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Where does the turn signal relay box go? I bought it and just can not find where the location for it is. Checked up under the dash and thats a no. Please someone help.
my a/c will blow from rear vents but will not blow from dash vents or defrost vents a couple times i have hit potholes in the road and the dash vents will work but once i turn the car off and then start it again it wi...
My a/c recently started acting up it is blowing out the vent in the back but not in the front i checked the fuse but can,t find the problem
bought a new high mount trunk light bar.checked fuses and still wont work no power to the light? all other brake lights work fine
The gas gauge on the dash goes back to full when there is about 1/4 tank of gas. Also some of the indicators, i.e., check coolant level, comes on even though there is enough coolant. I understand this could be a $1000...
how to change it
no heat and car is starting to over heat
When i turn on my a/c the words "a/c off" comes on in the section where the a/c info is . The words cuts on and off . When the words are not present the a/c blows cold , but when the words appear it blows hot air .
when i slow down to a stop the speedometer takes a couple seconds to go down to zero. havent noticed any problems while driving any idea what this might be
i recently noticed water leaking on the passenger side when i start the car and the ac is running any idea what could be the problem???
water got inside my car now the radio will not work what should i do
Today I was driving my car and all of a sudden it died. When I say it died I mean the brake wouldn't depress the steering wheel barely turned, and all the lights turned off, and the check oil light came on..I was thin...
I would like to know what parts are needed to replace the suspension on a 1999 Cadillac Deville without converting to air, or do they all have air suspension? Please help!
My 1990 Cadillac blows a fuse every time I turn the ac on. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? When the fuse blows every light on the dash panel goes out.
My car will not start. I had the battery charged, but the car will not start. The service security system message pops up. The fuse box under the hood is not getting any power going to it. The car stalled a few times ...
Car only would blow hot air from top, took car to get diagnostics. Total charged was $155.00 for them to do electrical diagnostics and they replaced 4 vacuum hoses. Then I had hot air coming out the 2 vents on passeng...
The rear suspension air ride is deployed, raising the rear of the car to the top of the struts.
Hello: I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville (base) with a 4.6 engine. The engine is starting to miss intermittently mostly noticed during idling in drive. Have owned for 2.5 years. Has over 130,000 miles and have never cha...
Getting intermittent ABS Traction control light. How do I get to and clean the sensors??
Squeaking in the rear suspension. It started on the driver's side, now squeaking in the passengers side too.
the headlights stay on all the time i replaced the headlight relay and still the same problem the only way the light will turn off is to remove the relay thank for any help you can think of ollie
Hi, Just installed a new battery into the car but now the alarm remote will not work. Please someone advise me.
where does the ckp sensor located
I would like to change it but I am not sure where it is located at?
how to take the water pump pulley off
When the engine is cold and I start the car I get a noise like a jet engine. Metal rubbing against metal. This lasts for about 45 seconds then stops. GM dealer replaced the air pump and fixed problem. Is this a co...
The car never ran hot then one day it ran hot. Since then anytime the car is started it starts to overheat. was told that the engine would have to be replaced because the cyclinder may be warped. Is this the case or...
car just started leaking a clear heavy fluid in the front, what could it be ? It's not oil or transmission fluid.
I have been told that the squeeling coming from under my hood is the air pump for the air suspension system. where is this pump located? and is it a difficult job?