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the coolant is leaking must refill after about 10 miles of driving. how costly is this?

oil leaks from lower engine area

I have an 82 Coupe Deville and the 6 way adjustable seat motors activate when the tilt and forward switches are engaged but the seats don't move. This just suddenly started at the same time on both sides. Does anyone know what may cause this?

Codes E-13 & E-39 were found after Service Soon Light came on. Mechanic is telling me that the transmission code requires more diagnostic code which will cost me about 200.00. Also told that trans oil cooler hose has leak, engine oil cooler hose has leak, engine oil pan wet/leaking, trans oil pan wet/leaking, power steering pressure hose leaking/power steering pump going out. Most of these parts have to be gotten from the dealership?

my anti lock light, located just below the emergency brake light, which is on also, neither will go off. why? it just came on last week.

bought a 1997 cadillac deville two weeks ago from private owner in arizona, 56,000 miles, took for emissions testing and failed. Replaced four O2 sensors, drove through drive cycle and 'check engine' back on, then took to cadi dealership and they say needs head gasket replaced, Question is can i use anytype of sealent or another option besides thousands of dollars of repair?

ABS console light comes on occasionally

sometimes it will run for a few minutes and other times it will just cut off

It seems that the noise is comming from the air conditionar compressor. The noise is present when the clutch is disengaged, and compressor isn't running. Does it make sense to replace the complete compresson not just the pully and clutch.

99 Cadillac, Deville. 4.6 Northstar. Every 2-3 months, good battery & alternator, goes down, won't start. Trickle Charge battery, everything fine for 2-3 months. Probaly a short, any common items, like wires,etc?? Kirby, 951 655-4148.

problem started all of a sudden. started it one morning and has been doing the idle fast since. will idle going down road at 3 to 40 miles per hour without foot on gas pedal. put in park and idles really fast.

when stopped in traffic oil light ,turn off engine sign comes on ocassionally mainly in warm weather, light goes off when engine is reved

im on a real tight budget and i seem to have 2 problems with my car but i can only get 1 repaired. my map censor and 02 censor. my mpg is 8 and my car smells like gas at times but no leak. engine light reads both codes. after a drive and i try to restart my car it hesitates to start until after the 3rd time, and its not the starter already reapaired that problem. i only have enough money to repair 1 for now wich problem would you recommend first and why? Thanks for the help

my 96 Cadillac has a thumping sound on right front side. I replaced struts,strut mounts,all bushings & lower contol arms & tires. my mechanic can not find the problem. The car only has 50k miles

only one oxygen censor is bad on my car however i have 1 autoshop telling me that the have to replace all 4 or they wont do it and i have another shop saying they can replace 1 im confused can i just replace 1 and not have any problems

like to know how to repace radio

runs about every third time starting,sometimes it will start after hitting a bump. suspect a loose wire, but where?removed and cleaned plug and contacts on motor,it worked then.drove last night, it didn't work!arrgh!

when going up hill car start missing or shut off.

My blower fan for ac and heat only comes on when I go over a bump or slamp the door hard.

head lights will not come on but all other lights is on and the day time running lights come on

i run my cadillac for about 30 min then it turns off.. then it doesnt want to turn on till about another 30 min.. the service engine light is on.. what could be the problem?

Transmission shifting hard. Service engine light came on, and will not go off. Took to Auto Zone parts store. This is what showed on screen.TEC PREASURE CONTROL CYCLINDER P2763 PENDING

my service engine light. what is the code to turn off light/

where is the diagnostic connector

2oo4 Caddilac DeVille

Is the power steering pump on the firewall?

I am a single woman and need help. I need explained how to take a heater core out of my 93 sedan deville. Is it behind the glove box?

This problem occurs after I took car to the shop to replace an alternator

when it is cold like 19 degrees outside thats when you can tell the windows don't get fog at the car has 158604 ialso have replaced the water pump

I have power windows the drivers window was working earlier.
It went down but now it won't go back up what do I do ?