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how do you remove the strut bearings on front
Which will cost more a head gasket replacement or an engine replacement? And how long will it take to finish the job?
My 98 Deville just started this. It won't start. My battery voltage is 12.9vdc, and everything is normal, but when I try to start it, it just makes a single tick at the starter, and will not start until I jump it wit...
1997 Cadillac..Air-conditioning not working and both 12 volt outlets not working. Also, no power at top two rows in fuse panel. Is there another fuse to supply the top two rows in fuse panel?
The back seat ride use to be so comfortable. Now it scrapes bottom when you turn into some driveways and it just seems to sit much lower than it use to. How much will this cost to be repaired?
How much does it cost to replace a water pump?
Car scrubbs right rear on every bump big or small
After driving my car and I stop at a stop sign the car will not move until I shut the engine off and restart the car will the car move again. the code is 1039 vcc,engagement problem. Thanks John
I believe my problem is there is not enough freon in the system. I need to make the compressor come on so I can add freon. How can I override the dash controls to make the compressor come on? Thank you
cruise on/off switch will not remain on. the cruise system works if the on'off switch is held down (on) and the speed is set. as soon as the on/off switch is released it goes off.
I have noticed that my system stability service light has come on more than once. What could be causing this and is it expensive to repair. Also on my rearview mirror there are 2 small green lights and one of them fro...
What is the best way to remove and replace the harmonic balancer. Would removing the inner fender be the best way to go. Is there a special way to put it back on, or dose it only go on one way. Thanks
blue smoke coming frm the back, hard to make right turn the steering wont turn w/o strong upper body strength
Extremely difficultly turning the steering wheel to the left, only. Just happened suddenly, no obvious warning signs. No fluid obvious under vehicle. What is the problem?
Can't find the PCV. Need to replace.
Took car to Sears, needed rear brakes and unfortunately rotors; wife brings car home now ABS and traction lights are both lite. What did those bozo's do? I took it back and they told me it is unrelated.
My car failed emissions because the NOx was really high. The guy that did the test said check the EGR, looking under the hood I found a broken vac. line between the solenoid and vac. plate, after fixing it I still hav...
98 cad deville getting water on floor when air conditioner is running on driver side
the defrost motor will not turn off unless i disconnect the battery. have checked all fuses and relays but still has not fixed the issue. what possible problem could be causing this to happen?
when driving service engine comes up then battary voltage high. These are the code after system check, po16, po39, po52, po42, io42, io52.
can broken motor mounts cause my car 2 jerk and sput when given gas or climbing a hill?
how much for master cyclinder repair
the driver side wheel hub needs to be replaced is that something i can do my self
I've just had a steering column put in,got the keys changed and security chips matched up,when i turn the key so that all power is on right before i try to start it the distributor makes sort of a buzzing sound. then ...
Ok I own a 94 De Ville concours and I've had it for about little over a year now and it ran pretty ok, about 2 weeks ago it started making a clacking noise coming from the driver's side rear it doesnt make ...
ac compressor was making a ticking noise for about 5 years. Dealer said that was normal for that year car, ac was working good all that time. Now the low refrigerant light come on. Computer indacates compressor shut o...
i lost keys to trunk and ignition. i broke out trunk key tumbler .i cant find trunk cable to unlock trunk. trunk lock switch (wire) is not attached. can you help ?
how to replace A/C Mode Module on my 2002 DeVille?
i just bought a 98 cadillac deville , is has green egine coolant in there, but the car orginally takes orange dex-cool, should i change it back to the original brand? If i change back to the orignal orange dex-cool ...