I changed cat converter,EGr vaulve,two o2 sensors,muffler,and all vaccume hoses.

car is running to lean willnot pass smog. I changed the cat converter,egr vaulve,two o2 sensors,muffler and vaccume hoses.

could P0386 cause battery to drain overnite and what is estimate for repair

My car wont start due to anti theft system how can i bypass that to get my car started? who do i go to for the codes to over ride the system.

my a/c i guess is leaking pretty bad on my passenger side floor?

one of my codes were 1258, 0303

I read one of the reviews of a 2002 deville, and the owner changed the water pump and pulley. My car is still overheating, and I'm wondering how that owner knew to change the water pump pulley.

What should it cost to replace the transmission is this car? The mechanic says he won't charge for labor due to earlier repairs that did not solve the problem. His quote is about $2200 for a rebuilt tranny with a 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Does that sound about right if there is no cost for labor? Thank you - Jim

Is there an easy way to remove the ECT sensor? If not, what has to be removed to replace the ECT?

I took my 2001 Deville to a dealer and they told me I needed a new Airflow Control Unit and both Actuators replaced. The second Actuator is for the rear AC. I was given a price of $1800.00 to repair the car. Is that a fair price

the passenger side window is down and won't go back up. the electric motor runs but the window is off track or something, and I need to know how to get to the internal motor etc. inside the door.

How do I get onto the passenger side door to check out he window up.down track/actuator?

the passenger side window is in the down position. the motor runs but the window won't go up. I believe it is off the track. How do I get into the door to check it out?

When I turn my AC on the air only blows out of the defroster and under the dashboard. This started about 4 months ago when there was a clicking noise like something was trying to engage under the dashboard when I turned the AC on. Now there is no more clicking noise but air does not come out the main vents anymore. The air is still cold but not much is coming out. How much doe sit cost to be this fixed?

My AC only blows air out the defroster and some under the dashboard. It does not blow out of the main AC vents on the dash. About 4 months ago the AC made clicking noise under the dash when I turned the AC on and the air would sometimes come out the main vents and sometimes it wouldn't. What is wrong and how much does it cost to have it repaired? The AC still blows cold air.

My 1999 DeVille shut down while driving. It happened a few times (3), always when I reducing speed (curve or stopping). The rest of the time runs great. Also "Check engine Soon" turned on a few days before and my horn doesn't always work.

I just bought a 1997 deville d'elegance. Car ran great for the first couple hours then got a overheating engine light and low coolant light. pulled over, white smoke was coming from serpentine system. I try to start it but wouldnt turn over. I let it cool down filled up will coolant, it would just vanish. I looked for leaks and found no ripped hoses. Changed the oil, there was water in it. Why was there water in the Oil? Car wont turn over?

when the car turns off the lights inside and out stay on. but if i remove the wire from the alternator that runs the fan the ights work properly...??? help?

my battery was unhooked for 6 months i opened the trunk with my key the car had no power. so when i hooked the battery up the trunk won't electroniclly pull down. what could be the promblem i shecked the fuse and it's good what's the problem

when the car shuts off key exherted and all, the lights and fan are on still. i must remove and put the sensor on always

I have a 2000 Deville that I've changed the hoses, thermostat, water pump, and I think I have trapped air in the system. How do I remove it?