how to change fuel filter

this happens only when headlights are on. Ive checked and changed all affected bulbs. Tested the brakes under all conditions(lights on,lights off,parking etc...)

1994 cadillac The battery is dead.cannot get in vehicle?.

where can i find the circuit breaker for heater motor

fan not working right dont change speeds also keeps running intermittenly with key off runs battery down in 3 days

3 of my windows has dropped down in the door....If I could get door panel off I could sit the window back up!

engine starts,dash board says Check security system/ check charging system so I replaced alternator,Dash also says Car may not start/ Sometimes car will not start and dash says REMOVE KEY engine will start in 3 minutes. wait 3 minutes replace key and car starts. Now battery is NOT Charging again
and dash is still saying all the same things again.
Please Help Me!! I'm Disabled and Take care of elderly Mother and Can't afford to spend money on unneeded repairs

I know the first thing that comes to mind is brakes and I half hope thats what it is. However is there something else this sound could be a warning of?? It came on suddenly . I went out yesterday morning and noticed this metalic scraping coming from the area of the front right wheel.

The a/c have a funny noise and there isn't any airflow from the vents. the computer system said coolant level low

Power steering quit working.

I went for usual 3000 mile service, new service tech said I had a loose tie-rod on my 38,000 mile De Ville. I said "how much"? He said "$300 please". Whats' the possibility ratio of this being the case for a loose tie-rod on a 38k mile DeVille(never been off the hiway).Thanx.

when i turn key off wipers stay on untill i turn them off at wiper switch will turn on when key is off

I had my transmission rebuilt and now my lights chime like crazy when im driving and my digital dash is reading lo fuel and the empty sign is constanlty flashing fuel door and trunk will not open when pressing the buttons! please help if you can

Center vent no open and need to fix er up meself. Please tell me how to access the actuator and any special tools needed. Thank you very much and God bless! Your friend in need Kickstand

What is a range switch and parts cost for
Valve body
range switch
Change filter and fliud
Tranny flush twice?

how do I remove water that leaked in the transmission because my radiator jack busted and leaked in the transmission

Spark plug threads were stripped in #6 cylinder. found out the push rods were bent. the exaust valve is stuck closed, so it trying to blow out the plug.

I had my hub assembly changed, and the meter the mechanic put on the car states everything is working properly, but the abs light, traction control, and brake lights won't go out. Can I reset these lights by unhooking the battery?

My car stalls every now and then with only the engine shutting off but all electrical such as radio,a/c,etc still running. It blinks the oil light before cutting off and will immediately crank back up after I put it in neutral or park. Since the oil light blinks before stalling I went ahead and changed the oil. I kno it also needs a new battery, I was going get one today when this problem occurred again. WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM??? PLEASE HELP I'M 16 AND DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT CARS.

engine light comes on every time i start my car

service air ride ,lt on dash ,what needs to be done where is it located and how much should is cost

I remove plug on back of blower, plug back in and heater works until i shut off engine then i plug it back in and it works again til engine is shut off

i accidently put diesel feul in the tank of my cadillac deville 2003. how do i drain the diesel out?

can only blink manualy

ok here is my problem. Its my brake lights they dont work during the day only the third brake light turns on the maint two do not i checked the bulbs and they good fuses all good brake switches good i replaced both of them at night the two main brake lights work as my tail lights any idea as too how i can fix this problem

Thought it was resister. Now i find that if i pull the plug from motor and plug it back in then it will operate. But after shutting off car i have to repeat my procedure. anybody got an idea

just got the car change all the blubs check all the fuses

1994 Caddy DeVille Replace side view mirror glass only.
Electric/Light Sensitive. Does it just snap out or is there a special technique or tool ?
Thanks for any tips.

What's the aveage price for a tune up on this make and model? And is it easy to change a fuel filter on this model as well?

When warm at operating temp going up hill between 39-43 MPH car seems to shudder and feels like driving over rough road than goes away.