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when i turn off car fan still run's for hrs. until i go out and remove 30amp fusethen it stop's. what do i need to do!
My 2004 deville has been a jewel. I just noticed the transmission, instead of a smooth transition from drive 1 to two, I get a rough"slam"ingagement and the same each progressive upshift. However when I hit passing g...
When I turn or move steering wheel, car makes a moaning sound?
Just noticed the crack in the white coolant bottle today has very little coolant in it.thought I saw a wet spot under my car the last time I drove but can't get the cap off the radiator to check the level in the radia...
I need to remove the hoses on my 2001 Cadillac Deville. First I need to locate them. Help.
looking for the a/c charging port
I replaced my MAP sensor and now my car will not start. It seems that it has no spark. I replaced the ignition coil also.
My Caddi just stopped moving one day, I cant figue out if its a tranny problem or something else. It still starts but when I shift into drive nothing happens, but when I shift back into park or nuetral it makes a grin...
i replaced the radiator in my 1997 cadillac deville. but it still leak coolant. it take about one week before all the coolant is
check gas cap light will not go out
The Transmission will not shift into park or low 1, what could be the problem ???
I've noticed white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe
My glove box handle broke. How does one remove the original lock cylinder so it can be installed in the new handle?
I refilled my Refrigerant with the correct stuff and the gauge reads as full but the computer still flashes low and shuts the compressor off. What need to be fixed?
car only leaks oil when running...Is it the oil sending unit?
turn key and nothing happens, took key out and the security light made a noice as if it as trying to start but nothing after that.
I cant stop this squealing noise. I changed the p/s pump, the tensioner and STILL and cant get rid of the noise.. HELP!
I have always had trouble with the range on my remotes, I have changed batteries and it doesn't make a difference. Yesterday the remote stopped working at all. Again I installed new batteries in both and still nothing...
where is the air tempature sensor locted on a 1999 cadillac deville
my digital cluster works when thay want to. my digital fuel guage does not come on at times and also my electronic climit control does not come on at times. and the air cond.well come on by its self
when I got in my car this morning the radio was playing and the wipers were going without the keys even being in the ignition. But the car started right up. When I went to work I had to make sure everything was off. B...
How do I release the hood when the latch is broken?
Air injection pump is making loud noise like a screeching noise would like the location of pump can't find it.
How do I remove front rotor
what is the location of the flashers repair
location of this repair
my window switch will only let my window go down not up anymore what does that mean?
how do you remove the strut bearings on front
Which will cost more a head gasket replacement or an engine replacement? And how long will it take to finish the job?
My 98 Deville just started this. It won't start. My battery voltage is 12.9vdc, and everything is normal, but when I try to start it, it just makes a single tick at the starter, and will not start until I jump it wit...