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i have replaced a feul pump and feul filter spark plugs and wires a distributer cap and an HEI distributor, and the car still wont start and i even replaced the battery i really am at my wits end pleace help
a/c compressor is dead. i have a new compressor but it looks like there is no room to take old out or put new in. Do i have to go through passenger wheelwell or from underneath?
car running for around 30 minutes and getting very hot under hood
driving 40mph car stalled i started it again but soon it was bucking like it wasn't getting gas then would be fine for a while then kept doing the bucking again
I have a '91 Cadillac Deville with a 4.9 litre engine. It has 80,000 miles. It recently started running extremely rough, I had a tune up done. This did not correct it. I have also been getting a bit of an exhaust ...
Can someone please tell me how to get to this last bolt. The car is on the lift and I have removed bolt closest to radiator, top 2 and the 4th I cannot locate. Can someone please guide me.
I removed the bolt closest to the radiator, and I removed the top 2. There is 1 left that I cannot locate. I removed passenger wheel and axle. I even removed the y pipe as well. Any suggestions?
I am taking the engine out of the car and there are 4 bell housing bolts and i only was able to remove 3 so far. Can anyone give help or suggestions to get the 4th or where exactly can I get to it at. I removed the 2 ...
Oil leaks from same side as hoses leading up to compressor.
It has 114,000 miles, I have been told that this engine is the one cadillac designed to fail, while others said put in a heavy oil additive and it will keep on going? The noise quiets after the heavy oil additive. It ...
The rear end of the car always rides low. At the start up for several miles it rubs on the rear tires. I don't hear any other noises. It does get a little better, but the car always look like it is ready for take off,...
While driving I heard a pop/swoosh sound, smelled something burning and now my a/c does not work.
Opened my glove compartment yesterday, closed it as usual and now it won't open. It is not locked, but the handle will not move. Has this ever happened to anyone?
I cannot find out where to see how much gas i have left in my 97 cadillac deville. where is it at?
where is my fuel gauge located on my dashboard?
when i try to start the car the dic says starting system disabled due to theft system remove ignition key.its not saying wait 3 minutes... checked starter fuses and relays cleaned key and ignition terminal checked wi...
how do i get the drive axle out of the transmission
while driving along engine runs ruff then shut down...after a short time it starts a little ways then same thing again...
Where does the turn signal relay box go? I bought it and just can not find where the location for it is. Checked up under the dash and thats a no. Please someone help.
my a/c will blow from rear vents but will not blow from dash vents or defrost vents a couple times i have hit potholes in the road and the dash vents will work but once i turn the car off and then start it again it wi...
My a/c recently started acting up it is blowing out the vent in the back but not in the front i checked the fuse but can,t find the problem
bought a new high mount trunk light bar.checked fuses and still wont work no power to the light? all other brake lights work fine
The gas gauge on the dash goes back to full when there is about 1/4 tank of gas. Also some of the indicators, i.e., check coolant level, comes on even though there is enough coolant. I understand this could be a $1000...
how to change it
no heat and car is starting to over heat
When i turn on my a/c the words "a/c off" comes on in the section where the a/c info is . The words cuts on and off . When the words are not present the a/c blows cold , but when the words appear it blows hot air .
when i slow down to a stop the speedometer takes a couple seconds to go down to zero. havent noticed any problems while driving any idea what this might be
i recently noticed water leaking on the passenger side when i start the car and the ac is running any idea what could be the problem???