head lights will not come on but all other lights is on and the day time running lights come on

i run my cadillac for about 30 min then it turns off.. then it doesnt want to turn on till about another 30 min.. the service engine light is on.. what could be the problem?

Transmission shifting hard. Service engine light came on, and will not go off. Took to Auto Zone parts store. This is what showed on screen.TEC PREASURE CONTROL CYCLINDER P2763 PENDING

my service engine light. what is the code to turn off light/

where is the diagnostic connector

2oo4 Caddilac DeVille

Is the power steering pump on the firewall?

I am a single woman and need help. I need explained how to take a heater core out of my 93 sedan deville. Is it behind the glove box?

This problem occurs after I took car to the shop to replace an alternator

when it is cold like 19 degrees outside thats when you can tell the windows don't get fog at the car has 158604 ialso have replaced the water pump

I have power windows the drivers window was working earlier.
It went down but now it won't go back up what do I do ?


my car idel real high and when in park it even higher

when should the transmission fluid be changed for a 2000 deville

on my 2001 deville the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge are not working and the security and battery light are on. the battery voltage is reading 14.3 volts so i know that the alternator is charging. i have checked every fuse and relay.i had it put on the diagnostic and it said that one of the BCM's was not getting a signal. i have exhausted all my knowledge. Im stummped. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks. oh yeah , the fans wont come on either if that will help.

the abs, traction and brake lights all went on at the same time at about 115,000 miles on my moms car. Nothing out of the ordinary going on. There are no braking problems or symptoms either. Just lights and now it wont pass inspection due to lights on. Where is the brake module located in this car? Help please with any answers. Thank you- I just dont have a lot of money to put into this car

My cadillac shakes alot and hesitate when taking off, so i believe that it might be the coil packs

1997 Cadillac sedan de ville 85000 miles. The service powewr steering warning message comes on and dings. had the car checked out..the mechanic tells me the steering is ok. and the diagnosis computer message says that replacing rack and pinion for $850 might solve the message problem. he recommended no to do this. okay, but the dinging is making me crazy

My pull down trunk motor failed and left the trunk light on
battery died. went to jump and the car went into a sleep mode or a lock mode the face on radio reads lock any help?

how much to replace right cv joint and replace high pressure steering hose. and why would I have to send a profile pic and personal info

When the car heats up if I stop at a lightt or park an oily smelling smoke rises from the area between the rear of the engine and the fire wall. It really smokes alot. A while back I had a flickering oil press light thenabout say two weeks ago it started smoking real bad. Could this be a blown seal with oil leaking on to the hot exhaust maybe?

I just had my check engine light checked at autozone and it said I had a problem with the range. What is the range?

smell of anti-freeze in passenger side. mist on driver side of windshield when heater is on,also gets alittle better when heat temp turned down to 60 degrees

How can I remove an air pocket so I can refill the cooling system?

PO503 Could you give me an estimate to replace the wiring harness. Could be a short circuit maybe. Thanks.

I own a 01 Cad Deville with 91K miles. The check engine light came own with code of PO741 TTC problems. I had the transmission overhauled for code P0741 in Oct 07 at 77K miles for $2500 at Mr. Transmission. This incl upper/lower solinoid valves, convert, input carrier, and overhaul kit. Return to the location to only to be told that it's out of warranty and the transmission needs to be torn down again.

I felt like the car was trying to get away from me. I pulled off the road and put the car into park. The rpms kept going up. I turned the car off and let it sit for a few minutes. When I turned the car back on it ran fine.

I have put on new catalytic converter twice and both times it seems to work for a while then light comes back on and fuel mileage seems to suffer. I have been told that it has to be a GM converter or this will keep happening.Do i have any other options than to buy a $1000.00 converter

wiper stop working

what do i need to do to replace sparks in rear.I relize its hard but any special tools or advise.thku