I felt like the car was trying to get away from me. I pulled off the road and put the car into park. The rpms kept going up. I turned the car off and let it sit for a few minutes. When I turned the car back on it ran fine.

I have put on new catalytic converter twice and both times it seems to work for a while then light comes back on and fuel mileage seems to suffer. I have been told that it has to be a GM converter or this will keep happening.Do i have any other options than to buy a $1000.00 converter

wiper stop working

what do i need to do to replace sparks in rear.I relize its hard but any special tools or advise.thku

when i switch on the defroster heat come out of the ac vents instead.the rear heating works ok but icant get air to come out to front windshield

My heat doesn't blow, you can hear the blower but no air comes out the vents and it also switches from the vents to the defroster automatically, but no air comes out. Can you tell me how I can fix it or what might be wrong with it. Thanks

I car serviced on 11/15/10 problem started 11/15/10 later that night put gas in my car and thought I had not place the cap on propery.

The ac and heater inside my car blow but don't come out cold or hot .. what is it and what can I do about it

I bought my cadillac last week but know very little bout cars .. I have aleak red liquid and my car might be burning it too ., I think its trans oil but want to make sure and what should I do!?

How do I access the battery on a 2002 Cadillac deville?

Replaced 2 oxygen sensors and speed sensor and gas cap just recently and the light went off for a few miles and has come back on. Can you tell me if the cruise control would have anything to do with this as we have had to replace fuses in the past or do you have a suggestion? Thanks.

I had two oxygen sensors replaced and a speed sensor and gas cap, however, the check engine soon light is still on. Could it have anything to do with the cruise control as we have replaced fuses on the cruise control twice?

my windsheild wipers stop working

The fuel guage on my 04 deville shows the correct readings when full but starts reading erratically when down to a half a tank or less. When driving or parked it will either show full or empty depending if you are parked on a uphill or downhill slope or just flat level ground.

hi when i try to excellerate my car hesitates as if it wants to stall i changed the fuel filter and air filter what else can i do thats not costly

my car wont pick up speed and it hesitates when i try to excellerate i changed the fuel filter and air filter is there any thing else i can do thats not costly

I need to know where the resister is located.

will not charge....I replaced altinator,and the relays on drivers fender are good...

how do i get to the rear sparks on a 4.9 engine the easyist way

what is the basic gas mileage on a 4.9 liter engine

how do i replace the tension pulley on the timing belt

oil level is full,but the dash light shows it as low and the bell rings to

What are the best shocks and struts to put on my deville?Are OE better than other brands?

Why are the EPA fees and shop supplies charged? Are they typically a pertcentage of the bill? Is it based on labor and parts?

i have a 91 deville is it normal to sit so low or does it have some kind of susp problem

car says theft system problem. car may not restart. what do i do to correct this problem?

When driving car makes a low dull humming sound.

Where and how do you change the fuel filter on a 1999 Cadillac Deville? It has a 4.6 engine if that matters.

The car sometimes stalls out while going down long hills. as in not pressing the gas peddle. I bought the car second hand and I am wandering if it still has the original fuel filter. Is there a way to tell if the filter has been changed before?

Thank you Mike

I just got this car with not much history,rt front caliper stays applied until i open bleeder screw and push back the padsusing a little pressure but not much,pads will not retract without opening bleeder even using a large c clamp,seems like a check valve is inline and stuck,or poss the rubber line colapst inside,but Ive never come across a colapst line .also no hot heat just warm and ac works.Ive been a machanic for many years never worked on many caddys and mostly harlys davidsons the last 20 years, any ideas would be helpfull ,also caliper pins are like new car has always been garaged everything looks good, thanks for ideas.

Had new bearings put in left front wheel - now when lightly braking, or turning left, there is a "grinding" growling type noise - what could it be? thanks..