When I turn the key all I get is a click from under the hood . Its kind of loud and just one "click" and then nothing. Could this be starter Relay ??

I am looking for the maxifuse/relay box on my car. Manual says it located next the engine compartment fuse block? Not finding it? problem with my fan for a/c and windows.

press remote exterior lights flash but power locks trunk & gas door release won't cycle. No dome lights. No interior lock release or light work. All other systems work O.K.

the fan on the ac/heater keeps stopping, it will start up again if i bang the side of the door right under the glove compartment.

need all new brake lines from start to finish how much approx.

How much does it cost to flush a heater core in a 1995 cadillac deville?


Auto compressor or solenoid height sensor may be faulty. Where is the sensor and where is the air valve to let air out? The car is lifted up in the rear and will not come down.

What is the torque on front wheelbearings when replacing them ? Do you have the answer?

anything special I need to know regarding changing the front brake pads on a 1993 cadillac deville ?

Need a air strut lift compressor to level before selling.
a. Replace compressor?
b. Replace Struts and air compressor?
c. Conversion Kit to Standard?
d. No conversion Kit just make it standard shocks.

hi where is the fuel injector fuse located on a 90 deville.and my car wont pick up any speed even when gas pedal is all the way to the jerks a little to. i had this problem before. a injector was replaced,the injector fuse to. and fuel pump what could be the problem please help.

i change the battery and plugs and now it turn over but want start up

Parts store told me to replace AIR FLOW VALVE. How hard is it? Will light go out? Details would be appreciated..Engine Idles at 20 mph. Is this also part of air flow valve problem. What if i do nothing??? thanks,lenes

I was changing my spark plugs and one was caught on something when i was pulling them out. then i heard some thing snap. the hose is about the size of wire coming from the mouse connecting to the computer. well the part of hose that is still attach is coming from the a bigger tube that downsizes with a tee and one hoes goes to left side of the engine, passenger side. the one leading to the other side towards the transmission dip sick. my miles per gallon are dropping rapid. thanks

i replaced transmission but still no shifting we hook scanner and we get some codes p024 p052 p091

Please tell me how to find/repair an oil sending unit on a 1995 cadillac deville, 4.9 motor.

Thank you.

Please tell me how to replace an EGR valve for a 1995 cadillac deville, 4.9

setting will not stay in auto. jumps into econ ever time you push auto. just had a fan motor put in. In econ it works.

if i have run this car out of gas more than once chould calls the fuel pump to go out.. could it run out of gas again and want start back

my 95 cadillac says brake fluid switch problem, and traction disabled...we just fixed the mas. cyln. barakes callapers and rear lines. it stops but peddle is not as firm as it has been bleeded many times....and brake light and antilock abs light still are on?????

Looking to find out cost of replacing oil pan gasket on caddy with northstar engine???

how do change the oil

replaced evap soleniod near gas tank and the one on the intake also replaced gas cap. cleared code po443 drove car for mabout 5 miles light came back on still code po443. what else to dO???????

How do you remove battery from eng. compartment?

Just had new tires put on and the dealer said we need a new water pump. He gave us an estimate of $653.00. Is this amount about the average cost?

My 2000 deville makes a noise in the back when rolling over bumps. A mechanic told me it was my tie rod ends. How much will this cost to fix, and is this the problem

my car starts running rough after driving it for long periods of time it doesnt really over heat just runs on the hot side around 228 once i stop car and cools down runs fine.... have checked the fan does come on doesnt seem to come on like it should or blow as hard as it should and dont think its the thermostat because it doesnt do it all the time. but when it starts running rough it idles really rough the rpms go up and down and when you press the gas it doesnt wanna go like its ckoking i was told to check the temperature sensor but i dont know where it is located at or where to even find it.

release inside moves about 3-4", but latch under hood won't release.

how to change fuel filter